What Microphone Does Stampy Use?

By Anton

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Last Updated 03 Aug 2020

Joseph Garret more commonly known as StampyLongHead/StampyLongNose is a minecraft YouTuber with almost 8 million subscribers who most of the time prefers to keep his face and microphone hidden. In this rare screen shot we have figured out what microphone he uses!! Keep reading to learn more



Stampy has actually used the same microphone as the notorious Leafy and the mic seems to be a good choice for facecam frightened YouTubers. The mic is a Blue Yeti Pro USB mic. It is a simple plug and play mic that comes in different colors and has 3 condenser capsules. It is a good microphone for people on a low budget or just starting out and is highly recommend in the let’s play industry.


Read some Amazon Customer reviews. 

He also uses another microphone

If you’re looking to upgrade things a bit with your YOUTUBE MONAAAAYY like Stampy has then you can go for an XLR Rhode Mic.stamps-has-used-the-rhode-mic

This is a serious upgrade and used by YouTubers like PewdiepieIballisticsquid. This mic is a seriously powerful Microphone and a huge step up from the Blue Yeti.



Pick up the same microphone.
It is very simple to set up and will be totally worth it when you hear the sound quality in the end.

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