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Welcome to our blog post! Ever wanted a hassle-free way of taking a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop? We’ve got you covered! From the basics to more advanced techniques, our guide will help you capture screen images in no time. So let’s get started and learn how to screenshot on a Lenovo laptop today!



Screenshots are an invaluable tool when it comes to troubleshooting or sharing information with friends, family and colleagues. Luckily, taking a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop couldn’t be easier! This guide will explain each of the common ways to take and save screenshots on any Lenovo laptop running Windows 10, as well as other useful information like copy-and-paste keyboard shortcuts and simple image editing. By the end of this guide, you’ll be taking screenshots with ease!

Benefits of Taking Screenshots on Lenovo Laptop

Taking a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop is an easy process that can be useful in a number of situations. Whether you’re troubleshooting an issue, creating a tutorial or demo, or just want to capture something that’s happening on your laptop, screenshots are invaluable.

There are several benefits to using screenshots instead of other methods like recording the screen: they’re easier to capture and more efficient to use. Using screenshots also allows you to quickly and easily share content with others without having to explain yourself through text. Additionally, screenshots are useful for capturing images or lists that might otherwise be difficult to reproduce if you need a physical record for later use.

Lenovo laptops feature an easy-to-use screenshot tool called Snipping Tool that simplifies capturing what’s currently displayed on the screen. There is also an option for taking full-screen screenshots within the Windows OS itself and various third-party programs available if you need more options or customization when taking your screenshots. With these straightforward steps, taking and sharing screenshots from your Lenovo laptop has never been easier!

Different Ways to Take Screenshots on Lenovo Laptop

Taking screenshots on a Lenovo laptop is easy, and you have several options available to quickly capture images and video of what you’re seeing on your laptop’s screen. Depending on specific model or software preloaded, the screenshot experience may slightly differ, but here are a few methods you can use to take screenshots on your Lenovo laptop.

-Using Keyboard Shortcuts: One of the easiest and fastest ways to take screenshots is by using keyboard shortcuts. On most laptops, these are Fn+Prnt Scrn (Function + Print Screen) or Ctrl+ Prnt Scrn (Control +Print Screen). The shortcut can capture an image of the entire screen and save it in a designated folder.

-Using Snipping Tool: Found in most Windows computers, the Snipping Tool allows you to take selections from the screen. To do this: Open “Snipping Tool” from Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool; select either Free-Form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip or Full-screen Snip; take snips of your desired area or window; save them as PNG/ JPEG/ GIF files in designated folder.

-Using Chrome’s extension “Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder”: This free app allows users to grab entire web pages quickly and save them as PNG files or edit them before saving them into designated folders in various formats such as JPEG/PNG/PDF etc. To do this: install “Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder” from Google webstore; view scrollable webpages; press “Ctrl+V” for full webpage capture; then choose Options icon for more image editing features such as cropping etc.; lastly press “Discard” if no further edits required and proceed to export desired file format into designated folders.

How to Capture Full-Screen Screenshots on Lenovo Laptop

Capturing screenshots on a Lenovo laptop is relatively simple, regardless of what operating system you are using. You can easily capture the entire screen and save it as an image file, or copy it to the clipboard and paste it into another program. This tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions on how you can take full-screen screenshots from your Lenovo laptop, no matter which operating system you may be running.

Windows Operating Systems:

  • On your keyboard, press the ‘Print Screen’ key (often labeled as ‘PrtScn ’ or ‘Prt Sc’). Doing this will capture a screenshot of your entire display.
  • Open up any image editing program (such as Microsoft Office Paint) and paste the screenshot from the clipboard by either pressing Ctrl + V , or by choosing Edit > Paste from the top menu bar.
  • Once the image is pasted in Paint, save it in any format desired (such as JPEG, PNG or GIF).

Mac OS X Operating Systems:

  • On your keyboard press Command + Shift+ 3 simultaneously. Doing this will capture a screenshot of your entire display and save it to desktop as an image file with a filename like : “Screen shot 2020–08-23 at 8.45.05 AM”.
  • Repeat this process if you would like to take more screenshots..

