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If you have read any of our Best Gaming PC build Guides and bought all the parts the next step for you to take is to actually build the PC! Sounds exciting right? Maybe even a little daunting. Have no fear though as I'm going help with you with the process. I would definitely recommend this video to anyone as it is the exact one I used to build my PC.

I have not forgotten the day I built my first PC. It took me many hours following each step meticulously but it would not power on when I finally assembled it. Extremely frustrated I wasted three more hours but was unable to understand what was wrong with the PC. I had to check the PC completely, yet I could not decipher what was wrong with it. I had to call it quits at around 2 am, as I was quite exhausted. I found out that I had forgotten to connect the motherboard to the SMPS (switch mode power supply) when I woke up the next day and started to check the PC. The moral of the story is that you should go to sleep if you are exhausted and if you face problems figuring out why your personal computer is not working. I promise you that you will be able to locate the problem when you check the PC the next day after waking up.

Assembling a PC is not as simple as it might seem. However, the process becomes simple once you start to understand how personal computers work. Apart from this, you get a feeling of achievement when you use a PC that you have assembled by yourself. You can never experience this feeling with a pre made PC. In addition, all your non technical buddies will forever query you about tech related stuff as if you are some tech guru. It is now time for to enjoy the video below.


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