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Do you know anything about the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse? It appears to be the best combination of Bluetooth devices that we are going to review. We were snooping to test this device and compiling a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse review. Let’s have a look at if this new hybrid is a good option for tablet or laptop users. Find out if it is a good choice for you or not:

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Review: Who Can Use This Mouse?

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Review

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (Black)
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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (Black)
  • Flexible Design
  • Touch to Scroll
  • BlueTrack Technology
  • Perfectly Portable

It is suitable for those who fall in the below categories:

  • People who need an awesome looking device and can easily pay for it.
  • People who want the best feasible portability from their mouse can also use this device.
  • Those who use Windows 10 devices like tablets and laptops can also use it.


For left as well as right-hand users, this symmetrical arc design is a highly compatible wireless mouse. This shape is the most perceptible because of its plane and low height, as well as its curved edges. The Arc Touch is the ideal companion for high standard gloss laptops with currently fashionable high gloss surfaces.

When we talk about the approved materials, Microsoft exclusively has opted for plastics and rubber surfaces. In grippy rubber, the pliable rear end is fully clad that gives a sense of high quality. According to the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse review, you will experience an extremely nice expression with the touch-sensitive surface. Even you can underscore it with the tactual feedback. Both of the high gloss buttons on the mouse are not relatively as impressive as according to the opinion.

When it comes to the manufacturing quality of the tested device, it does not show any complaints. You cannot warp or squeak the mouse when subjected to pressure. For power, on the device, the twisting gives a reliable and long-lasting impression.


The Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse review explains the features in-depth. The twisting to power on together with the touch scroll strip stand out is more important than everything else. Both of them are evaded in the name with Touch and Arc.

By twisting the rear end, the mouse can be switched on. With a simply noticeable clicking, you can manifest it. You can have a high-quality impression with the mechanics, and this feature is more transportable as well.

The storage of a small USB receiver can be attained by using the magnetic bottom surface without obscurity. Microsoft can solve it is an excellent manner. And the only hitch that other USB sticks can get attached to the mouse from time to time.

The actual highlight of the Arc Touch wireless mouse is the small touch-sensitive strip when it comes to using it. The classical mouse wheel replaces it with a sensitive surface, for instance, Notebook touchpads.

An Important Highlight: In order to activate a small rumble motor, you can use it inside that can provide tactual feedback. With a sensitive surface, you can have inertial scrolling by swinging all over with a finger, as it is already familiar from the Magic Mouse.

With this function, you can have lots more success, and it also lets you scroll flawlessly as with the generously turning mouse wheel on the anywhere MX. Furthermore, it could be feasible as well by taping the suitable end of the strip to scroll a page at a time.

To function as another configurable button, you can use tap the middle touch-sensitive twice. Therefore the touch-sensitive strip is not only a space-saving substitute to the mouse wheel but also has a multi-functional worth.

The sensor used in the Microsoft is a 1000 DPI BlueTrack sensor. The Microsoft Arc Mouse review shows that it tested with Linux and Mac OS X without any issues. For the configuration of the buttons, an individual driver is not provided by Microsoft.


A specific liking to the scrollbar is coming from day to day, which makes to explore the long sites more convenient because of the inertial scrolling. From the integrated motor, the feedback is really functional.

In this device, while testing, the precision was extremely good. By touching the ends of the scrollbar, the turning of pages did not always work smoothly. It gets missed most frequently while using it without looking. In order to hit appropriately, you need the middle double click.

The BlueTrack sensor makes a little disappointed while reviewing the product. The wireless connection of 2.4 GHz worked well without making any problems at a distance of 8 meters. For n HTPC, it must be enough as a remote control.

In hand, the bent shape might hold well; however, it does not offer any place to put the little finger. After the long usage of the mouse, because of lacking space for the little finger, we reached back for a full-sized desktop mouse. It should not prove to be a hurdle though for a short term mobile usage.

Of the two long pads, the drifting properties are also standard, and the two devoted mouse buttons could not persuade the user thoroughly. These buttons only work in the front area and cannot carry on with the first-rate scroll surface.

The Competition

The Anywhere MX provides an optional scroll wheel that lets you have an easy and fast scrolling. However, it can be a little bit heavy that you can pick up more room in a bag. The tireless use and the sensor performance clearly favor the Anywhere MX, though.

The manufacturer Speedlink with the Cue comes up with the bigger competition. With the addition of a multi-touch touchpad, this mouse has more than you think. The Microsoft Arc Touch Wireless mouse review predicts that it is hugely mobile because of its lightweight and small size. However, the driver does not provide for inertial scrolling that offers more enhanced surfing of the web.

How Long It Will Last?

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse review shows that it feels lots more long-lasting than it appears. You need some real power to break it, and the flex on or off mechanism seems sturdy enough. In the first three years, if it stops working, Microsoft will definitely replace it. With $40, a three-year lifetime is not a small deal.


A three-year limited warranty is provided by the official manufacturers along with the replacement policy of the Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse.

Should I Buy It?

Yes, of course!

It is worth buying this mouse and if you are a traveler, then don’t think twice and go for it. In case, if you don’t like pocking a tablet screen all the time with your fingers and you want something really light-weight and easy to hold around, the Microsoft Arc Mouse will serve well. You can easily use or pair it. Even you don’t need to take up an expensive USB port.

  • Pros
  • Ultra-light, thin and compact
  • Easy to use and pair
  • Three-year warranty with replacement
  • Customizable buttons with scroll strip
  • The thickness of half an inch when you powered off
  • Amazing design
  • Super convenient and portable
  • Vibrating feedback with touch scroll
  • Does not need a wireless dongle
  • Cons
  • No horizontal scrolling
  • Accuracy seems off sometimes
  • Right and left buttons take time to get used to
  • Somewhat pricey
  • No button for browsing
  • Black rubber part gets dusty
  • Touch strip can be somewhat finicky

Final Verdict

Most likely, the best travel mouse that you can get is the Microsoft Arc Bluetooth Mouse if you need a compact and fuss-free setup. It has outstanding design and colors that build quality amazingly. This design is the updation of the original Arc Touch Mouse SE as it is more elegant, cleaner, and smoother looking.

The overall experience is more significant than you ever think about it.