Can you run a gaming pc with 500GB Storage?



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So you've got all your components to assemble that new gaming PC with expensive graphics and fancy lights? Or still in the process of determining the right components for your gaming PC? A common question that arises in a PC builder's mind is "How much is required Storage Memory?" or "Can you run a gaming pc with 500GB Storage?" Although I'd argue that the ultimate decision boils down to you, depending upon your usage, this guide will help you to help you to find out if 500GB of storage memory is enough for your gaming PC.

Let's assume that 500GB out of 500GB storage memory will be usable and you'll use it store games and nothing else. Given the fact that a modern AAA Title such as Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Far Cry 5 among many others will cost you about 40-50GB of storage space, you would be able to install a maximum of 10-12 games on your gaming PC at once.

Of course, in reality, the actual number of games you could install on your gaming PC at once would not be more than 6-8, given the fact that you'd need storage memory for a lot of other stuff as well. If you ask me, that's more than enough games to be installed on a system at once, even if you tend to shift between games before actually fishing them. Once you're done with a game, you can delete it to make room for others. It is certain that games with a greater replayability such as Fifa, Fortnite and so on will have more permanence as compared to story and narrative-driven games.

At the moment, I have 6 games installed on my system which has 500GB memory, one of which I bought because Steam was offering a great deal I couldn't resist and I haven't even started playing that game yet. I switch between 2 games often, apart from Fortnite, leaving 3 games idle on my system.

So, coming back to the original question- "Can you run a gaming pc with 500GB Storage?" The answer is "YES", you absolutely can run a gaming pc with 500GB Storage. Yet, if you wish to install more than half a dozen of games on your gaming PC at once or install other hefty storage consuming stuff, it would be a good idea to upgrade from 500GB to 1TB of storage.

Now that you're certain how much storage you need, its time to decide between an SSD and HDD. To put it simply without diving into the technicalities of the subject, an SSD is quicker but expensive storage device while an HDD is comparatively slower and rather cheap. A 500GB SSD will cost you around $80-$100 while you can score an HDD of equivalent storage under $50.

However, it is recommended if you're going for a storage as low as 500GB, you should opt for an SSD rather than an HDD.