Good News for Gamers – Nvidia Promises That They’re Working to Increase GPU Supplies



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A large percentage of the PC gaming community build their own gaming desktops, and if you’re one of them, then you’re probably aware that these past few months aren’t exactly the best time to DIY your desktop or upgrade your graphics card.

The main reason is the insane increase in GPU prices due to the high demand and stock shortage. All thanks to cryptocurrency miners buying up all the available higher end cards. Nvidia has stepped up to inform the gaming community that they’re doing their best to increase the supply of GPUs in the market and hopefully stabilize the prices.

Nvidia and AMD were originally blamed for the dramatic increase in price, but both companies have since denied any involvement in the market price. In fact they stated that they’re still selling the cards at the same price, but the retailers are the ones bumping the prices up and that it’s beyond their control.

While Nvidia admits that they failed to anticipate the sudden increase in GPU demand, they explained that the growth is “difficult to quantify.”

Nvidia released this statement to answer the increasing frustration from gamers all around the world who are unable to upgrade their systems due to the prices of GPUs increasing by as much as double of what they originally cost.

They also stated that they’re still treating gamers as their main clients as it’s known that cryptocurrency can be volatile, especially with the recent crash of Bitcoin from its all-time high of $20,000 down to $6,000 in the span of a few months and the recent opinion of an analyst who detailed how most cryptocurrencies will lose their value. Going as far as to say that the majority will sell for 0.

If you’re aware of the price hike and considered your options, you probably noticed that pre-built desktops are now cheaper than building your own. Some computer parts retailer are now taking it upon themselves to sell the cards at a lower price, provided the buyers are gamers and not cryptocurrency miners, but this is only a temporary measure to ensure that gamers aren’t missing out on much-needed GPU upgrades.

Unfortunately, while there’s been a small drop in the price of GPUs due to the recent dip of cryptocurrency value, it is still far from ideal. Hopefully, Nvidia will keep their word and we’ll see more affordable cards in the near future.