How to Capture Screenshots of Specific Areas on Lenovo Laptop

Screenshots can be a great way to capture important information quickly and easily or to show someone else what you’re seeing on your screen. If you have a Lenovo laptop, taking a screenshot isn’t hard and the result can be an image file stored in whatever folder you desire.

Using the Snipping Tool: One of the easiest ways to take screenshots of certain portions of your screen is by using the Snipping Tool that is provided on all Windows computers. To use it, simply click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool. The tool will open which will allow you to select and modify (annotate, save, copy) the area of your screen that you want to capture as an image.

Using Keyboard shortcuts: Another way to quickly take screenshots on Lenovo laptops is with keyboard shortcuts. There are two common shortcut combinations for capturing screenshots on Windows computers: for partial screenshots press “Windows Key+ Shift+ S”; for full-screen screenshots press “Windows Key + PrtScn”. After pressing either combination, depending on which one used, open Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint) and paste the screenshot into there either by pressing Ctrl+V or through Edit>Paste command in menu located at top left corner of Paint window. From here, you can make any modifications you may need before saving your capture as an image file in any location on your computer.

How to Take Screenshots of Active Windows on Lenovo Laptop

Windows computers, including those made by Lenovo, have a built-in utility that allows you to easily take screenshots of whatever is on your screen. With the Snipping Tool, you are able to capture any open window on your laptop — whether it be a social media page or document — and save it as an image file. Taking screenshots with the tool is simple and can be done following these steps:

  1. Locate and open the Snipping Tool utility. It can usually be found in the “Accessories” folder within the Start Menu or search for “Snipping Tool” in Windows search bar.
  2. Choose which type of screenshot from the Mode menu — Free-form, Rectangular, Window or Full-screen. Depending on your selection, your mouse cursor will change accordingly to indicate you’re ready to start snipping windows on your Lenovo laptop.
  3. Click and drag your mouse cursor across the window you wish to take a screenshot of; when it highlights blue (or whichever color chosen) release left click and move away from selection area with mouse cursor to finish selected area OR press ‘Enter’ key if intending to take full screen snip only.
  4. You should then see a preview of what has been selected appear along with options such as copy, save snip etc., at the top of the Snipping Tool window; click “Save” if you want to save it as an image file for future use or reference; alternatively select “Copy” if planning to paste picture onto another program such as Word document/Power Point presentations etc..

How to Edit Screenshots on Lenovo Laptop

For taking a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop, the process is quite simple. Press the “Print Screen” (Prt Sc) button on the laptop keyboard to capture a screenshot of your entire screen. You can find this button either near the top right corner of your keyboard or at the very top of your keyboard in between F12 and Scroll Lock keys.

Once you have captured your screenshot, you need to know how to edit and save it as an image file. You can edit screenshots on Lenovo laptops using Microsoft Paint or other image editing software. Here are some steps to help guide you through editing a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop:

  1. Open Microsoft Paint: To open Microsoft Paint, simply go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint.
  2. Copy the screenshot: Once Paint has opened, press Control + V on your keyboard and the captured screenshot will appear in the application window as an unformatted image.
  3. Add graphical elements: Now that you have imported your screen shot into Paint, you can begin to add graphical elements such as circles, lines, arrows and text boxes. This will help create more emphasis for specific points within your screen shot that may require clarification, or just make it look more visually appealing.
  4. Crop / Resize : If desired, you can crop part of your screen shot by selecting an area with your mouse cursor and pressing Control + X (or Cut). You can also use Control + W (or Resize) when right-clicking over an area of the image to change its dimensions or position it in a different manner..
  5. Save it!: When finished editing yourscreen shot within Microsoft Paint, select File -> Save As from menu bar above and then choose where it should be saved and under what format (e.g., JPEG).


Taking a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop is an easy process. Pressing the CTRL+Print Screen shortcut key combination captures the current screen image and saves it to the computer’s clipboard. You can then paste the image into a document or image editor for additional editing and formatting. Additionally, many laptops have dedicated hotkeys that allow you to take screenshots quickly and easily with no additional software needed. With these methods, you will be able to quickly capture anything on your desktop as long as you have your Lenovo laptop handy.