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What Microphone & Headphones Does PrestonPlayz Use?

By Anton

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Last Updated May 13, 2020

In a hurry? Here's PrestonPlayz microphones and headphones:

Preston Blaine Arsement born in 1994 lives in Texas USA, Walking by him in real life you would think he was just another normal kid in their early 20’s but what has managed to create online is something far from the norm. Since creating his PrestonPlayz youtube channel back in 2012 with some luck, persistence and charisma he has managed to grow a huge loyal fanbase and build a career out of it. It is common for him to currently get around 50 – 60 million monthly video views no doubt giving him a nice fat google adsense cheque every month. He isn’t far off 5 million subscribers and has already hit the 1 billion combined video views club. With all that money he has managed to buy all the tech to make sure his video quality is a good as possible for his loyal viewers.

What Headphones Does PrestonPlayz Use?



In the above screenshots we can see him wearing what looks like the BeyerDynamic Headphones. Beyerdynamic are a german audio company founded in 1924 and really are at the top of their game when it comes to headphone manufacturing.beyerdynamic-dt-990-headphones-2018


Luxury Velour Ear Cushions

Used by Jacksepticeye and others

Strong long lasting design

Instrument separation features

Good for Gamers and Music fans

What Microphone Does PrestonPlayz Use?


Preston has used quite a lot of different micrphones so far in his YouTube career but one that sticks out for it’s great price and recording quality is the Audio Technica microphone which we can see in the above screenshot.



Studio quality recording

Used by JackSepticEye and others

Simple USB setup

Works with different mic stands

Records mids, lows and highs perfectly



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