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While buying a laptop or PC, most of the people never think too much about the peripherals such as a mouse. People don’t spend lots of money as they never take it seriously using the best mouse or keyboard. It is because they think of the mouse as just to point, scroll or click on the screen. For this purpose, we do not need lots of buttons.

Logitech MX Master Review enables you to find the best solution to perform all the tasks with one device.

Logitech MX Master Review

Some of the mice are specially designed for hardcore gamers and other professional graphic designers also use it. It is a fact that Logitech MX Master is the best-selling mouse of Logitech, all the time. This best wireless mouse has the most amazing functional design, which enables you to increase your productivity level.

Logitech MX Master Review also gives you quick information about the design and style of the mouse. It has a very fine finishing and loads of features that will blow your mind. You definitely would have never thought about the features, which are explained in the Logitech MX Master review. Once you have started using this mouse you will be in love with this mouse.

Logitech MX Master Review

What is Logitech MX Master?

The MX Master of Logitech is the up to date flagship mouse. This mouse has a spec sheet that is not long more than you think of it. Logitech MX Master Review describes that it has an eye-catching as well as comfortable design. With this mouse, you will experience a smart speed-adaptive scroll wheel, which shows the ability to connect with three distinctive devices at a time with a thumbwheel.


Logitech MX Mouse is an outstanding mouse, which has a great look. This mouse brings together the soft and gentle surface and curved edges. The design of this mouse is just like a classic one, which increases on an extra piece of plastic that sticks out from the left side of the base. You can clearly see a mixture of metallic gold and matte black eye-catching look.

Logitech MX Master Review has already revealed the fact that MX Master Mouse is the most appealing mouse than any other. The top of the mouse is entirely black; you can see the main left and right buttons along with the scroll wheel. A small square button, which is called “manual shift” controls the wheel, at the center of the mouse.

The left side of the MX Master is far more unusual. There is a thumb wheel towards the top of the mouse, which has a pair of long, sharp buttons located with it. These buttons look like arrowheads. Under these featured buttons, there is a textured thumb rest. This thumb rest doubles up as a “gesture” button. Three LED lights are also present with this button, which shows the battery life.

To switch on/off, there is the power switch situated under the mouse. Not only power switch but there are also connecting buttons, Darkfield sensor and a circular key imprinted by the numbers 1, 2 and 3. This is the “Easy-Switch” control, which is used to shift up to three paired devices at a time with just a push of a single button. There is a Micro USB port available on the front side of the mouse, which can be used for charging.

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Logitech MX Master Ergonomic Design

Logitech MX Master Review

When you are using a poor device, you may have to face a decrease in your performance and lots of other issues. In the worst conditions, you may notice injuries or pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. Logitech MX Master review clearly shows the best features of the mouse, which can never put you in trouble. Yet, the main focus of the Logitech MX Mouse is on the ergonomic design. The dramatic shape of this mouse makes it limited to the right-handed users only.


You may feel it large to some extent as compared to other mice in dimensions and, at 147g, it is very close to double the weight. Don’t think them as weaknesses, all these strengths make the Logitech MX Master more reliable. The larger frame can be finger-friendly. A smaller mouse needs you to grip like a claw, which can be awkward for some users. But this larger frame mouse has a very strong grip. You can easily rest your entire base of palm, which is not working.


All the controls are very well located and can be easily approached by anyone. Still, there are some issues with right and left buttons, which do not present enough resistance. This problem gets vanished after using this mouse within a week, but at first, you may feel it troublesome.

On the other hand, the gesture button is quite hard to press, which needs a little more thumb power to press. The Logitech MX Master review has covered another criticism and that is about the Easy-Switch button. The main purpose of the mouse is to switch quickly and easily from one device to another, but the button is located at the bottom of the mouse. It means that you have to flip over the mouse to use this function. All these things can never defeat the popularity of this mouse.

Logitech MX Master-Setup & Software

Logitech MX Master Review

When you want to connect any device, you may face difficulties at times. However, Logitech MX Master can connect up to three devices at a time, which is very convenient for everyone. Once you successfully connected with any device you only need to use the Easy-Switch button for shifting. You can pair your devices with the mouse by using the Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth.

Once your connection was successful all the blinking lights will stop and the selected number will remain progressively lit for five seconds. You can repeat this process on another channel for adding more devices.

Your process is completed here, but still, you cannot access the full features of the Master capabilities. To fully enjoy the features, you need to install Logitech Options. This software is easily available on Windows 7 or later, and OS X version 10.10 onwards.

You can use it for more features access, including reassigning button functions, enabling gestures and adjusting scrolling speed.

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Logitech MX Master-Features & Performance Logitech MX Master Review

Logitech MX Master review already releases the fact that MX Master is fully loaded with lots of easy to use features. You can connect up to three devices at a time with this mouse, which also includes the tablets. The connection is successfully done with the Unifying Receiver or Bluetooth. There is no extra function to perform while connecting, as it is a straightforward method, which takes only a few seconds. When you press the switching button you can shift from one device to another, which really helps those who use multiple screens.

Bluetooth Range

The MX Master can work at the range of 10m (33ft), while it is common that Bluetooth rarely lost the connection at a much shorter distance than this.

Scroll Wheel

A speed-adaptive scroll wheel is an incredible feature, which allows you to scroll up and down with different speeds. Click-to-click and hyperfast are two main modes of this function. You can simply enable the hyperfast mode by turning the wheel quickly or hitting the manual shift button. When you let the wheel turn smoothly and freely, you can attack your way down long pages.


The thumbwheel is also a great feature of the Logitech MX Master mouse, which allows you to scroll sideways simply. The two arrows like buttons next to the thumbwheel act as forward and back buttons. However most of people use arrow keys on the keyboard, so these buttons are less likely to use.

Gesture button can be used for switching applications and controlling music. Logitech MX Master review discusses the best features of the wireless mouse, which includes rechargeable capability by using the USB port on the front.

Battery Life

According to Logitech, a full battery will last up to 40 days, which is estimated based on six hours of use per day. Although these figures cannot confirm, still a third of its battery left after heavy use around two weeks. The LED lights on the left side indicate the battery life. There are three greens, which show high power, two greens show 33-66%, one green is for 10-33%, and when red light in on, it means that you need to be alert for charging.

Darkfield Laser Tracking Technology

Luckily, Logitech MX Master will not leave anything for you to be desired. Logitech uses Darkfield Laser Tracking technology, which allows you to perform perfectly on a tricky glass surface. MX Master can register speed easily up to 1600DPI, which is good, and the bottom limit is 400DPI.

Logitech MX Master Price

Yes, all the best packages come with a price. Logitech MX Mouse review makes it known to the public that it is pricey. But never get the price on your nerves, because once you use this mouse you will forget the price. This mouse is great in the functioning and in delivering almost perfect performance.

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  • Super fast speed.
  • Extra performance.
  • Smart ‘Easy-Switch’ functions.
  • Speed-adaptive scroll wheel.



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#DC143C” radius=”4″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#DC143C”]

  • Costly.
  • Bluetooth issues sometimes occur.


Shall I Buy Logitech MX Master?

The Logitech MX Master review helps you out in knowing the facts about the wireless mouse. The MX Master is a lovely mouse, which delivers all the necessary features. It works flawlessly, apart from some Bluetooth connectivity issues. It is fully packed to the top of handy qualities and comfortable to use over long terms. It is pricey but perfect also. You will love it once you are fully trained to use it. Keep on updating and never stop at a single line!

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