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What headphones does RiceGum use?

By Anton

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Last Updated May 13, 2020

Bryan Le more commonly known as Rice Gum to his millions of viewers is a YouTuber based out of America who started his channel back in 2012. Since then his channel has changed from call of duty videos and his subscriber count has grown to over 3 million subscribers. His most popular video is “These Kids Must Be Stopped” which features popular internet personalities such as Jacob Sartorius.

We know that Bryan owns several different pairs of headphones but currently owns and mainly uses a black pair of Sennheiser headphones.


These are RiceGum’s Headphones..


These are the same headphones Leafy uses and is an extremely popular choice for the cool kids these days. The sound quality is amazing and the design is beautiful while still keeping you comfortable at the same time. Leafy has a pair in Ivory white but you can get them in black and a couple of other other colors.

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