Can I Put Privacy Screen On My Gaming Monitor?



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Protecting your privacy is an important factor in a world where our lives are ruled by digital displays and smart gadgets. Strong passwords, encrypted data transfers and other security features go a long way in securing your privacy.

But what about that annoying co-worker who peeps over your desktop? Or that creepy dude sitting next to you on your budget flight, eager to know all about you? Or what about that time when you are nailing it in a game of Fortnite at work and your boss walks by?

That's when you need a privacy filter and yes you can use it on a gaming monitor. A privacy filter is a simple film that sticks on your display and prohibits people on your either side to peek into your display. All they'll see is a pitch black screen when they peep their nose into your business.

The way these privacy filters work is rather simple. Imagine a window covered by vertical blinds. When you open the blinds, you can see through them the view beyond the window. However, you'll be only able to admire the view beyond the window if you stand right in front of the window. You won't be able to look out of the window, even with the blinds open. The privacy filter works in a similar way, but on a much smaller level. Your screen will be visible to you only at a certain angle.

That being said, you must under that that it will hinder with the quality of your display. Just as it is better to stare out of a window without any sort of blinds, it is better to look at a screen without any dark privacy filter on it.


So, how do you choose a privacy filter for a gaming monitor?

A privacy filter on a gaming monitor is especially important if you play in a place where you're not alone. You wouldn't want a toddler or a child to look at all the blood and gore. Nither you'd want your mum to walk in on you when things get a bit unsafe for work. Either way, it is important to have a privacy filter on a gaming monitor.

Choosing a privacy filter for a gaming monitor is a delicate matter since a gaming monitor is designed to display the best of colours and a privacy filter blocks the light from the monitor.

Here are a few things to look for in a privacy filter for a gaming monitor


Most of the privacy filters can be applied at home using the adhesive provided with it. Filters made by 3M are removable and reusable as well.


You'll have to determine the size as of the display you wish to apply the privacy filter on, and if its bezels are flat or erupted from the display. You'll have much difficulty in finding a suitable privacy filter for a curved display as compared to a standard flat one.


Privacy filters come in matte and glossy finishes. The matte finish will not reflect light but will subdue the colours while a glossy filter will reflect the light but subdue comparatively fewer colours.


Privacy filters come in either black or gold finish. The colour of the finish is the colour that the unwanted intruders will see. The gold filters tend to run more expensive than the black ones as they do not subdue as many colours as the black ones, however, they're quite reflective and thus not suitable if you tend to work outdoors.


The price of the privacy filters is determined by the size, finish and colour. Usually, they're between $30 to $50.