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Pocket Mouse









  • Stylish Looks
  • Easy to Handle
  • Perfect for Travelling
  • No Installation Needed


  • Can Cause Pain
  • Not Good for Gamming
  • Not Good for Artistic Work

I often think about researching some of the most remarkably innovative mouses. One day I found something to read about the Pocket mouse. I was surprised and happy at the same time. Did you know about this Pocket mouse? If not, then let me enlighten you with the great secrets of this innovative peripheral.

With an ergonomic 2 in 1 pen design, Pocket Mouse is another fabulous device. In Pocket mouse review, you will see each and every aspect’s detailed information.

The pocket mouse is a wireless optical mouse that works on any surface away from up to 30 feet. Besides, it is compatible with all desktops, tablets, and laptops. You must be thinking if it looks like a pen, then how does it work. Well, you can use it just like other typical mouses that you have been using since from the beginning. The pocket mouse allows you to click, swipe, or use its flying scroll wheel.

Pocket Mouse Review

Though the device is held just like a pen, however, it is cleared as it delivers better control and pinpoints accuracy. You can even write with it. The receiver of Pocket Mouse gets connected automatically to your PC or tablet just by plugging it into a USB port. So, you don’t need to bother for software installation to operate this mouse. It does not matter, whether you have arthritis, wrist/hand pain, need better control and accuracy, or just want to try something unique, Pocket mouse delivers the best performance.

Are you planning to buy a Pocket mouse right now? Wait here and explore all the features of this Pocket mouse review.

Do you remember stylus? Most of you have seen or used a stylus, but the Pocket mouse is different that looks like a stylus and works as a mouse. In the shape of a pen, a Pocket mouse is a computer mouse to operate your computer conveniently.


Pocket Mouse Review

According to the Pocket mouse review, just like an ordinary mouse, it has left and right buttons along with a scroll wheel. On top of the device, there is a left mouse button, whereas the right button is counter-intuitively on the left side. You can flip over the Pocket mouse and doubles as a stylus.

Besides using the mouse for office work, I even tried it for gaming, art, and productivity. I offered young kids to use this mouse, as well. However, none of us was satisfied with the placement of the right button, which locates right under your thumb. It is not only hard to use but while moving the unit, unintentionally I click right with my thumb.

A regular mouse is better than the Pocket mouse while using for artwork. Though the stylus tip functions fine in that capacity. Also, keep in mind that you cannot use it with an iPad because those tablets don’t support the mouses. However, in a case to use with a tablet, either you have to use the stylus end or stick with a non-Apple device.

In terms of the gaming area, I also did a few practicals to evaluate the Pocket mouse. Minecraft uses a little utilized feature of pressing the scroll wheel in standard mouses. Thus many applications don’t need this feature; however, Pocket mouse does not have this feature at all for some of the applications. Pocket mouse review ultimately proved that it is not ideal for gaming.

Well, satisfaction will be highly subjective in the case of such products. Most of the people are typical mouse users, so it might be difficult for them to switch to any pointing device for all purposes.

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Pocket Mouse Features

pocket mouse review

  • Shaped as a Pen

Without having to worry about cramps, you can hold the Pocket mouse easily as it is shaped like a pen. The shape allows you to use the mouse more precisely.

  • Wireless Technology

The pocket mouse has built-in wireless technology that allows you to operate the mouse from anywhere. As a result, you are not bound to use it at your desk or on a mouse mat only. Without losing accuracy, you can ideally use the mouse away from your device up to 30 feet.

  • Is it Compatible with a Standard Mouse?

Of course, the Pocket mouse review shows that you can do everything with this pen mouse what a mouse expects to do. In fact, it can do more than that, such as you can write, scroll, swipe, and click.

  • Scroll Wheel

You must be thinking that this pen mouse is without a scroll wheel, but it is not the case. It has a scroll wheel that lets you scroll easily through numerous pages with ease.

  • Custom Stand

Unlike other typical mouses, Pocket mouse comes with a custom stand so that you can put your mouse somewhere safely after you finish your work. Simply the stand can be placed on your desk or any flat surface to put the mouse in it.

  • Compact

With a compact design, you are able to carry this mouse with you anywhere you are. You can slide it in your pocket and pull it out when it is required.

  • Any Surface

Every surface is perfect for the Pocket mouse. Without compromising on the performance, you can use it on your leg, on the wall, on the table or a clipboard.

  • Does Everything a Mouse Can do

With this mouse, you can do anything that a traditional mouse supposes to do. You can write, click, swipe, and scroll as well.

