How Many Kingdom Hearts Games are There in Total?



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how many kingdom hearts games are there

There are thirteen kingdom hearts games from the Kingdom hearts I to Kingdom hearts III. Kingdom hearts games are spread across a whopping 17 years, which is a long time. Of all the 17 years, the games have seen seven different gaming consoles. No generation has not played the Kingdom hearts games. It might be hard to track how many kingdom hearts games are there with all these changes. Let us dive in and find out exactly how many of the games are there.


How Many Kingdom Hearts Games are there?

There are thirteen kingdom hearts games in total. As much as there was a fourteen-year wait between kingdom hearts II and kingdom hearts III, there were other releases between the two series. We will look at the games to release from kingdom hearts games I to kingdom hearts games III.

1) Kingdom Hearts I

The best way to play kingdom hearts games is to start with the first game in the series. While kingdom hearts will take you some 28 hours to complete, the experience is worth every second. If you are going for a completionist playthrough, you will take about 62 hours of pure fun and exploration. This Kingdom hearts game lets you relive the adventures of Sora, Goofy and friends, or Donald Duck, all of which are gems in the Disney films collection.

The first kingdom Heart was released for PlayStation 2 in 2002. Later in the same year, the kingdom hearts game was re-released as kingdom hearts final mix. Final mix kingdom hearts games were exclusively released in Japan. More weapons, enemies and cutscenes are in the later games, making the release more popular, especially in Japan.

2) Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

The kingdom hearts timeline might be confusing as this release comes before the release of the kingdom hearts II final mix release. However weirdly titled kingdom hearts games might be, the stories flow in order as kingdom hearts feature Disney characters. Unlike other games, kingdom hearts give possibilities of crossovers. Kingdom hearts chain of memories being the second in line proved that kingdom hearts games had a great potential of becoming the greatest ever improvement of its time.

The chain of memories kingdom hearts comes in both game and Manga forms that different people can enjoy at different times. You do not have to be seated on your console to enjoy the epic journey that the game takes.

This release has an important role in bridging the gap between kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts II. Characters like Riku are a great experience in the game. Other non-playable characters who aid Sora make the games more interesting and keep the flow seamless.

3) Kingdom Hearts II

The dawn of action role-playing games gets brighter with the release of kingdom hearts II. You could explore Disney characters and worlds never seen before with these games. Now you can find newer games other than the traditional role-playing games. The Pirates of the Caribbean, Mulan or Beauty and the Beast are now available in the new kingdom hearts II. With a wider range of commands, the possibilities are greatly increased. Sora can now change in various new forms that improve the role-playing features.

With the release of kingdom hearts II final mix, the possibilities are increased. The only downside with the game is that you may need the Japanese version of the PS2 to play the version.

You can enjoy the kingdom hearts II final mix or the first version with the new technology that allows the inclusion of new layers of strategy. In addition, you can use the revamped camera system to stay in the middle of the action.

4) Kingdom Hearts Coded

This epic release lets you play characters such as Jimmy Cricket, Goofy, Donald Duck, and King Mickey in Disney Castle preceding events of kingdom hearts II. This release will get more familiar faces from final fantasy characters for exciting adventures. In addition, Kingdom hearts coded has role-playing elements which offer an immersive experience beyond what you would have gotten previously.

Apart from the epic boss battle theme, you can design your avatar in the game, making coded one of the most interactive games you could find at the time of its release. You can further trade maps with friends and use over 800 unlockable parts, further improving your experience with the game. With inspiration from final fantasy games, side-scrolling and shooting, you can enjoy the game in limitless ways.

5) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

The next game on the list is the kingdom hearts 358/2 days. When you visit the kingdom hearts wiki, this is one of the games you will find being talked about. With the introduction of the protagonist Roxas, the games became more exciting with the release of this series. The kingdom hearts 358/2 was free on the Nintendo ds in 2009 and introduced a new character.

The action role-playing game has Square Enix characters and H.A.N.D. contribution to it, making the game well thought out for its time. In addition, Disney interactive studios had a collaborative hand in the game, increasing a player's experience.

