What Gaming Chair Does Dantdm Use? Find Out Inside..



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The Gaming Chair..

Many pro gamers like Daniel use the GT Omega PRO gaming chair. It 90 to 180 degree fold out so that you can almost use it as a bed if you really wanted to. It has a two really comfortable coushions for your head and lowerback.

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Dantdm's Gaming Chair


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  • Pros
  • Used by Daniel and other popular YouTubers
  • Tilts at up to 180 degrees
  • Ergonomic design helps with orthopedics
  • Adjustable height/arm rests
  • Perfect for gamers!
  • Cons
  • None

Who Is Dandtdm..

Dan Middleton (dandtdm) is a 22-year-old from Northamptonshire. He’s become a worldwide phenomenon, and he’s on his way to becoming rich because of his skills playing Minecraft.

Middle produces YouTube videos that mission of people view. He makes his YouTube videos from his home studio in Wellingborough, UK. He has tens of millions of YouTube hits each month from his channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDiamondMinecart. That is actually more than the boy band One Direction.

In 2012 at the age of 20 Daniel created his YouTube channel called The DiamondMinecart. He also made his alias DanTDM at that time. A few years ago Daniel reached the milestone of 1 million subscribers for his YouTube channel.

He’s also received the golden play button plaque. It’s one of YouTube’s plaque awards. The other awards are for 100k (silver), and diamond (10m) subscriptions. The awards are made of plastic and colored to match the title. Middleton now has more than 10 million subscribers, which has earned him the diamond award from YouTube.

Daniel broke his hand in 2015 when he tripped while in his home’s kitchen. During the time he found ways to record without using his broken right hand.

A few years ago Business Insider estimated Daniel’s yearly income to be up to $2.15 million. Last year his YouTube channel was listed as one of the most popular channels in terms of viewership. Besides a YouTube channel he also has a website at http://www.thediamondminecart.com.

Daniel has also been a regular guest at the gaming festival Insomnia. He appeared on the big stages in the 49, 52, and 53 editions of the festival. He’s also appeared on BBC’s “Technobabble.” He talked about several different games. He’s also appeared on ITV’s “Lorraine” where Daniel talked about his experience being a YouTuber.

Daniel married his girlfriend Jemma in March 2013, and they both play Minecraft. Besides playing Minecraft Daniel has also made the Guinness World Records Book Gamers Edition (2016) for most goals scored in the soccer game Rocket League on the rookie level for 2vs2 multiplayer. This is another major accomplishment that he’s achieved during his gaming career.