HP Pavilion 21.5 Monitor Review



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It's no surprise that when it comes to top-tier computer monitors, HP are legit the gods, and the HP Pavilion is definitely up there with the best. The specs are solid, the screen quality is ideal, and the price tag makes this the perfect choice for gamers on a budget looking to add to their gaming setup. You might be surprised to learn that this monitor was launched 3 years! Don't fear though, It still works, and you just have to take a look at the reviews out there to see why Pavilion monitor is flying off the shelves every single day.


HP Pavilion 21.5 Screen Quality

There are quite a few different unique features on the Pavilion that add to the screen quality like the Anti Glare feature for instance. This deflects any sunlight shining onto the monitor and manages retains the high-quality image. This will be good for people who like to game during the day. You also get access to HP's bespoke Enhance plus feature that works to get rid of overexposure. This monitor comes in full HD, the contrast ratio is 8 million to 1. The response time is 7 mili seconds which might sound fast, but if you are a pro gamer, you might actually notice that this isn't great and to add to that there are a lot of other monitors in the same price range as the pavilion monitor with a 5 mili second response time. The thing is though if you are just gaming for fun you probably won't notice any kind of difference and it still is fast.

HP Pavilion 21.5 Design

This Pavilion monitor boasts a 21.5 inch sized screen and while that isn't the biggest size out there, for the price that it definitely is one of the biggest you will find. Because of the price tag as well it is actually still a bargain to buy two of these monitors and create a sick duel setup. As well as that it has a great panel that has interesting technology that allows you to watch whatever the screen from multiple angles meaning you don't have to look at straight on and if you it's at a low angle to your eyes and you are looking down then you will still be able to see everything perfectly clearly. Moving on from what you can see on the screen, underneath it you get a couple of buttons that you can use to adjust some screen setting and then, of course, there is the power button. If you wish, then you can also get the monitor in an either black or white as well.

In Conclusion

This is a great budget monitor that is so cheap you can buy two of them and still be under budget. I think that this monitor does a great job for gamers and the screen quality is more than good enough. If you are a pro gamer or looking to go pro, then you should expect to increase your budget and look for something at the top end. If you want to save some money and just have a great time gaming, then get this monitor. There are no fancy automatic bright features, and the mount might feel a bit flimsy but all in all, I can really find a lot of faults with this monitor.