An interesting fact about the kingdom hearts game is that it was dedicated to Wayne Allwine, who played the English Mickey Mouse voice, who died just 12 days before the game's release. This game features his last performance as Mickey Mouse. Older releases have remasters featuring him as Mickey.

6) Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

The new kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix is one of the most exciting releases of the kingdom hearts franchise. The game introduces characters never seen before in kingdom hearts. For example, Kingdom hearts birth by sleep has sleeping beauty as Enchanted Dominion, and Cinderella as Castle of Dreams. In addition, there are three unique characters in the kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix, who bring about new possibilities never seen before in the earlier releases.

The enhanced battles systems, command locks, and more increase the release of birth by sleep kingdom hearts. The story of this game is released once you have gone through all three characters. You can get the novel version with an amazingly designed back cover that will add some glamour to your collection.

7) Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance

There is nothing better than having two protagonists in the same game. The kingdom hearts 3d dream drop distance offers this experience by introducing Sora and Riku in the same game. The release was truly epic and still has people talking. You can perform acrobatic tricks with free-flow actions while interacting with the environment.

You can enter spirit worlds as dreams or nightmares as you have these two options in the game. The updated character looks in this game were a huge improvement towards the player's experience. You can recruit well over 50 different types of spirits to fight alongside Riku and Sora, the one reason why everyone had to put their hands on kingdom hearts 3d dream drop distance.

8) kingdom hearts χ

The kingdom hearts χ is a mobile game in the traditional keyblade war. A player can produce a keyblade wielder, a new feature in the kingdom hearts series. Once the keyblade wielder has been produced, the player can be one among the five unions of the keyblade masters. The filmmaker worlds are mind-blowing.

9) kingdom hearts unchained χ

The difficult microtransactions make the difference between kingdom hearts χ and the kingdom hearts unchained χ. Otherwise, the two games are mind-blowing games to play. Moreover, the game perpetually updates with every new filmmaker film properties.

10) Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep

The kingdom hearts birth by sleep sees another release with the kingdom hearts birth by sleep 0.2. The new release served as a demo for kingdom hearts iii. Unlike other games, the game is not fully-fledged, as you can finish it within an hour or two if you are a bit skilled.

11) kingdom hearts χ Back Cover

The kingdom hearts χ back cover is a part of kingdom hearts HD and has a feature-length and computer-animated film. In addition, the release has its share of game-changing features that other games did not feature before, like anticipating the final chapter.

12) Kingdom Hearts Union χ

A story that would update every month is one I see myself taking part in. The kingdom hearts union χ majors on storytelling as part of its main theme and does well. The setting takes place before the keyblade war and is a prequel to the kingdom hearts series as a whole. So even though the release happens just before the kingdom hearts iii, the timing is just right to create a context to the whole franchise.

From the great keyblade war to the Dark Seeker saga, you are presented with a great context of everything in the kingdom series. This piece is a great part of a kingdom hearts starter pack or one to play at the very end. Additionally, you can access other mobile games such as the kingdom hearts dark road and others.

13) Kingdom Hearts III

A lot has happened by the time you are getting to this release. Riku has been named a keyblade master, you have gone through every fragmentary passage kingdom hearts can offer, you have stumbled into the castle oblivion with Disney characters, and destiny islands have enriched your experience. However, experiences like the creation of heartless Ansem has nothing on the final battle that will only revive memories of the keyblade graveyard.

Kingdom Hearts III has been on the waitlist for fifteen years and is finally here. The game is less sluggish and more fun to play, culminating all the improvements done on the previous kingdom hearts games before it.

Final Take

Whether you are playing kingdom hearts on the game boy advance or the Nintendo switch, you know what real fun is. Choosing specific final fantasy characters is a major selling point for games, and the kingdom hearts franchise got it right from the word go. Today, you can explore the kingdom hearts universe through the kingdom hearts integrum masterpiece for cloud. In addition, you can get the kingdom hearts HD 1.5 2.5 remix and HD 2.8 final chapter to increase your kingdom hearts collector's pack with the bundle.

With every kingdom hearts titles and kingdom hearts final mix comes an experience built over the years, and you will not be disappointed.