What Gaming Chair Does Faze Use?


The Faze clan is professional sports made up of a group of pro gamers who have a team for Counter Strike, Overwatch and perhaps are best known for their Call of duty activities. The Faze Clan have millions of fans world wide, big sponsorships and with winning huge tournaments it’s no secret that faze have some of the best tech and equipment you can get to help them win big competitions with one of the most important things being Gaming chairs

What Gaming Chair Does Faze Really Use 2017?

Faze Using The Maxnomic Chairs

FazeClan have been pictured numerous times sitting on Maxnomic computer chairs which seem like a strange choice. They are not available on Amazon and seem to have quite a few bad reviews online.

Faze using the GT Omega chair

Other times they have been pictured using the DXRacing chair but most commonly they have used the GTOmega like in the above screenshot.

GT Omega Gaming Chair

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Best chair for gamers

Ergonomic design

Extreme comfort for back and neck

Strong robust build


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