  • No Installation

The good news for you is that no software installation is needed with this Pocket mouse. You can use it simply. All you need is to plug in the receiver into any USB port of your laptop, and it will connect instantly without wasting your time. Right after the connection, you can control the screen of your computer or laptop.

  • Flip it Over

Flip this mouse over and use it easily as a stylus on any of your devices. You can draw easily and quickly.

  • Perfect for Traveling

An ideal product to bring with you while going somewhere is your best wireless mouse. The pocket mouse is the most ideal mouse that does not need much space while you travel. Use it on your leg while sitting on the back seat of a cab or a flight without worrying about finding space for the mouse.

How Does Pocket Mouse Work?

As per the official website, just by putting one AAA battery into Pocket Mouse, insert the USB 2.0 receiver dongle into your computer or tablet, flip them on a switch and through the 2.4GHz wireless connection it will get paired automatically.

According to Pocket mouse review, it is said to work with most accepted operating systems such as Android, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10. It also offers three adjustable resolutions including 800/1200/1600 DPI; 1200 is by default and performs from up to 30 feet (10 meters) away.  Once you successfully connected the mouse, simply slide it over any horizontal or vertical surface to scroll, write, draw, click, swipe and web browse conveniently. With a tablet, you can use the other end as a stylus by flipping it over. Pocket mouse goes on “Sleep” mode to preserve battery, once the mouse is inactive for 10 minutes.

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How Is It Different from Competitors?

Pocket Mouse Review

Though Pocket mouse works exactly like a standard mouse it looks and works like a pen. Unlike your old optical mouse, virtually the Pocket mouse will work on any surface. The ergonomic shape lets you hold it like a pen and reducing your hand cramps. The Pocket mouse is ideal for people with hand pain or arthritis.

As it works like a pen, you will have more precision over your pointer. No software installation is required to use. A roller ball feature is also available in it and lets you scroll through several pages.

How to Use

  • Plugin the USB

A separate USB receiver is there for you along with a Pocket mouse. Plugin the receiver into your computer or any device you want to use it with. Into the USB port, put the receiver and your connection will be made. Once it is done, now the computer or laptop screen’s control is in your hand.

  • Go Anywhere

Did you know about the classic optical mouse? Well, the Pocket mouse is the wireless version of a classic optical mouse. As it can work away from 30 feet, it uses wireless radio technology, which makes it great to use during meetings and presentations.

Tips and Tricks to Use the Pocket Mouse

  • Doubles as a Stylus

This versatile peripheral device can be used as a computer mouse or a stylus to use with devices that have touch screens. By simply flipping around the Pocket mouse, you can use its other end as a stylus on your tablet or Smartphone.

  • Storage

A handy stand is available for the Pocket mouse that allows you to store the mouse when you are not using it. So, it means you can avail the handy stand to secure your mouse when you are not working.

Alternatives of Pocket Mouse

The Pocket Mouse review has discovered a few alternatives to this mouse.

  • Conventional Mouse

Traditional mouses are a great alternative to the Pocket mouse. These mouses are available as optical or the outdated type with a rollerball on the inside.

  • Morjava Wireless Pen

Another wireless pointing device that can replace your typical computer mouse is Morjava wireless pen. With 2.4 GHz optical pen it can double as a stylus.

Critical Note

Make sure that the battery is charged fully and the receiver is appropriately inserted into the USB port on your device if your Pocket mouse is not working.

Warning! Though the ergonomic design reduces the hand and wrist pain, however, any kind of repetitive movement for a more extended period of time can result in pain or even can develop carpal tunnel. So, make sure to take breaks, stretch and to exercise to keep your muscles and joints fit.

Warnings (Pain)

Though the Pocket mouse has an ergonomic design and is supposed to alleviate wrist pain, any kind of repetitive movements for an extended period may result in pain or the development of carpal tunnel. So, make sure to have a little break and don’t forget to stretch. Also, ensure exercise to keep your muscles and joints healthy.

  • Stylish Looks.
  • Easy to Handle.
  • User-Friendly.
  • No Installation Needed.
  • Perfect for Travelling.
  • Can Cause Pain.
  • Not Good for Gaming.
  • Not good for Artistic Work.

Final Thoughts

Every product comes with some advantages as well as disadvantages. Here Pocket mouse review has projected almost all of the positive sides along with adverse or undesired features. It depends on you, how would you respond to any product, because everyone has their own purposes of using the mouse. However, it might be problematic at first, when you have been using the standard mouse for a long time and then switching to a pen mouse. Practice can make you perfect, and you will know all the features of the mouse.

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Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

Anton is the founder of 25pc. He is a huge gaming tech nerd and loves helping people save money. To find out more about him read his about me page.

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