What Gaming Chair Does Angry Joe Use?

Jose Antonio Vargas is the creator of the Angry Joe Show and known by millions simply as “Angry Joe”. He started his Youtube channel back in 2008 and has since managed to grow it to around 3 million subscribers amassing over 600,000,000 combined total video views with his most popular video being a review on “Destiny” in which he gives a class Angry Joe style review.

What Gaming Chair Does Angry Joe Use?angry-joe-sitting-on-dxr-gaming-chair

In the above screenshot we can see Jose sitting on a classic red and black DXR Gaming chair available on sites like Chairs4Gaming,This chair is super popular with pro gamers, casual gamers and just general YouTubers due it’s incredible comfort and durability for guys and girls of all different shapes and sizes. It comes with cushions that support the lower back and the upper neck and its has adjustable arm rests so that with all these things you are assured comfort even if you are sitting down for really long periods of time without standing up. It comes in different colors and on Chairs4Gaming they have a guide that helps customers find the right chair specifically for their weight and height which is a great feature and helpful no doubt to many people.

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