What Microphone does idubbbz use?

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YouTuber  iDubbbz, real name Ian Carter, was born on the 22nd day of July, 1991. The now 25 year old from San Antonio, Texas, launched his YouTube channel in 2012. His first video on his new channel went up on 30th August 2012, and showed the then little known iDubbbz playing the video game Overgrowth. His subsequent videos mainly featured Ian Carter playing video games.

Six months later, iDubbbz began giving his audience something different to feast their eyes and wit on. The Kickstarter crap series was born, premiered by his video ‘Gaming News Crap’. His new series elevated him higher into fame. The videos feature Carter analyzing some of the Kickstarter projects, highlighting the poorly executed ones together with their flaws. He is also famous for his Content Cop series, in which the iDubbbzTV host goes all punches out after bad content posted on YouTube by other individuals. The Content Cop has become a favorite to many fans and subscribers, with most of the new posts receiving over 2 million views within a few days of their release. Recently, new videos of his other series ‘Bad Unboxing’ have also taken center stage.

So if you’ve watched his videos and want to make videos with the same kind of high quality then you can start by getting the same microphone as him.

What Microphone Does Idubbbz use?


Idubbz uses the Samson C03

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Gold plated XLR connectors

Warm deep bass

Works with phantom power

Good for recording vocals

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Our Review of Idubbz’s Samson C03

Idubbbz currently uses the Samson C03 which is a really amazing microphone and actually he is the first YouTuber we have identified who uses this microphone. No doubt once every one else learns about it than he won’t be the only one. The microphone provides a really unique smooth recording experience and is different from let’s say Leafy’s Blue Yeti which picks up more low bassy nasal sounding experience.

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