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If you were waiting for a trackball mouse from Logitech, then your wait is over. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless review is going to reveal all the best features of this MX ergo wireless trackball mouse.


Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Review


Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse Adjustable Ergonomic Design, Control...
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Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse Adjustable Ergonomic Design, Control...
  • Ergonomic sculpted design - unique adjustable hinge allows you to customize the...
  • Cross-computer control- game-changing capacity to navigate seamlessly on 2...
  • Dual connectivity- use with up to 3 Windows or Mac computers via included...
  • Rechargeable battery- up to 70 days of power on a single charge; Nominal value :...

The release of the Logitech MX Ergo was wonderful news for the trackball lovers. Logitech has made an interesting history of making a trackball mouse for the fans. Each model is unique and has extra versatile features. Since the early 1990s, Logitech mouse production is continuously in the process, but recently Logitech has a short pause in the release of peripherals. It is a fact that Logitech MX Ergo is the best wireless mouse.

Since 2002, Logitech has not released any wired trackball mouse. They released the TrackMan Wheel and TrackMan Marble models in 2002. Logitech has released its last wireless trackball mouse in 2010, which was M570. The MX Ergo has little big boots, which are used to fill both features and consumer expectations.

The Hardware: Style, Accuracy and Ergonomic Design

Logitech MX Ergo wireless review explains all the basic and advanced features in detail. When you compare the trackballs released in the past, with the MX Ergo mouse, you will notice the MX Ergo is a unique model. MX Ergo wireless mouse has a really modest design, which has a grey-on-grey color plan. The basic design of MX Ergo wireless has the general design of TrackMan Wheel Optical, the M570, and the MX Ergo. You must have noticed that MX Ergo wireless mouse looks wider and a little sturdy from the base to the main buttons.

Comfortable Grip

The wider looks basically have an advantage of a more comfortable grip for the users. You will feel much better on MX Ergo wireless mouse as compared to older models. Logitech MX Ergo wireless review discusses all the details about comparisons and variations in the mouse. But there is a major difference of the trackball body of the Ergo.

It is so comfortable within the body of the Ergo. The trackball in the MX Ergo has exactly the same size as the trackball in the M570. The easiness of hollow space in the balls sits in and that’s why the ball is much tighter. It might be a plus point for MX Ergo wireless mouse users but as time passes, it can be shown as less substance in the gap and less cleaning.

Comfort Tilting

Logitech MX Ergo wireless review enables you to find the best characteristics of the mouse. A one-sided and tilt-adjustable base of the MX Ergo mouse gives the most important design factor. You can have full control over the mouse with the help of a tilt-adjustable base. This mouse can be easily used with a flat 0-degree point.

The mouse can also be used by strong pressing down on the right-hand side of it with up to 20 degrees. When you want to set a more neutral hand and forearm direction on the mouse you need to set it on 20 degrees. Once you are comfortable with the tilted position of the Ergo, it is certain that you will never put it flat again.

Extra Wedges

There is another version of the mouse, which is available on directly Logitech or Best Buy. Another version is called the MX Ergo Plus, which has extra wedges. These wedges can be used to place them under the base plate for the vertical angle. People who are continuously suffering from arthritis or repetitive stress injuries will surely get relief once they use MX Ergo mouse. Because it has another extra wedge of 10 degrees tilt, which is really helpful.

Trackball Mouse

The smoothness and comfortable design of the mouse is well-matched with a trackball mouse. Typical mice need to change the whole way of functioning, but it is not like that. When you need to change the angle of the trackball you are not required to change how you use it. You need to learn the mouse usage procedure that simply is not suited for a trackball.

Vertically-oriented design of mouse that holds typical design for tracking movements needs you to learn the new method of how to use a mouse that does not hurt you in any way. You can control the ball movements with your thumb when it is in a flat position. But you still can use the ball with your thumb when it is in a vertical direction.

Improve the Accuracy

Logitech MX Ergo wireless review is an extra guide for the newcomers on Logitech peripherals. The trackball in the mouse works exactly according to the demands of expert trackball users. It has a small button next to the trackball, which can be used for the high-precision mode.

If you want to control the ball movements over a smaller area, you can click on this button. Because high-precision mode decreases the ball-to-cursor movement at just the hardware level, which is perfect for critical areas.

Switch Among Systems with a Click

A standard mouse interface essentials include the left and right buttons with a scroll wheel. But MX Ergo mouse has three extra buttons with extra functioning. In the center of the mouse under the scroll wheel, you will see a small “Easy Switch” button, which allows you to switch between two systems very easily.

The best thing about the switching button is that it is entirely based on hardware, and you can use the tools easily. When you want to configure your Ergo mouse to connect with both desktop and laptop computers you can use the switching mechanism. You can use both Bluetooth and Logitech’s USB dongle based “Unifying Receiver” for connecting with computers and laptops. You can easily plug-in USB dongle with your desktop PC and for pairing, you can use Bluetooth. It is all beyond just one click to switch among two systems.

There are two more buttons, which are located on the right side of the mouse. These buttons do back and forward functioning keys for web browsing. But you can customize it through optional control software.

Software: Customization and Integration

Hardware one-click solution is great when discussing the software because the hardware button is not required with the MX Ergo mouse. Even if you are using the two computers simultaneously on the same network, you don’t have to bother.

The civility of the Logitech’s Options software allows you to customize your mouse settings and use your mouse across two distinctive computers. Options software is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Mouse settings include configurations of the two small back up mouse buttons on a per-application basis. The mouse can be used across two different computers for sending folders, files, and copy-pasting.

Logitech Flow System

The Logitech MX Ergo wireless review discusses another feature, which is a Logitech Flow system. There is nothing new with it but it was launched with the general MX mouse and keyboard line. Flow system allows you to easily copy files to flash drives, emailing files to yourself, text transferring, sharing of files to the local directories.

Minor Issues

Logitech MX Ergo wireless review not only discusses the features and plus points, but it also explains the complaints about the mouse. It is a fact that MX Ergo has no important complaints because it is perfect for everyone.  This Logitech MX Ergo wireless review is based on the most users’ points of view.

It is considered as heavy to some users. But don’t take as a negative point because most of the people love this heavy feature because it allows them to have a stronger grip on the mouse. The extra weight gives a nice feel and stability. It is considered heavy for some users as compare to M570, which is 259 g versus 142 g respectively.


A large lithium battery in the Ergo mouse is the reason for extra weight. As M570 has AA batteries, but the Ergo needs occasional charging. The charging port is located at the bottom. A micro-USB cable is used for charging the Ergo MX mouse. This mouse is only available for right-hand users and doesn’t have a single model for left-hand users. Left-hand users can experience the Logitech Trackman Marble mouse.

You can easily get months out of a single charge with the MX Ergo. Logitech MX Ergo wireless review shows the best power consumption comparison between M570 and MX Ergo. Logitech reveals that a single minute charging is equal to a day of use. Updated hardware and demands placed on the device does not find the low battery life as compared to M570. So MX Ergo does not have any other issues.

  • Pros
  • Outstanding ergonomics.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Precise trackball.
  • Easy to switch between computers.
  • Plenty of additional buttons.
  • Windows and macOS users can customize buttons.
  • Cons
  • Expensive for some.
  • A Little bit heavy for mobile use.
  • No left-handed version.
  • Micro USB rather than USB-C charging.
  • Tilt options are finite.

Final Thoughts

It is up to you, whether you choose to buy Logitech MX Ergo Mouse or not. After reading an in-depth review you will understand all the features and functions. Logitech MX Master is another great product available for you with a detailed review.