What Microphone does Pewdiepie use? Revealed Inside!


PewdiePie currently uses a Microphone from a german audio company called Sennheiser..

Flashback to the year 2011

PewdiePie’s story is one of the greatest YouTube Rags to Riches stories ever! Felix can now boast an expensive microphone but he definitely did not start his Youtube career with that when he had 2 thousand subs.


Fast Forward 5 years

The PewdiePie YouTube channel has now gained considerably more than 2500 subscribers and Felix has definitley upgraded things in the Microphone department.



In this GIF we can see Pewdie using the “Microphone Spark’


And he also has another microphone..



Most Recently PewdiePie has been using this beast….pewdiepie-2016-microphone

This is the “Neumann TLM 102” from Microphone gods Sennheiser! In 2015 then he started using it with a yellow pop filter. In 2016 he is still using the same Microphone but swapped the yellow for a sleek black pop filter. If you are serious about your Youtube career you can pick up the exact same Microphone on Amazon. The investment has cleary been re-paid for Felix.

He also has another Rode Mic as well

another-microphone-for-pewdie-newIn the Background here we can see him using the Rode Mic



That’s all folks

So there you have it, Pewdiepie has certaintly had them all, if you want to make videos with sound quality like Poods then you gotta try one of these mics out.

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