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how to refund games on steam

No room for regrets. If you have spent a lot of money buying a game on Steam and later found out that it's not as fun as you thought or your system cannot run it smoothly or any other reason of your own, you can request a refund. Whatever the reason, it is easy to refund a game on Steam. We will show you how to refund games on Steam, along with other vital information when it comes to requesting a refund from Steam. Read on!


What's the Steam Refund Policy?

You can refund virtually all games that you buy directly through Steam. Also, you can return Steam games that were gifted to you, and the money will be reimbursed to the original buyer.

Steam has a refund policy that it uses to assess if you are eligible for a refund;

  • You must make a refund request within 14 days after purchasing the game or within 14 days of its release if it was a pre-order.
  • You must have spent less than two hours playing the game.
  • You must seek a refund for qualified in-game purchases before using them, and you must do so within 48 hours after purchasing them.

Even if your purchase does not meet the two qualifying criteria, you can still seek a refund. Steam will manually analyze your request and decide, but it is under no obligation to provide you with a refund. As a result, it's critical to provide as much information as possible about why you want a refund.

How Does the Steam Refund Policy Works for Other Purchases?

The steam refund rules for most DLC are the same: you must submit a refund request form within 14 days of purchasing the DLC, and you must not exceed the two-hour limit of gameplay on the base game after buying the DLC. However, keep in mind that some DLC is non-refundable, and Steam will notify you of this on the Store page.

Bundle purchases are perceived as a single package; thus, you must have fewer than two hours of gameplay across all titles in the bundle. You cannot refund individual games from a bundle. Besides, you cannot get a refund if Valve's anti-cheat system has banned you from a game. Furthermore, game keys bought elsewhere and activated via Steam are non-refundable.

In-game purchases are handled differently. Within 48 hours after purchase, Steam will refund in-game purchases on Valve-developed games, provided you haven't consumed, transferred, or modified the game. Third-party developers can use this method, and Steam will warn you at the time of purchase if this is the case—otherwise, the purchase is non-refundable.

Steps on How to Refund Games on Steam

How to Refund Games on Steam

1. To request a refund, launch your preferred browser and navigate to Steam's official support center. Then, go ahead and log in to your Steam account if you haven't already.

2. Next, from the list of support choices, select "Purchases."

3. Click the game or product you want to refund. (Note: If you don't find the purchase you wish to return on the list, it's because it's too old to be refunded).

4. Choose any one reason for which you want a refund.

5. It will provide you with tips on resolving gameplay or technical difficulties. If you don't want this, choose I'd want to receive a refund.

6. Select where you want the returned money sent using the Choose refund method drop-down menu. If your payment provider enables it, this can be to your Steam Wallet Funds or the original payment method (such as PayPal).

7. Use the Reason drop-down menu to indicate why you want a refund.

8. Put any comments you have in the Notes area.

9. Click the Submit Request button. You will be emailed a confirmation of your request. Another email will be sent within a week to accept or refuse the refund.

How Do I Refund A Steam Pre-Order Game?

The refund time for a pre-order game is significantly longer than the return period for a released game. For example, if you pre-ordered the game three months before its release, you'd be able to get a refund for three months and two weeks following the game's release.

If a person has pre-ordered a game for more than three months, they will not receive a refund, and the user won't get the refund to his payment method. Nonetheless, Steam might still refund the amount to the person's Steam Wallet. Besides, the process of requesting a refund for a pre-order game is the same as it is for requesting a refund for a released game. The following is an outline of how to ask for a refund for a pre-order Steam game:

  • Navigate to Steam support or the Steam client from your browser on your desktop.
  • Search for the game from the list; if not, click "Purchases."
  • Look for the pre-order game for which you want a refund.
  • Then click the "I would like to request a refund" button.
  • Choose the reason for the refund.
  • Click the "Submit Request" button.

How Do I Refund a Game for its Sale?

Now, if you buy a game and it goes on sale within a day or two, you could be disappointed. Luckily, you may return the game and repurchase it for the sale price. If you think it might be tricky to abuse the refund policy, keep in mind that you can request a refund even for its sale price.

The time range for which the game is eligible for a refund is the same as any other game purchased on Steam; two weeks or two hours of gameplay. If the game violates one of these guidelines, you may not be eligible for a refund. You can, however, request one.

If you're unsure whether you will receive a refund for your request, to be on the safer side, you can add remarks in the "Notes" area, which is located under the "Reason" section where you choose the reasons for your refund.

According to Steam's refund policy, you can request as many refunds as you want for any game. Nonetheless, if a user is found misusing the system, Steam may bar such users from requesting refunds in the future.

Limitations of a Steam Game Refund

Though Steam refunds are straightforward, several restrictions govern whether or not you receive your money back. The following are the limits of a Steam refund:

1. A Steam game with a purchase date of more than 14 days and gaming time logged off more than 2 hours is not eligible for a refund.

2. Refunds are not available for pre-ordered games with a release date of more than 14 days and playing time logged off more than 2 hours.

3. Certain DLCs and in-game purchases are not eligible for a refund under any circumstances. Others eligible are subject to the same rules stated in the first item.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Refund Games on Steam

1. How long does it take to get a Steam refund?

If your refund request is granted, Steam will normally give a refund within a couple of hours. However, when it comes to international payment methods, Steam refunds might take up to seven days, if not longer.

2. Can gifted games be refunded?

Let's be honest: not every Steam game you receive as a gift is going to be amazing. If you don't intend to play the game and instead want the monetary value, you can get it returned as long as you don't violate the two-hour/14-day limit. The refund procedure is much the same, except that the receiver must initiate it, and the purchaser must approve the refund. After the refund is validated, the money paid will be reimbursed to the buyer's payment method or Steam Wallet.

3. How can you tell if the game purchased is refundable?

To check if your Steam game is eligible for a refund, complete the instructions outlined in the preceding section. If the game shows in the list of purchased products, it's legitimate for a refund; otherwise, it cannot.

In addition, if you have exceptional circumstances, you can still seek a special refund for ineligible games. To do so, click View complete purchase history and select the game you wish to request a refund.

4. Is Steam's refund policy reasonable?

Steam's return policy was ambiguous in its early days, and you had to deal with delayed customer support representatives. However, it is fast and easy to request a steam refund on any Steam purchase, making it a fair refund policy. Besides, Steam's refund policy is similar to that of the Epic Games Store, although most people believe that the former provides greater gaming service.

5. Why can you request a Steam game refund?

Steam's refund policy is not meant to provide you with free games. Instead, you may use it to refund games you don't like for some reasons, including it doesn't function on your system, you bought it by mistake, or it's just not entertaining. It is also acceptable to request a steam refund for a game that goes on sale shortly after you purchase it. However, if Valve suspects you are abusing the system, it may discontinue refunds.

You can find more information about Valve's refund policy on the Steam Refunds page.