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With the new Surface Go, Microsoft has made another mouse named Surface Mobile Mouse with a low-profile latest design to match the rest of the Surface product line. Although it is not a new design, the Microsoft Surface Mouse review shows a low-cost Bluetooth mouse that you cannot get wrong with. Furthermore, it is accessible in the same color options found in the advanced Type Covers and Surface Laptop.

Let's have a look at the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse Review:

Microsoft Surface Mouse Review

Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse (Silver) - KGY-00001
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Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse (Silver) - KGY-00001
  • Light, portable, ergonomic mouse is perfect for precise navigation on the go
  • No cords or dongle — connects wirelessly to your Surface via Bluetooth
  • Enhanced wheel is optimized for smooth, natural scrolling
  • Works on virtually any surface thanks to BlueTrack technology

If you want a lightweight and portable mouse with dongle-free Bluetooth connectivity and smooth scrolling, Microsoft has the answer for you. Their surface mouse is designed for you and a must-have. It features BlueTrack technology that ensures it works on virtually any surface, making it easy to use. However, his mouse does not work on mirrored or glass surfaces.

Microsoft surface mouse also comes in many color options to let you select what matches your preference, and the battery life varies depending on user and computing conditions.

This mouse is essential for precise navigation, and the low profile design makes it even more fun to use than a traditional mouse. In addition, the surface mobile mouse features an elegant sculpted design that comfortably sits in your hand during use.

The enhanced wheel also lets you scroll smoothly and more naturally. To operate, this mouse needs 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

For a more detailed discussion concerning the features of the Microsoft mobile mouse, keep reading.

1. Design

The Microsoft Surface Mouse with the gray and silver design that compliments the tablet and the Surface keyboard and Surface Dial accompanies the stylish Surface Pro 4 design. This device is striking with a simple, but to some extent, graceful, design that shows it will not look out of place no matter what device you connect to it.

The scroll wheel is located between the two mouse buttons consists of metal, which gives a durable and premium feel together with small grooves on the surface for a better reaction. Therefore, you will not feel a cheap rubber or a plastic scroll wheel feeling as it looks great. Instead, you will feel reliable and comfortable with the minimalist design with designers of Microsoft who understand everything about ergonomics.

2. Performance

This simplicity expands the pattern of how the mouse is installed and used. For now, no USB dongle is available; instead, the mouse connects without wires through Bluetooth 4.0, and as each latest tablet has Bluetooth built-in, it shows that there is no need for a tricky or complex-looking dongle.

Most of the laptops should have Bluetooth, even some PCs, though if the device you need to use the mouse does not have Bluetooth, you will not be able to use the Microsoft Surface Mouse right out of the box.

Assume that you have a device with Bluetooth and Windows 10; the setup procedure is clear-cut. All you need is to press the Bluetooth button with the batteries located on the bottom of the mouse to add pairing mode, then use the Microsoft Windows 10 Settings app to add the Bluetooth device. With Windows 10, you will not have difficulty finding and installing the Microsoft Surface Mouse with the right drivers.

3. Laser Tracking Accurate Movement

Once the mouse is connected, it will be fast and responsive, and the laser tracks the mouse's accurate movement over a range of surfaces, including glossy desktop, wood, or glass. In addition, the mouse is lightweight with 90.9 grams, which is comfortable enough to use for a long time without feeling cheap and feeble.

The ergonomic design lets the mouse fit contentedly in your hand, which makes it a good choice if you need it for a long time. You will be satisfied while using the scroll wheel, and with this metal design, you may feel great under your fingertips together with grooves that give you adequate procure to scroll through the sites and documents swiftly.

4. Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Mouse review shows that when you use the mouse with the full-size Microsoft Surface Keyboard to work on a tablet, you may benefit from an experience similar to using a desktop PC. Although the Microsoft Surface mobile mouse is user-friendly and can be carried easily, it still feels like it is made to keep on a desk.

Though the Microsoft Surface Mouse has been designed to keep Microsoft's Surface tablets in mind, it is tuned with other tablets having Microsoft Windows 10 and Android devices with 4.4.2 or higher and Mac OS 10 machines.

Should I Buy the Surface Mobile Mouse?

In general, the Surface Mobile Mouse is not an expensive accessory, and you can use it with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity features. According to the Microsoft Surface Mouse review, this is a low-profile, slim, and advanced design that looks amazing in any latest setup. However, the low profile form factor can make it unreliable after using it for long, unless you have small hands.

