How Much RAM Do You Need For Your Gaming PC



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How Much RAM Do You Need For Your Gaming PC

RAM is one of the 8 crucial components of your gaming PC setup and is instrument in determining its speed. How much RAM do you need for your gaming PC though?


Quick Answer

The quick and simple answer is for modern day gaming you need at least 8 GB of RAM. To be ready for future games you will want 16 GB. The next tier is 32 GB and we say that is a bit much unless you are also using your PC for video editing or other intensive computer processes.

How to Choose RAM for Your PC

We say 8 GB is the amount you need for most modern day gaming, but there is a lot more that goes into that answer. You can find 8 GB of RAM in a variety of different types of RAM cartridges and choosing the wrong one can perversely effect how well the rest of your PC build operates. Unless you have a lot of money to blow, you are likely on a tight budget for building your PC. Choosing a model that is more than you need can detract from buying a PC component that is more important.

What Type of RAM You Should Buy

No matter your budget, you are going to want to buy a DDR4 RAM at least 8 GB. The 8 GB can either come from a single cartridge or two 4 GB cartridges (we recommend the latter). DDR3 RAM is cheaper but is more outdated and you likely won't be able to play newer games at optimal settings. For 2019 and on we recommend you stay stick to DDR4 (with DDR5 coming not to far in the future).

If you're budget is in the $1,000 to $2,000 range we recommend a DDR4 2x8GB cartridges. By going with 16GB you are future proofing your machine, ensuring it will be able to play top notch games for the next several years. The following table summarizes what we think what RAM you should buy for each type of budget.

BudgetRAM to BuyExample
<$5002x4GB DDR4Corsair Vengeance LPX
$500 to $1,0002x8GB DDR3Corsair Vengeance
$1,000 to $1,5002x8GB DDR4Corsair Vengeance RGB
>$1,5002x16 or 4x8GB DDR4G.Skill Ripjaws V

Multiple vs Singular Modules

As we allude to above, going dispersing your RAM over multiple modules is advantageous to just relying on a singular one. While this won't really change your gaming experience - you will get a modest performance boost - we believe its just a smarter way to build your PC. If you are dependent on one RAM, it may break - completely knocking your system out of commission. Having multiple RAM gives you more leeway incase one breaks in addition to a modest performance boost.