Twitch ads are a great way of watching streamed video content from any user all over the world and if you haven't stumbled on Twitch, get on it! It has mainly created a niche for video game live streams, broadcasts of gaming, and other streamed content, including DJ, live sets, cooking streams, music broadcasts, and in-real-life streams. The only problem is ads! So are you looking for how to block Twitch ads?

Twitch ads pop up immediately you start watching(pre-roll ads) and then will appear periodically throughout the stream (mid-roll ads) and alongside ads inserted on your screen (display ads). Although ads are beneficial for the streamer and Twitch, they are still among the most annoying interruptions you can experience when watching your favourite streamer.

This article will show you the easiest ways to block ads, whether free or paid. Let's dive straight.

What Are Ads On Twitch?

Ads on Twitch are the advertisements that pop up during a stream. Although they are relatively annoying, they are helpful for streamers to generate some cash where they might be struggling. Notably, if you want to support a streamer, you can always donate to their channel.

Twitch ads show up in video form at the beginning of a stream and showcase some new game that is about to launch. Apart from supporting the content created on Twitch, the ads are meant to sustain the platform, but viewers dislike the ads interrupting their video stream.

It can be frustrating to watch Twitch ads before enjoying a stream for something you don't care about. So, how do you block Twitch ads?

Methods to Block Twitch Ads

Free Options

1. Install an Adblock Extension

This is a free, easy way of blocking Twitch ads, and there are many extensions for blocking ads on Twitch out there. Blocking Twitch ads is similar to blocking any video ads, which is the same as blocking ads in general. The trick is to have an effective Adblock and filters, and it's free, safe, and you can set it up within minutes.

However, an ad blocker doesn't block Twitch ads in the mobile Twitch app and often shuts down ad blockers. Also, they don't block all ads, but most ads not include pre-roll or mid-roll video ads.

Use an Ad Block Browser

Ad-block browsers work the same as ad-block extensions, but the software is implemented at a browser level. Web browsers such as Opera or Brave block all third-party advertisements and tracking by default, meaning you will navigate to your Twitch account with no disruption.

It is an easy and free way to block on-page ads, but most Ad-block browsers lack in speeds compared to their mainstream competitors. This method doesn't block integrated pre-roll and mid-roll ads on Twitch. Also, Twitch live streams buffer when played on an ad block browser, and you may experience drops in video quality.

2. Use an External Stream Platform

If you are looking for free Twitch alternatives to block Twitch ads, you could try using an external streaming platform. These platforms allow ad-free viewing, whereas some sites will simultaneously view multiple Twitch streams. You will need to enter the URL and stop Twitch ads just like that. Some of the external streaming platforms for blocking Twitch ads include:


This platform allows Twitch users to watch up to 8 streams from the Twitch app simultaneously, where the service also has a Google Chrome extension for extra convenience. It is a worthy alternative to the conventional Twitch tv. platform reliably blocks ads on Twitch, but it will cost you total isolation from the Twitch platform. You will not earn Twitch Drops or Channel Points, and you cannot interact with the streamer's chat. However, it can be a slight disruption if you need an ad-free viewing experience.

All you will need to do is visit the site and type the name of the Twitch channel you want to watch. However, this means you will have to know when your favorite twitch streamers are going live.


This service has been there since 2015, and it makes a perfect alternative to Twitch which provides the HLS playback making it possible to watch Twitch live streams on Safari. It has garnered a big audience that will not abandon the platform, and the developers continue adding new features for viewers and plan to continue.

This will block all types of ads on Twitch, but it has some restrictions like the interaction-based rewards such as Twitch Drops and Channel Points are blocked, but you still have access to the stream's chat. Also, entry to the chat will need your Twitch account login details.

The project is available on Github, meaning users can submit any issues or requests directly to the developers.

3. Non-native Twitch Player Apps/Extensions

There are plenty of non-native Twitch player applications and extensions that give ordinary viewers the chance to watch live streams ad-free. Apart from blocking Twitch's ads, some third-party players offer additional features such as instant replay or an "Audio-only" mode that allows users to customize the layout according to their specific needs.

Some popular ones are Alternate Player for, perfect for the desktop twitch app and Pocket Plays for Twitch on Android devices. The Alternate player was previously known as Twitch 5, and it removes most ads from Twitch streams, making it a great option to block ads on Twitch.

One significant downside of using the Alternate Player is you will experience Twitch stream delays of about 30 seconds. After installing your extension, a new toggle will appear in the upper right-hand corner of Twitch streams. By right-clicking, you will set the Alternate Player as default.

4. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN)changes your online location by connecting to a server in another country, and it provides you with an alternate IP address. Twitch's advertising policy is different from one country to another, with some locations such as Poland omitting all types of ads.

A VPN with ad-blocking features will prevent third-party domains from installing the trackers and displaying Twitch ads. The VPN prevents the ad domains from getting to your browser by blocking the trackers, and it will only keep you more secure online.

