Why Use GeForce RTX 3060 12GB?



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Are you a gaming fanatic? or do you want to explore the world of gaming graphics to see the best you can come out with? With the Geforce RTX 3060 12GB graphics cards, you get the best gaming experience for your favorite games.

In addition, it has the best drivers that ensure you enjoy every game. The GeForce RTX 3060 is finely tuned in collaboration with developers who have extensively tested its effectiveness across thousands of hardware configurations to prove its maximum performance and how reliable it can be.

It has game-ready drivers who also deliver optimization in the game settings with just a single click; they also empower you with the latest Nvidia technologies.

The GeForce team has worked closely with game developers throughout its development process; they have already provided pre-release drivers and test data to improve your gaming experience. In addition, Nvidia's game-ready process keeps optimizing up to date to give the best experience at its every launch.

As discussed earlier, each driver has been tested to high-quality standards. The Geforce drivers are tested across many hardware configurations and over multiple GPUs. In addition, each driver has been independently WHQL-certified by Microsoft to prove its reliability, so you don't want to worry about troubleshooting while you are playing your games.

You can optimize your gaming settings with just a click; it has the optimal playable settings, which is a one-click solution for an optimal combination of performance and good image quality.

It has been tested across thousands of hardware configurations to determine its quality. OPS determines the best game settings that are custom-made for each hardware configuration.


1. Delivers The Latest Technologies and Features

The Geforce RTX 3060 has game-ready drivers that enable and enhance Nvidia technologies in the latest games. It introduces a new cutting-edge cutting feature and functionality that gives you incredible graphics. Whether it is performance-boosting, latency reducing or Al-powered effects that have Nvidia Broadcast. The game-ready drivers ensure you have the latest gaming technologies at hand.

Geforce RTX 3060 Resizable Bar

The resizable bar utilizes an advanced feature of PCI Express that increases the performance of some games. Most laptops, desktops and graphic cards support the GeForce RTX 30 series resizable bar.

To take advantage of using a resizable bar on a desktop, you must inset the GeForce RTX series graphics card that is supported by VBIOS, a compatible motherboard, a compatible CPU, motherboard SBIOS update and the latest GeForce game ready driver.

If you have a GeForce RTX series laptop, check with the manufacturer to see if your model supports the resizable be.

What is a resizable bar?

A resizable bar is an optional PCI Express interface technology. When you move in a different world while playing a game, the VPU memory transfers textures, shaders and geometry through many small CPU to GPU transfers.

Recently, the growing size of current game assets has resulted in many transfers in the gaming world. However, if you use the resizable bar, you can request the assets as needed and send them in full so that the CPU can efficiently access the whole frame buffer. Furthermore, if you make a lot of requests, you can transfer concurrently instead of queuing.

2. Built For Live Streaming

Live Streaming On A Desktop

If you are looking for high-quality streams, the GeForce RTX is the one. It has an Al-powered voice and video that gives you the ultimate game performance. Moreover, it has incredible graphics that you can only experience with the GeForce RTX GPUs, the live streaming solution you are looking for. Get the best gaming PC to enable you to stream live at your home's comfort.

3. Your AL-Powered Home Studio

The Nvidia Broadcast app transforms your gaming space into home studios you can have your live streams at the comfort of your home. With the Al-powered audio and video quality, you can also take your video calls, chats, and conferences to the next level. In addition, you can remove distracting background noises and customize your background with one click.

4. Perfect Streaming Multiprocessors

With these smooth, amazing graphics effects, you can steal the show that offers clutter-free streaming. The GeForce RTX 3060 offers ultra-realistic visual effects synced with next-generation hardware encoding and CUDA-accelerated quality options that combine to show off all your best moments in expressive details.

5. Has Enhanced Streaming Apps

If you are looking for uncompromised image quality, it's time you joined the Nvidia Corporation. Give your audience what they deserve. The GeForce RTX offers nothing but the best game performance with exclusive optimizations for your favorite streaming apps that you can use to unlock the highest performance without sacrificing the image quality.

6. Offers You Real-Time Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is top tier in an ll gaming graphics; it simulates the physical behavior of light in giving you uncompromised image quality. It depicts real-life cinematic quality graphics that will wow your audience.

7. Efficient Streaming

Setting up your streaming kit is very simple; follow the step-by-step broadcasting guides, and you are on air in no time. You can also go live and broadcast on the most popular live-streaming platforms.

The Geforce RTX GPUS

Have you come across the Nvidia encoder[ NVENC]. The NVENC is an independent section of your GeForce GPU that you can use to encode videos and lift the strain from the CPU. It frees up your system by allowing you to run games and tackle other resources that are intensive. You can now focus on what is important and deliver a show-stopping broadcast.

1. Nvidia Reflex

The milliseconds Nvidia reflex delivers the ultimate competitive advantage you may nee in any gaming processor. It has the lowest latency and is very responsive. You can get the competitive edge you need at sub-25-milliseconds as it is powered by Geforce RTX 30 series GPUs and Nvidia G-SYNC monitors. You can acquire targets faster, react quicker, and increase your aim precision through this revolutionary suite of technologies built to optimize and measure the system's latency while playing competitive games.

2. Nvidia G-Sync

If you are in for smooth, high-quality gameplay, the GeForce g-sync is here to help you achieve that. The GeForce RTX graphics cards have enhanced ray-tracing cores that offer you a smooth tear-free immersion. In addition, the game box has an Nvidia logo that means it features the Nvidia g-sync processors that deliver the very best gaming experiences. It gives you an ultimate performance without tearing and stutter-free live streaming.

If you want to get the most realistic image quality without flickers or artifacts, why not use the Nvidia g-sync? It gives you a vivid color precision with a webcam auto frame that brings out details you have never seen before.

The Nvidia g-sync displays have the first and only latency measurement tool that detects clicks from reflex compatible mice and measures the time to get resulting pixels. As a result, this graphics card can increase aim precision with all new ai capabilities and top creative apps.

With the acceleration Nvidia ampere architecture, you can command minimal delay between the keyboard commands and on-screen actions that are the demands for most serious gamers.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 12GB will give you the highest sped panels market of up to 360 Hz. So you get an ultra-fast response of impulse displays for the moving objects on your gaming monitor that are silky smooth and crystal clear.

3. Up Your Creative Game With The Nvidia Studio Platform

The GeForce RTX 3060 supports aspiring artists and industry professionals in their creative process through the Nvidia studio platform. The Nvidia industry has the leading GPUs paired with the Nvidia ampere architecture.

Furthermore, the new streaming multiprocessor enhances your creative apps with incredible performance and ability that you can not compare to anything short of aspiring. The new streaming multiprocessors from Nvidia corporation empower your workflows so that you can come up with ambitious projects.

4. The Invisible advantage of GeForce studio dedicated drivers

In every Nvidia GPU, there are Nvidia studio drivers. In conjunction with creative app developers, teams of developers are constantly optimizing the way your Nvidia hardware will be working. This can affect how your Nvidia hardware will work with creative applications to enhance features, reduce repetition and speed up your workflow.

Studio drivers go through many tests to deliver ray-tracing performance and the reliability you need so you can move with the speed you intend to.

You can now connect your creativity to people with the same interests as you. As long as you have the Nvidia omniverse in your studio laptop, you can bring your ideas to life faster than ever. You can connect to your favorite 3D apps and discover new ideas that will link you to the best workflows, techniques and creative opportunities. In addition, the GeForce RTX 3060 will render you with real-time ray-tracing performance that will break the limits for what you can create.