What Gaming Chair Does JackSepticEye Use? The Best 2019 Guide

JackSepticEye is a let’s play YouTuber in a new breed of gaming super stars boasting over 14 million YouTube Subscribers and over 6.5 million combined video views while still  growing rapidly. This is all thanks to his funny crazy Irish humor in his consistent uploads to his YouTube channel with reaction videos, VR let’s plays and countless classic normal let’s play that his subscribers love. JackSepticEye real name Sean is said to now be a millionaire and boasts some of the best tech around. If you’re looking for a new gaming chair but not sure what one to buy then getting the same one as JackSepticEye could just be the smartest thing to do.

This Is The Gaming Chair JackSepticEye OwnsJacksepticeye-Green-DXR-Gaming-Chair

JackSepticEye is currently in 2017 using a new unreleased green and black version of the DXRacing chair. The DXacing company are pretty much leaders in the gaming chair industry and that is shown by the amount of huge YouTuber who use their chairs and their custom sponsorship chairs for MLG and ESL TV.

Similar chair from DXRacing




Extreme comfort

Robust long lasting build

Rotates 180 Degrees

Used by gaming superstars

As soon as DXR release the exact chair to the public in the above screenshot used by Jack we will update this page but for now the one shown above from DXR is very similar in many ways. If you want to check what microphone and headphones JackSepticEye uses you can click here and read our free posts that shows what he uses and if you want a more in depth guide on gaming chairs you can check our best gaming chair guide which has everything you need to find a good gaming chair.




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