The goal is to run your VPN through a country that doesn't play ads. Although Twitch ads may start playing in some countries now and then, you can avoid them if you run your VPN through a non-native English speaking Eastern European country. However, this may have a downside is you may experience a little lag during your video streams depending on the VPN service and the connection speed.

What is the Average Charge?

Monthly subscriptions of the VPN service range around $4.99 per month depending on the type of service you choose, but it can be higher, especially if you include ad-blocking. Some of the top-rated VPNs with the needed server coverage and speeds that block Twitch ads without compromising on stream quality are ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

The VPN method to watch live streams works on all devices and browsers with similar setups and can also be used on the Twitch app. However, not every VPN location will work with Twitch, so connecting to countries like Czechia or Belarus is best.

5. Subscribe to the Twitch Channel

Subscribing to your favourite Twitch channel is a great way of supporting your favourite twitch streamers, and it includes the benefit of ad-free viewing. Not only will the Twitch subscribers help the Twitch streamer financially, but it will also allow you to use the channel's emotes and other perks.

These Twitch-specific sets of emoticons and the subscriber badge differentiate you from other Twitch viewers in the Twitch chat. It also has advanced loyalty badges with 3-6-12 month subscription streaks, but the channel's subscription may vary from one country to another.

Notably, in the past, if you had an Amazon Prime account, like Twitch Prime members, you could sync it with the Prime Gaming platform and subscribe to one channel a month for free. However, Twitch Prime doesn't remove ads on Twitch anymore, and therefore you will only need Twitch Turbo.

6. Use Twitch Turbo

Twitch has a subscription service called Twitch Turbo that gives users an ad-free viewing experience and other perks. When you get a Twitch Turbo subscription, broadcasters get revenue from your Turbo subscription, and therefore, it allows you to remove all the Twitch ads at once.

At $8.99 monthly, it is a relatively more expensive way to block ads on Twitch, but the Turbo subscription allows no pre-rolls, no mid-rolls, and no displays ads of any kind. It will also give some additional perks, such as your own emotes and the ability to alter your user name colour.

In addition, if you broadcast on Twitch Turbo, you will save your videos for 60 days instead of 14 days.

How Do I Block Ads On Mobile?

You can use similar methods to eliminate the poxy ads on your Twitch mobile for a mobile user. For a mobile phone, you can block ads on Twitch using Adblock or Adguard app, but there are a few solutions you can also try. All you need is to follow these steps:

  • Install the Adlock app to block ads on Twitch, where Adlock is available for Android and ios devices.
  • After you install the Adlock application, agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Connect to your VPN, and you won't watch ads anymore.
  • You can opt to use the Adblock application only when using Twitch and when not in use, you can turn it off.

What are the Types of Twitch Ads?

All Twitch ads can be placed in four categories:

a). Ads that can be disabled in a snap

Ads on Twitch that are easy to get rid of are known as banners. You can cope with these banners easily using any ad-blocking Chrome extension or adjust several options on your browser settings if you are using Opera or Firefox.

b). Adverts that need the effort to get rid of.

These ads are the PPC (pay per click) adverts forced on live streams by the Twitch platform. Unfortunately, the free ad blockers cannot cut off these types of advertising, and you will need an AdLock to block it.

c). Impossible to turn off ads

These Twitch advertisements types are the promotions of goods and services by streamers. Advertisers directly sponsor such promotions that cannot be blocked or skipped, making logical sense.

d). Commercial Stuffed into VODs

VODs are loaded with intrusive ads and are harder to get rid of, even for a video stream. As a result, some streamers avoid ads in their live streaming and put them in the VODs to avoid repelling their watchers while still getting an income from ads.

Additionally, Twitch ads can be divided into two categories:

  • Static on-page adverts that usually appear all over the website
  • Video ads that usually run before or during live streaming. They are also known as pre-roll or mid-roll ads.

Why is My Ad Blocker Not Working on Twitch?

Your ad blocker could not be working for one of the following reasons:

  • Wrong browser settings
  • Wrong Adblock settings
  • An outdated Adblock extension version or the ad-blocking software is switched off.
  • Adblock's Twitch filters have not been set optimally
  • Adblocking extensions conflict with each other
  • All ad-blockers can't block ads on Android devices in the Twitch App or iOS and on all browsers except Safari.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Block Twitch Ads

1. Is it Possible to Watch Ad-free Twitch?

You need to be a Twitch Prime user with monthly subscriptions to watch Twitch ad-free. However, you will avoid ads until your next renewal date if you subscribe to the annual membership.

2. Are Ad-blockers necessary on Twitch? Are the Ads dangerous?

Ad-blocking is necessary because an ad that leads you away from the Twitch platform might redirect you to a harmful website. Therefore, block ads on Twitch that seem suspicious. In addition, some ads could cause viruses, especially if you click on an unverified link from an ad. Finally, you might easily become a victim of phishing, scams, or other cyber fraud.

To prevent this from happening, either pay for Twitch Prime or consider downloading an ad blocker. After all, some ad-blockers have additional features such as reduced data usage, parental control, and privacy protection from pop-ups.

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