So, is it okay to buy the Surface Mobile Mouse? In terms of price, it is worth enough as it is a go with the flow mouse that you can carry while traveling. If you run out of cash to splatter out on a Surface Arc Mouse, the Surface Mobile Mouse is the next better option. However, you may not prefer buying it for use at home or office as a primary mouse. Well, it depends and varies from person to person.

a). Aesthetics and Buttons

The Microsoft Surface Mouse review shows that it is accessible in sapphire blue, claret, and platinum. The diverse color plan matches the new color plates used for the Surface Go and Surface Pro Signature devices. And they come as the similar single-toned and lively colors Microsoft has been using on the product lines for at least the past decade.

b). Upper Side

The upper side of the Surface Mobile Mouse is as moderate as the external aesthetic suggests. This mouse has a left/right click with a scroll wheel. When flipping to the bottom side, you will see it is as basic as the upper side. A single power button is there, which doubles as a pairing button. It lets you connect with the Surface. You can switch between pairing and power depending on how long you can hold the button.

c). Bottom Side

About the bottom of the Surface Mouse, you need to remember another thing: the absence of sticky pads. It keeps the bottom side cleaner and extensive for longer use. Finally, you will observe a huge blue sensor that most likely looks nothing like any mouse you have ever seen before.

d). Sensor Accuracy

What about the blue sensor? With the Surface Mobile Mouse, Microsoft breaks out all the new BlueTrack Technology that lets you function on any surface. By using a remarkably huge blue light source, it works. Usually, it offers a stronger disparity between the surface that it is scanning and the images taken by the optical sensor.

Overall, optical sensors usually are quite good, and they have to face some simple limitations. For instance, if they are placed on improper surfaces for reading, you will notice a hitch as your mouse pointer shakes and trembles its way all over the screen.

The BlueTrack Technology used in this device lets Microsoft develop a simple sensor and turn it into something extremely accurate and far more capable of being used on various physical surfaces. Do you know that the blue sensor is four times bigger than the sensor you may find in an identical mouse? However, high quantities of blue light are vital for a trick of Microsoft to be effective.

e). Connectivity

For the Surface Mobile Mouse, the only way is Bluetooth. It is awesome because you don't have to tangle with wires or USB dongles. But, on the other hand, all you need is just one connectivity option.

The mouse is designed to connect to the Surface Mobile Mouse with Bluetooth. There is no profound problem with the design; however, the control is considered worthy enough for anyone who anticipates adapting their tools for use on more than one kind of PC.

Similarly, adding a wired cable would be a striking feature to have. Microsoft Surface Mouse review shows that you need to keep connectivity features in mind. Soo, to use this mouse on your device, the host device must support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

f). Comfort & Ergonomics

If there is no element of comfort, there is no use of an ultra-special mouse with plenty of other features. The Surface mouse keeps the natural feel as if a standard mouse has by relatively keeping the proportion of a regular mouse. Because of the low-profile design, it manages to be handy in large part that lets you slip the Surface mouse into bags, pockets, or even carry it while traveling.

This extraordinary mouse is compatible with both small and large hand users. It has an extremely portable and unique design. This mouse will give you an entirely natural feel to your hand; the scrolling wheel has smooth rolling with your finger. Its low-profile design allows you to hold it with a claw grip. Undoubtedly, it depends on how you would grip the mouse; you will drag fingers together with the edges of the flat surfaces you are using.

Though the sensor does not need you to carry a mouse pad with you like the edges of your finger can ride along the bottom of the mouse. So you would not need to use a mouse pad for some surfaces. However, the choice is yours, whether you need a mouse pad or not.

  • Pros
  • Sensible Sensor.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Clicky Buttons.
  • Advanced Software.
  • Adjustable wheel for a smooth, natural scrolling
  • Cons
  • Expensive.
  • Straggle.
  • Lack of extra features.
  • A low-profile design can be uncomfortable.
  • Non-rechargeable battery system.

Microsoft Surface Mouse Vs. Surface Arc Mouse

These two are both great mice with incredible features. However, they're not similar, so let's compare the two.

a). Built

The surface arc mouse and the Microsoft surface mouse are designed beautifully, with the latter featuring a more traditional mouse-like size and shape. In addition, it contains right and left click buttons on the front and a metal scroll wheel in the middle that is cool to the touch and has a little grating on it to make scrolling less slippery.

On the other hand, the Surface Arc Mouse is a mouse with a highly distinctive design. It has Microsoft's unique Arch design, which makes it extremely thin and travel-friendly. In addition, instead of dedicated right and left click buttons, the Surface Arc Touch Mouse has a single plastic touchpad on the front of the device, which also means it lacks a real scroll wheel.

You can easily scroll with one or two fingers on the Surface Arc Mouse, just like you would on a standard touchpad. The touchpad is a click surface; thus, if you want to right or left click, simply press down on the touch pad's right or left side, and the click will activate.

b). Usage

The surface mouse is comfortable to use and fits in hands pretty well. You can use it more often, even daily and not get sore fingers. The wheel lets you have smooth, comfortable scrolling. The arc mouse features a unique design that does not let you space your fingers evenly. This may make you grip the mouse's underside and may cause cramps. However, this is dependent on the way you hold the mouse.

c). Battery

The Mobile mouse has incredible battery life. It will last around a year on a single charge. In addition, instead of charging the mouse, it contains batteries. As a result, you won't have to keep charging the mouse all the time.

The Microsoft surface arc mouse is powered by two AAA batteries and has six-month battery life. You may, however, have it for far over a year. As a result, we can conclude that battery life is superb.

Over to You

Over to you really, a wise addition to your computer accessories is the Microsoft Surface Mobile mouse. You can be more productive if you have a mouse of this caliber. It is undoubtedly expensive, but it is worthy enough to buy it. The great design and quality will give you a smooth working experience and splendid responsiveness when using several surfaces.