Utechsmart Venus Wired Gaming Mouse Review



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Chances are you were just like me and had never heard of Utechsmart, and you may be hesitant to pull the trigger and buy a gaming mouse from them. When buying a mouse from unknown brand things can either go two ways, you get an amazing deal, or you throw your money down the drain. Keep reading this review to find out how things went for me.


Who are Utechsmart?

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UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired, 16400 DPI High Precision Laser...
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Utechsmart is a company inspired to make peoples lives better and more fulfilling. Because they are not yet, in my opinion, a huge brand, they are able to review every single order and offer beneficial post-sales support, but this isn't always the case for every underground brand out there. They are starting to become more well known, and I hope they will be able to continue this high-level service when they grow even more.

What I like about their mouse

Being a gamer myself I was happy to see that they had built this mouse with gamers in mind. It has a 16400 Dots per inch and 12000 Frames per second which I can definitely feel when gaming. The mouse reacts to my movement super fast and smooth whether it be an MMO or FPS I am playing although the buttons on the side were a bit annoying for the latter. Still though for MMO's the 19 programmable buttons on this mouse has to be my favourite feature and is definitely one of the best I have found. They are easy to remap and assign macros too which can definitely give you an advantage when gaming. By the way, I am not the only one who thinks their mouse is good for gaming as they have been featured by IGN.

Bad for large hands

I have huge hands, and I found that this mouse wasn't great for me, my friend did try it though and found it to be extremely comfortable. Despite this, I still know a good mouse when I see one, even if it doesn't fit my hand and I can still use it.


Let's be honest most mouse software suck, they always seem to crash for me and lag out for me. I found theirs to be very well built and really like all the features they offered. Here are some things you can change inside the software:

  • Polling rate
  • Button mapping
  • Pointer speed
  • Scrolling speed
  • Double click speed
  • Lighting designs

They were all very easy to change as well and I had no issues installing or using the Utechsmart software.

Final thoughts

Seriously for the price this mouse is currently advertised at I would whole heartedly recommend it to MMO gamers across the globe as an excellent value for money mouse and have put it in my best mouse under $50 guide. I will definitely be keeping this in my set up but probably use something else for FPS games. I you want to learn more about Utechsmart you can at Utechsmart.com. This is not a paid review, I just like their mouse a lot.