What Headphones, Microphone Does VikkStar123 Use?

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Last Updated 24 Sep 2020

Everyones favorite Indian YoutTuber VikkStar real name Vikram Barn started eis YouTube channel back in 2010. Back then his gaming setup was basic and he didn’t have a professional microphone in those days. During those 6 years he has grown his main channel to over 4 million subscribers.



What headphones does Vikkstar use?

In the below screenshot Vikkstar we can see that he is wearing a pair of good quality BeyerDynamics. These headphones are actually extremely popular right now with not just YouTubers but people who really understand audio well. Vikram is wearing the newer model of these Beyerdynamic headphones and while the price is quite high in my opinion I still think it is completely justified. These headphones are definitely long lasting due to the high quality materials used to create these which both provides the longevity, comfort and immense audio playback. Vikkstar-Wearing-Beyerdynamic-Headphones

Beyerdynamic Headphonesbeyerdynamic-dt-990

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This pair of headphones has rave reviews all over the web and when I was lucky enough to try them on at my friends house I found them to be extremely comfortable and the audio quality to be one of the best I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend these headphones for music fans everywhere but would recommend getting a headset if you are a hardcore gamer.


What Microphone does he use?

Currently in 2017 VikkStar is using an epic Rode Podcaster microphone. This microphone is a USB microphone which is a bonus for people who don’t really know what they’re doing. With XLR microphones you have to get a converter and it gets slightly more technical.



With this microphone you just simply plug in and play almost instantly. The microphone has given a Vikram a real boost the quality of his videos and no doubt has helped contribute to his rapid growth of his main YouTube Channel. You should get this microphone if are 1) not that technical, 2) don’t have a HUGE budget but 3) want take your YouTube channel to the same high quality as Vikkstar123.





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