What Microphone Does Markiplier Use? #1 2020 Guide


In this post you will find out the two main Microphone he uses to create his videos.

Finding out what Microphone Markiplier uses in videos has definitely required more digging around than usual as he sure does like to keep that thing hidden! It’s not been easy. We never gave up and have succeeded! Based on recent videos, we have determined that he uses the excellent Shure PG27 microphone with a foam sock and the sound quality is definitely amazing. You can pick up your own for a not that much, this mic really gives you strong lows and can make your voice sound really deep and just like Markiplier in his videos.

We he updated this post today on April 4th 2019 with Markiplier's new Microphone. It's really quite amazing after all these years he is still refusing to use anything other than a Shure Mic! They make incredible Microphones so it shouldn't really surprise us. Check out his history mic's below dating back from 2017.

Markiplier’s Main 2020 Microphone


Markiplier STILL using a Shure Microphone!!

Do You Want The Same Microphone?



  • Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Bidirectional
  • Shure's Highest Quality Microphone.
  • Extremely Underated 
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    Makes Markiplier Sound Like a God

Markiplier’s Main 2018 Microphone


Markiplier using the Shure mic in 2018



  • Markiplier built his career with this great mic
  • Studio quality recording
  • Records Airy Mids and Highs
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    XLR and USB options available

Markiplier’s 2017 Microphone


Markiplier using the other Shure mic



  • Markiplier built his career with this great mic
  • Requires XLR Cable and Mixing Board meaning higher quality recording
  • Currently used by Markiplier and YouTubers like Pewdiepie
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    Highest quality recording you can get for the price
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    High quality materials give this longevity

So there we have it, three great quality Microphones from the reputable company Shure. You can be assured that purchasing either of these microphones will give your audio the same level of quality as a multi million subscriber gaming superstar. The microphones do all vary in price quite a lot so don't be scared to look around on 25PC until you find something that is perfect for you budget. Let us know in the comments what you think of these three excellent microphones.

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