Discord is a digital platform that offers instant messaging and allows users to interact via video call, voice call, and video chat while sending media. These interactions take place on private chats or on servers where people communicate with their friends and communities. Now, the discord app comes with a screen sharing feature, and it's important to learn how to screenshare on Discord.

In this post, we'll discuss the Discord screen share feature and how to use it. Let's get started!

What is the Discord Screen Share Feature?

Discord has become popular, with tens of millions of users interacting on the platform. The main reason for this is that games like Fortnite use servers for in-game communication, which is completely free.

The Discord screen share function adds to this appeal by allowing users to share their entire screen while using the app. This means the contents of your screen can be shared with the devices of other Discord users. You can screen share a selected window or an entire screen, depending on what you want.

Going forward, we'll look at how to screenshare on Discord using your PC or mobile devices.

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How to Share Your Screen on Discord PC

To screen share on Discord using your PC, you'll need to do it in direct messages or voice channels. Let's look at each in detail below.

1. Screen Share On Discord Voice Channel

Here are the steps to follow to screen share using the voice channel.

  1. First, you'll need to join a voice channel where you can screen share to a Discord server. Keep in mind that the text channels don't have screen-sharing functionality.

  2. Next, click the "Screen" icon at the bottom left corner to initiate the screen sharing.

  3. You'll have to decide whether you want to share an application window or the entire screen. Click on the app window under the "Applications" section to share the specific screen you want others to see. This will ensure none of the contents outside that window are shared on Discord. To share a full screen, you should select it from the "Screens" tab.

Note: If your game doesn't appear in the "Applications" tab, you'll need to add it manually. To do this, go to "Discord Settings - Activity Status" and select "Add it" You'll see a list of games where you can select the one you want. However, if the game detection doesn't recognize your game, you can stream it with Discord.

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  1. Once you choose your window, you can change the stream quality settings to customize your frame rate and resolution. You can adjust these settings by selecting another streaming app or channel.

Finally, click the "Go Live" button, and that's it! Your screen will be shared on Discord.

2. Screen Sharing on Direct Messages (DM)

You can also screen share on your PC in DM using voice or video call. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Start a video or voice call with another person in DM.

  2. Once the call connects, select the "Share Your Screen" button.

  3. Then, choose the screen or app window you want to share and adjust the stream quality settings.

  4. Lastly, click the "Go Live" button, and there you have it!

How to Share Your Screen on Discord on Mobile Devices

The Discord screenshare feature works on both Android devices and IOS devices. It might be worth noting that there are apps that won't screen share on Discord, like Netflix and Spotify, since they don't support screen sharing. Nevertheless, screen sharing on Discord using your phone is pretty easy, as you'll see below.

How to Share Your Screen in Voice Channel

You can share your screen in the voice channel on the Discord mobile app using the following steps:

  1. Start the Discord app and select the voice channel where you intend to share your screen.

  2. Join the voice channel by tapping the "Join Voice" button at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Once you see the "Share Screen" button at the bottom of the voice status panel, tap it. You'll notice another confirmation screen with a "Start Now" button if you are using an Android device or "Start Broadcast" on an iPhone. Tap the button.

  4. Then minimize the Discord mobile app, and you'll be sharing anything that's on your screen. Open the game or app you want to share, and the other users will see it.

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Screen Sharing in DM

The steps for sharing your screen in DM are also straightforward. All you need to do is:

  1. Start a video call or voice call with another user and select "Share Screen" in the toolbar at the bottom. If you can't see the toolbar, swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and it'll appear.

  2. Tap the "Share Screen" button, and anything on your smartphone screen will be on display.

Bonus Tips on the Screen Sharing Feature on PC

The Discord screen share feature offers more than you can see at face value. If you want to learn how to manage your screen sharing, here are some tips.

1. Audio Sharing on Discord

To screen share an application with audio on Discord, open the Discord app and choose the application window you want to share. Audio sharing isn't possible when screen sharing an entire screen, so you should use an application window.

If the volume is low, you can increase it from your device to make it more audible to the other users. Other than Discord, Windows, and Chrome browser, certain apps, operating systems and browsers can't support audio sharing.

2. Enabling Your Video as You Stream

You can enable your video while streaming by clicking the video camera icon at the bottom of your screen. For those with multiple cameras on the PC, you can choose a different camera by clicking on the arrow under the video icon.

3. Change Windows and Stream Quality

You might want to change the screen you are sharing as you stream. Fortunately, you don't have to begin the process afresh since you can do so from the streaming menu. Click the "Change Windows" and select the new window for screen sharing.

Additionally, you can modify the streaming quality from the streaming menu by selecting the "Stream Quality" button.

4. Muting and Unmuting While Screen Sharing

If you are sharing your screen with audio, you probably need to mute yourself to avoid talking over the audio. Fortunately, it's easy to mute yourself since all you need to do is tap the Microphone button. When you are muted, you'll notice a red slash on the Microphone icon.

If you need to select an input or output device, you should click the arrow under the Microphone button. The "Push to Talk" function requires you to press the microphone button whenever you want to talk while streaming. On the other hand, "Voice Activity" will allow you to talk without unmuting.

For IOS devices, you'll need to enable the microphone separately for your voice to be heard. So, you'll need to long-press the "Screen Recording" button and touch the Microphone button once it appears.

5. Changing the Layout while Streaming

As you screen share, you can select how your viewers are displayed on the screen. You can select the Focus Layout or the Grid View, depending on your needs. The Focus view concentrates on the speaker's screen, while Grid View displays all the screens in the same size on the right side of your monitor.

Benefits of Screen Sharing

There are many benefits of screen sharing, and we'll discuss the main ones below.

1. Real-Time Collaboration on Documents

The first advantage of learning how to screenshare on Discord is that it'll provide the chance to collaborate with others in real-time. If you have important information to share with your team, you can display it on your screen, and everyone can pitch in without sending the documents individually.

It's almost as if you are all in the same room talking and discussing ideas. The screen share features can help your meeting by inspiring collaboration.

2. Higher Productivity

You can also use the discord screen share function to improve productivity in your meetings and calls. Generally, including visuals tends to increase engagement in virtual meetings. As such, you can make your interactions more lively and interesting by screen sharing.

Since sharing your screen allows viewers to see what you are doing, you can teach lessons or create tutorials as other users watch. This can lead to higher productivity in games, meetings, and other settings.

3.HEfficient Communication

It's hard to explain something to people using only words since the rest will be left up to their imagination. Fortunately, sharing your screen on Discord can help your team see exactly what you mean as you explain it. This ensures everyone is on the same page and understands the subject of discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I screen share on Discord?

If you are having trouble sharing your screen, you should try minimizing the app or game you are playing rather than sharing it on full screen.

2. How can I see who is watching my stream?

In order to see who is watching your screen share on Discord, press the yellow icon on the bottom left corner. This will let you see the spectators on your PC.

3. How to stop screen sharing?

To stop sharing your screen, press the "Screen Share" button. This, however, won't stop the call, so you'll need to press the red Disconnect button to stop streaming on PC. You can stop sharing on the Discord mobile apps by pressing "Stop Sharing."

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