SteelSeries Rival 500 Review



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Did you ever buy a gaming mouse on your own?

I mean, without the help of any friend or family member. Well, most likely, buying a gaming mouse is a little bit tricky than using it. What would you prefer, a plain four-button specialist form with quick reaction times and high DPI sensors, or a more professional MMO model with a couple of buttons?

Definitely, it is a tricky choice, but don’t get upset, here in the SteelSeries Rival 500 review, you will find an answer to your every question.

Inspired with MMO and MOBA design, the SteelSeries Rival 500 is a pro-grade mouse. It is lightweight, quick, and functional. Also, it is able to boost your performance without considering which game you are playing.


SteelSeries Rival 500 Review

SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse - 16,000 CPI,...
918 Reviews
SteelSeries Rival 500 MMO/MOBA 15-Button Programmable Gaming Mouse - 16,000 CPI,...
  • Fastest, most ergonomic button layout available – built around your thumb
  • 16,000 CPI custom PixArt sensor for extreme precision
  • SteelSeries exclusive tactile alerts let you feel in-game events
  • Reinforced left and right mouse buttons with industry-leading 30 million click...

In combination with 15 buttons and the best optical sensor, it looks like the Rival 500 might be able to the charge. So, let’s explore more.


The Rival 500 would be one of the bigger mouses you have ever used. With 4.7 x 3.1 x 1.7 inches of dimensions, the device suits ideally best to those having big hands. If you don’t have issues stretching your fingers, then you are also on the track.

An absolute load of buttons directs itself to a claw grip; however, for a palm grip, the body of the mouse is wide and plane enough.

On the bottom of the peripheral, you can adjust a slider to toggle two buttons that rest under the thumb other than into a thumb rest. Those players who don’t want to play with 14 buttons, this would be a remarkable idea. The Rival 500 has a rubbery thumb rest with a lot of giving and makes an excellent cushion.

On the other side, if you really want to work with each and every button, you can get your hands on. The slider can be adjusted easily, though you have to understand not to put too much weight on the buttons by mistake.

Besides competition, the Rival 500 sets itself in its great number of buttons. It has a huge amount of buttons such as, a right and left button, a scroll wheel that clicks three ways, five thumb buttons in a radial pattern, a dots-per-inch (DPI) sensitivity adjuster, two buttons on the upper left side and one button on the top right side.

Those gamers who like such kind of system, the textured thumb rest is very comfy, and the buttons are distinctive and quick to respond. To understand the 14 buttons placement, you have to practice a lot.


The SteelSeries Engine 3 software is used in the Rival 500, and it is one of the best gaming tools on the market. You can program all the buttons, arrange profiles for several games, link profiles with software, regulate the RGB lighting, twist the DPI, and regulate other numerous and diverse mouse settings.

Using the same software, you can run all the other SteelSeries products, and it is a great help.

On the other side, the Rival 500 has a big downside. Although it can amazingly sync up profiles and software, the mouse does not have onboard profiles. The SteelSeries Rival 500 review explains that this mouse has incorporated tangible feedback. In several settings, you can program each button to ring, just like the rumble feature on a controller. Programming each thumb button with a diverse pulse could be a great help for your guidance to tap the right one each time.

Moreover, you can even program timers to ring the mouse, as it might be helpful when waiting for in-game expertise to reset.

Other than that, the strange feature of the mouse is the ability to switch buttons into a thumb rest. The scroll wheel and the palm rest, both light up, and you can program them with a range of colors and effects.

For the bottom of the mouse, if you consider 3D print, there is a place for it. By default, it has “RIVAL.”


The Rival 500 mouse is with any of the high-end competitors. This mouse has been tested with StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops, Overwatch, and other same kinds of games. It was found that the mouse performed very well in every case.

For role-playing games or real-time strategy games, the abundance of buttons overkills possibly. You will not find any difficulty in navigation around the screen.

Warranty of the Rival 500

The SteelSeries offers one year of warranty in respect of manufacturer faults that clearly exclude damage exposure caused by deterioration.

  • Pros
  • Brilliant quality.
  • Sensible software.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Perfect Eye-catching design for MMORPGs.
  • Innovative feedback.
  • Cons
  • Switch between two different DPI levels.
  • No tangible strike to distinguish different buttons.
  • Onboard profiles are missing.
  • Steep learning curve.

Final Thoughts

The Rival 500 is a typical eSports gaming mouse. With a lot of buttons, it does not have MMO. It is a big mouse but comfortable. It is flashy but enriched with helpful features. Above all, it is not expensive for what it offers.

Players that are not interested in the competition scene can most likely clear up for something simpler than the Rival 500. And those who thrive on the game will surely need to check it out. Some of the pro gamers may eventually like something more efficient, but just having the option for something completely different is useful.

The SteelSeries Rival 500 review ultimately concludes that it is an excellent device for all kinds of gaming.