What Headphones, Microphone & Gaming Chair Does Miniminter Use?


Since starting his YouTube channel in 2008 and amassing millions of subscribers, Simon AKA Miniminter has kept his setup fairly modest unlike his sidemen mate KSI. Let’s take a look at his Headphones, Gaming Chair and Microphone


What Headphones Does Miniminter Use in 2018?


He uses these headphones..




1. Used by Miniminter, DJ’s and other big YouTubers
2. Beautifully soft cushions
3. Superb Clear Mids and Highs
4. Super clean non over powering bass
5. Long lasting durable materials

What Gaming Chair Does Miniminter Use?

Simon uses a red and black GT Omega racing chair quite popular in the community and especially with the sidemen. It reclines and comes with a really comfortable pillow for your neck and lower back, it also comes in a lot of different colours.

He uses this GT Omega Chair



What Microphone Does Miniminter use?


The Rode Mic in Simons setup video.

Simon and actually owns the same Microphone as fellow sideman Vikkstar. They both own the Rode Podcaster although Simon tends to use his Tritton head seat as a microphone more often.

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