What does Leafy use to record his screen?

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Last Updated 11 Aug 2020

Leafy is a new breed of YouTube superstar who thanks to his sometimes controversial comedic videos, beef with other popular Youtubers and extremely loyal fan base has managed to grow his YouTube channel to nearly 5 million subscribers and short of 1 billion combined video views.

So what screen recorder does leafy use?

Leafy has his own unique style of video where he just simply pre-records himself playing a game and then simply provides commentary over the recorded footage. You can re-create this exact style of video by using the software Camtasia.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, It is really easy to edit high quality videos exactly like Leafy’s and if you want to then you can even record your facecam over the gameplay like some other big YouTubers. All you do is instal the software on your computer and watch their free easy video tutorials.
  leafy-face-screen-recorder-img YOU could be the next LEAFY.
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