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On 25PC most people will know that we show people the latest tech the biggest gaming YouTubers currently use in their setup. We usually cover things like Headphones, Microphones and Gaming Chairs. In this post we will review a website that offers the tech mentioned in those posts!


What Do OverClockers Offer? 

If you're looking for a good quality gaming chair then OverClockers 100% have got your back covered. They currently offer 7 different brands of Gaming Chairs and even offer a section that shows people what brands currently have discounts which is a great feature for people looking to save some money.

OverClockers Gaming Chairs 

Without a doubt the most popular gaming chair currently on market in 2017 is the DXRacer and for good reason. Is used by the likes of Fnatic, Navi Gaming, Faze Clan, Big twitch streamers and YouTube superstars like JackSepticEye and finally thousands of casual gamers not in the public eye. On the surface it may seem like it's a popular chair for just it's looks but in reality it's actually a really durable and comfortable chair.

Overclockers currently stock the famous NobleChairs on their website in black, green, cognac and in a range of other beautiful colors. The reviews for these chairs are extremely positive especially from tall people as these chairs have an impressive ergonomic design structure.

Nitro Concepts offer a cheaper alternative to the other big name brands on Overclockers and for the discount in price you definitely do not get the same quality as the other chairs based on some public reviews but for some people this is still great quality gaming chair.

This Italian sounding company designs their chairs in Sweden and is another cheaper option on this list for a good quality gaming chair. The armrest height is adjustable and it has a tilt back and lock feature which can turn into a sort of bed for people who have gamed to hard.

The AKRacing chair is probably the best in this list for issues with relating to bad posture and is designed to offer the best lumbar and neck support possible. At the same time it is still extremely comfortable and comes in a range of stylish colors and designs giving it that classic gamer chair look.

Overclockers stock other gaming chairs from brands like vertagear and mwelab with the latter form MweLab being some sort of futuristic UFO looking thing priced in the high 4 figures range.

Headphones & Headsets

Headphones and Headsets are becoming a more important part of a good gaming setup these days. Overclockers make sure to cover gamers in this department but mostly with the headsets as the two are different and music fans will typically avoid buying headsets and vice versa.

Overclockers offer pretty much every single major gaming headset brand on market and their roster is constantly evolving.

AKG, Astro, Asus, Audio Technica, Beyer Dynamic, BitFenix, Corsair, Cougar, Creative Labs, Hyperx, In-Win, Lioncast, Logitech, MarsGaming, Mionix, Ozone, Razer, Roccat, Sennheiser, Silverstone, SpeedLink, Steelseries and Turtlebeach.

Taking a looking at the headsets used by gamers featured on our websites we can see that currently Pewdiepie is wearing a Razer Kraken Headset and that this exact same headset is stocked by Overclockers.


Another important piece of tech now is a good quality Microphone and Overclockers do stock some under the category "Peripherals" they have clip on microphones from Antlion and the USB mics from Blue Yeti but don't include any really high quality microphones from Audio Technica or Shure which for example are used by Markiplier and JackSepticEye on YouTube.

Who Owns The Company?

The OverClockers domain was registered in 1999 and is owned by OcUK LTD a company based in Staffordshire England United Kingdom.

It looks like the company was setup by Peter and Sarah Redford in 1999 before being transferred to Mark and Claire Proudfoot in 2000/2003.

Overclockers Discounts

As mentioned previously there is a the feature on the website to check which products currently have in store price reductions but you can also use the "ABC" coupon discount promo code.