What is a Mechanical Keyboard?



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If you have somehow found your way to this article, I am guessing you are like I was once was. Clueless on what mechanical keyboards are, and their difference with the regular keyboards.

Fortunately, you can take this chance today to finally learn about mechanical keyboards, various benefits you might enjoy if you buy them, why people consider them the best choice of keyboards, and what makes them different from membrane keyboards. After switching to a mechanical keyboard, you I am sure you won’t look back because its benefits are many, including more accurate keystrokes, enhanced productivity, and greater durability than the regular rubber-dome keyboard.


Mechanical switch


Mechanical switches are the basis of the mechanical keyboard. Besides, mechanical switches are satisfying to their users and very reliable. Surprisingly, mechanical switches are not as complicated to understand as some people think because the primary difference between this type and the other ordinary keyboards is the signals they send after pressing. Additionally, this type of keyboard is louder than other keyboards, but it also depends on the kind of mechanical switch. Most keyboards that apply this switch type allow the users to do light modding through incorporating extra rubber o-rings between the switch and the key, which ultimately makes the keyboard quieter than before.

Rubber Dome


Rubber dome uses layers of rubber and silicone membranes that are made of rubber or sometimes metal switches that generate a circuit when you press them. They, in turn, send signals and you will notice something happening on your screen, which sounds fascinating. People who use membrane-based keywords admit that they feel squishy when typing and the keyboards offer very little audience feedback or tactile. However, some rubber dome keyboards use metal switches, which makes them feel like mechanical keyboards though they still have the advantage of being spill resistant. That is an advantage that mechanical keyboards do not offer their users.

Mechanical keyboards provide tactile through the clicking sound and a more evident keystroke as compared to membrane-based keyboards. Also, how exactly you feel on the keyboard is different, and it depends on the specific switches used by your keyboard. However, the difference between mechanical and rubber keyboards is usually distinct. If you have never used mechanical keyboards in the past, then you will be surprised at how the feel is different from membrane-based keyboards that use rubber dome switches.

Types of switches

Mechanical keyboards have different kinds of switches. However, these are not the only types of switches in the market. You need to research on your own to find out more switch types and select the one that matches your needs. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the types. You can easily choose a suitable type depending on your needs and preferences.

Red: Red switches have a gaming switch label and a low actuation force. The type of switch needs little actuation, which means you can quickly press the keys. Therefore, if you need to make quick actions, then a red switch is the right one for you.

Blue: they remind you of the old switches. Most typists opt for this type of switch because of its audible nature. Therefore, they will rarely make errors when typing.

Brown: it is preferred by typists and gamers who look at it as the middle-ground switch. Its actuation force is 45g, and it is noisy even though it has a tactile bump. You can buy the brown switch if you do not want to disturb people around you with noises coming from your keyboard.

Green: if you buy a green switch, you will use more force than other switches when pressing down. Also, they are not as well-known as other types of switches. However, the green switches are unique in that the audible click takes place when you reach the actuation point.

Benefits of mechanical keyboards

You will enjoy tons of advantages if you invest in a mechanical keyboard as opposed to other keyboards. Surprisingly some of its users claim that the keyboard enables them to type faster than other keyboards because it is responsive. The keyboards are also durable and can be personalized to meet your specifications.


The regular membrane-based keyboard has a lifespan of one million keystrokes. Also, it is impossible to replace broken or damaged parts. However, mechanical keyboards can last up to 50 million keystrokes. Besides, they are easy to clean and maintain, which enhances its lifespan.

Enhances typing speed and reduces errors

People who use their computers for coding or writing tasks can enjoy the enhanced writing speed offered by mechanical keyboards as well as the reduction of errors. Also, the keyboard enables you to register when you do not press a key and vice versa. Users are only required to press down keys all the way to the bottom.