The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO is a headset built for gamers and it does and excellent job. I liked it so much I put it in my top gaming headsets under $100 guide and even though it still has a lot of great features I still didn’t put it in at number 1 and I will explain why later on the in the post, first let’s talk about the good stuff.


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  • Comfortable removable memory foam ear cushions
  • Sharp sounding mid’s and highs
  • Excellent value for money



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  • Headband poorly designed
  • Microphone not great


Is it cheap and uncomfortable ?

If you are after a headset that doesn’t break the bank then this a good option, I found it to be a very comfortable and after wearing it for several hours the memory foam over-ear cushions on the ear pads had literally cushioned my ears nicely, and I wasn’t in any sort of pain. Sometimes with other budget headsets priced in a similar bracket, they try and cut costs and don’t really take comfort into consideration. It also has a mesh fiber that surrounds ear that lets your ears breath which is good for people in hotter countries, but I can’t say this feature was useful for myself. If you are looking for a headset purely for comfort, then they’re still better options that are built more for comfort than anything else and will have spent more time on the headband for example. This Turtle Beach headset clearly didn’t spend enough time on that as I found it to be loose and uncomfortable.

Does it sound good?

Obviously, the most important part for any headphone or headset is the audio, and a good headphone without a microphone is always going to be a better option. The Turtle Beach headset does have 7.1 surround sound though which is great for FPS games like PubG as it makes the game feel that little bit more real. It also includes 50mm drivers that are custom tuned and really make a difference. The highs are very sharp but the headset doesn’t have any kind, and the bass is lacking, I really wouldn’t use this as a primary headset for listening to music but just for gaming.

The Microphone

While this headset is quite comfortable and the audio is adequate for the headset, in my opinion, falls at the final hurdle. The microphone claims to be noise canceling, and while that might be true, it’s like it almost cancels out my own voice when speaking into it and then that there is still some static sound that gets picked up for some reason. I did like the mute feature on the microphone though once I managed to find it that is.

Other features

Personally, I have never really been a fan of other features that don’t contribute to sound and comfort and that has not changed with the turtle beach xo headset. It comes with a pointless lighting feature that gives you unlimited color options on the ear cup which is…. yeah. To control you the lights it comes with a Cue software that you can use to  change the colors and also EQ the sounds which I didn’t find to make a great difference

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