Twitch's live streaming platform has millions of active users, including broadcasters and viewers. Therefore, if only 20% of the users started saving their broadcasts, Twitch would need more Twitch storage space to store so much of the data. This is why the "Save my past broadcasts" has been turned off by default, and this creates the question of how to save streams on Twitch!

However, anyone interested in saving their broadcasts can enable the option in the settings panel. Keep in mind that Twitch doesn't keep your streams and videos forever. Saving streams on Twitch is a straightforward process, and this guide will show you the best method to save twitch streams with ease.

How To Save Your Streams On Twitch

The VOD (Video on Demand) feature on the Twitch account is one of the essential aspects of the platform. VODs help Twitch users see streams that they might otherwise miss. For example, if a user cannot watch a scheduled live stream as it happens but still wants to catch up on what happened during the broadcast, then VODs make it possible.

It is quite easy to save your streams as VODs in Twitch, but it might seem like a daunting task for less experienced users. Twitch can automatically save your past broadcasts, but only if you manually enable the option in the VOD settings panel.

To enable, follow these steps:

1. Open Twitch using a browser and sign in to your Twitch account.

2. Click your Avatar, which is one the top-right corner of your screen. In the menu that will appear, select Creator Dashboard.

3. At this point, you should see the main panel with different settings relating to your Twitch account. Select Settings and the Stream from the dropdown menu on the left side.

4. In the VOD settings section, activate the Store past broadcasts option by turning on the switch, and that's it!

From now on, every time you end a live stream, Twitch will automatically save and store it in the form of a VOD. However, the Twitch VODs are not permanently stored on their servers.

Why Is It Important to Save and Use VODs?

As a Twitch streamer, your main goal is to build an audience of followers slowly and accomplish this, and you will need to make your content as accessible as possible.

This will allow your fans who can't watch your broadcasts as they happen not to feel left out. You can help them watch the Twitch videos later in the form of a VOD (Video On Demand).

Saving your past broadcasts is especially important if you are a streamer who mainly plays story-based games or produces content that needs to be viewed in sequential order.

As most Twitch streamers do, you can upload the VODs in an edited format if you have a Youtube account. This makes it easier for anyone who missed your past live streams to catch up with your content.

How To Locate Your Saved VODs On Twitch

After enabling the "Store your past broadcasts" option in the Creator dashboard, you probably wonder where you will find the actual VODs.

Follow the steps to find your Twitch Past Broadcast Videos. If you want to archive, re-upload or edit the content and you can also download the video files to your system following the steps below:

1. Click your Avatar in the upper right corner of your screen and select Channel.

2. Select Videos from your horizontal menu on your channel.

3. Here, you will find all the videos on your channel. Click Edit Videos to access the Video Producer panel.

4. Select the video (s) you would want to download and if you want to store your Twitch video locally, click on the three vertical dots next to the "Watch" option. Then, in your drop-down menu, choose the Download button.

5. The video takes a few seconds to process and prepare, and then the download will start.

If you don't want to re-upload your Twitch videos on other platforms and you only want to archive them, ensure you store them somewhere secure. In addition, you should also create a backup of your content.

How Long do Your Saved Broadcasts Last on Twitch?

According to Twitch, this depends on the Twitch channel you have. For instance, if you have Twitch Prime or a Twitch Turbo user, all your previous broadcasts will be automatically saved for 60 days before getting deleted.

However, if you are a standard Twitch user, your past broadcasts will only be saved for 14 days before they get deleted.

Notably, if you want to store past broadcasts for even longer, you can download Twitch VODs to your computer. However, if you intend to download VODs, you should get an external hard drive to store your Twitch VODs since many Twitch VODs will quickly take up space on your computer.

Why Should You Enable VODs on Twitch?

Enabling Twitch VODs allows people who could not catch up with your live streams the opportunity to watch what they missed. Your streams are like a TV show for viewers and subscribers, and no subscriber wants to miss an episode of their favorite show.

Saving Twitch VODs on your channel can create an extra incentive for people to subscribe to your channel. If someone enjoys your channel but doesn't subscribe, you can adjust settings to allow only subscribers to view your Twitch VODs or the past broadcasts.

How to Save Streams on Twitch as Highlights

1. Go to the Twitch stream in a web browser, and you have to have enabled Twitch to store past broadcasts before you complete this step. If you haven't enabled Twitch, follow the steps in the previous methods to enable storing past broadcasts.

When you highlight a past broadcast, you will save it to your Highlights section forever. You can highlight a full video if you don't want your past streams to get deleted from Twitch.

2. Click your Profile Icon, where you will see it in the upper right corner of the page.

3. Click on Channel, and your Twitch channel will open, then click the Videos Tab. Next, click the All Videos Box, where a drop-down menu will appear.

4. Click Past Broadcasts, where the box will close, and the videos presented will filter only to show past broadcasts.

5. Click on a video to highlight, and the video will load on the page. Click Highlight, and your video will load in the Highlight Interface.

6. Drag and drop the ends of the yellow bar and create Highlights. You can preview the highlight in the video box.

7. Click on Create Highlight, a purple button located above the yellow button and timeline. It will direct you to a page while the video processes. You will get the chance to change your Highlight's name and the description.

8. Click Save Changes on the lower right corner of the processing window. The video may take some time to process, but it will stay permanently on your Twitch profile icon since it is now a highlight.

How to Download Twitch Videos?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to download videos from other streamers directly, but several live streaming solutions support this. An example of such a streaming software is Twitch Leecher. However, this third-party software is not connected to Twitch in any way.

In addition, you are not permitted to upload the purchased video footage since you don't have the needed rights to the video. However, if the streamer gives permission and there is no other violation of other copyrights in your video, a re-upload on Youtube is not a problem.

How to Download your Own Streams as the Streamer?

If you want to save a video from your own stream, it is possible to do it anytime, and of course, the video should be recorded by Twitch.

To use Twitch Leecher, download and install the current version. However, remember it's only available for Windows computers.

Steps to Download Your Own Streams

  • You will see a Download option under each video on Twitch in the Video Manager to download your own videos.
  • Click the ".exe" file and then click on Run when you get prompted, and follow the on-screen prompts to finish your installation process.
  • Go to your Twitch video you want to download in your web browser, where any web browser will work for this step because you are only getting a video link.
  • Right-click on the video where a menu will pop up.
  • Click on the Copy Link, Copy Link Location or Click Link Address. Each browser uses different wording, but copying the video's link is all it means.
  • Open Twitch leecher, and you will find this at the start menu
  • Click Search the Click URLs tab, and a large white text box will appear
  • Paste the copied video link on the white text box, then click search, where the video will load as a search result.
  • Click Download, which will be under the video to the right, and you can change the default download options. The download location, quality, downloaded filename, and your video's start and end times.
  • The Twitch video will be downloaded to the specified location, and you will see the Download at the bottom left corner.

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