October 27, 2021

Cameo is an online marketplace where fans can book personalized shout-outs from celebrities at a price. The idea is for users to pay celebrities for customized shoutout videos that they can share on their social media platforms. The Cameo celebrity app is available as a mobile app for ios and Android users and a website.

The Cameo marketplace is a place for everyone from big movie stars, social media influencers, B-list actors, models, television personalities, athletes, musicians, comedians, drag queens, and even gamers. Some celebrities in the Cameo app include actors such as Lindsay Lohan, Kristian Nairn, activists like Tiger King Carole Baskin, and Boxers like Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson.

How does a Cameo Work?

1. Sign Up

Please create your account on their site or through the Cameo Celebrity app and find your favorite celebrity in the marketplace. The app is free to join, and you only pay for the DMs from the talent and the Cameo video requests. When you sign up, you get various login options such as your email, Apple ID, or Facebook. Additionally, to sign up as a Talent, you can apply, and Cameo gets back to you within 72 hours.

2. Edit your Profile

Editing your profile is just like in any social media platform. Here you add your details such as a profile photo, Twitter and Instagram handle, birthdate, etc.

You can edit your profile using the Cameo mobile app from the Profile page in the navigation bar or through the Cameo dashboard. The app also allows you to see your activity from the navigation bar in the bell icon.

3. Find Talent

You can find Talent in the Cameo app on the search page, located in the navigation bar as a magnifying glass. The page shows you talent by categories, featured talents, and a search bar to search for your specific talent. On the other hand, on the Cameo website, there's a homepage where you find featured talent and a search bar to search for your favorite celebrities. There is also a telescope icon in the navigation bar where you can swipe through Cameos from talent. Additionally, the Cameo video prices are shown on the talent's booking page when you make your request.

4. Request a Cameo

When you find a celebrity you would like a personalized message from, go on his/her profile, and there's a button that says Request with a price. Once you hit the request button for booking, you will have to fill a request form, whether it's a gift for a friend or it's yours. This will be followed by Cameo asking you some questions concerning the specific occasion if it's for one, any instructions, and pronouns. You have the chance to add a video as part of your request, and you can make your video public or private where in public you choose which people can see in your icon's videos section.

Besides, you can ask your star to create a promotional video for your product, company, or business. However, Cameo states in its FAQs that you have the rights to share promotional videos for up to three months.

Once you submit your request, the website has seven days to either reject or accept your project. If the request is accepted, the celebrity goes ahead to record a personalized video message. Then the Cameo sends the video link to the contacts listed(email address or phone number) when requesting. You can be able to download and share the video to all your social sites.

5. Send DM

Sending a DM is an alternative, cheaper way to use Cameo to message your icon instead of requesting Cameo video messages. To use this option, go to your icon profile, tap the DM button on his profile, and get to ask a question or get some advice with 250 characters. Sadly, when it comes to DMs, responses are not guaranteed, and they offer no refunds.

It is essential to check the rating of your stars' profile beforehand because DMs don't have a guaranteed response. Reading about other fan experiences will help you know what experience to expect, and you will know if your chosen talent responds to their messages.

6. Join a Fan Club

Every celebrity has a fan club that you can join for free from their profile. Joining the fan club gives you some exceptional benefits such as giving you access to the celebrity's previous videos, getting your Cameo video prioritized, and always knowing when the price drops and there are deals to take advantage of.

How to make purchases and Cameo Video cost

Some bookings have prices as low as $15, while others are costly depending on the celebrity's level and caliber. The Cameo app or site accepts payment through a credit card, and for the US residents, they can purchase "Cameo credits," which they can use on videos later, and they can be stored in their account. If the talent fails to fulfill your request within seven days, Cameo says all the amount will be returned to your wallet.

In the Cameo marketplace, every celebrity has their rates depending on the level of fame, but the average price of a customized Cameo video is approximately $60.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you get to keep cameo videos?

Yes, you can keep the video forever if it's non-commercial and for personal use. However, if the Cameo video is for promotional purposes for your company or product, you have rights to the video content for three months only.

2. Who gets the money from Cameo?

The celebrities set the prices, and they get 75% of the money while the Cameo site gets 25% of the money. Some stars usually donate the amounts to charity, while others don't.

3. How does the cameo app focus on?

The app and site are not like most sites that focus on the interactions with family, friends, and followers, and rather Cameo focuses on connecting celebrities with their fans at a price.

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