What Gaming Chair Does Jericho Use?


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Last Updated 09 May 2021

What Gaming Chair Does Jericho Use?

Tucker Boner or otherwise known as Jericho is a famous online gamer. He was born in Maryland on March 16, 1993 and graduated from highschool in 2011. HE never finished college because he quitted college and wanted to focus on doing youtube as his fulltime career. This 23 year old pisces online gamermade his first ever youtube video he called as “II JERiiCHO II Thoughts Of The Week: WEEK 1”  last August 2, 2009. His real name is William Tucker Boner and is in a relationship with co online Youtuber named Sonja Reid. He has another Youtbe channel where he post his Minecraft game content and he calls this as  JerichoAFK .

What Headset Does Jericho Use?

He has already been into Youtube channel for almost 6 years and already has 1,000,000 followers and subscribers already. Aside from his Youtube channel you can also check him on hi twitter page @IIJERiiCHOII wich already has 550,000 followers , twitch page that has 800,000 followers and Facebook with already 100 ,000 likes on his account.
He not only focuses on his online gaming channel but he has built a charity gaming event and raised an amount of money amounting to $450,000. He called his charity based gaming foundation The Race and was also nominated in Halo Award. Aside from onine gaming he also make song parody that suits his taste of music.

What Headphones Does Jericho Use?

Tucker has a lot of names and characters in games like Toocker, The BloodMage, MR. Episode 3, Mr. Salty Pants and Mr How Many 1’s. His username in his Minecraft game is IIJERiiCHOII. He built the name Jericho for fun and shows and active and fun community, He is also a co-owner of Sparkade.net that is a Minecraft server that would create a fun and positive kind of gaming environment for gamers.
He engages in fun game mode and still sees day to day operations still able to manage social media presence at the same time. He works in promotion with the social media networks like Facebook, twitter and YouTube. He is also a marketing assistant in Chick-fil-A where he works in fund raising events and activities.
DX Racer F Series Seat is what Jericho uses as gaming chair. This is also used in esports event because is that of high quality and all the features of what a gaming chair should have. There is a ready a customized DX Racer gaming chair for the League of Legends LCS chairs.

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Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

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