Far Cry 5 CPU Usage – Solution To Fix The Problem



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Far Cry 5 is the fifth major instalment and the sixth total instalment in Ubisoft's first-person open world shooter. Set in the exotic American Hope County, the game is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

While the game runs flawlessly on PS4 and Xbox One, it presents serious issues on PC. These issues are mainly related to Far Cry 5's CPU usage, which seems to utilize the CPU at its 100% potential. Although 100% CPU usage is not such a so-called 'Bad-Thing' as it does not damage or hurt the CPU in the long run, it may prove as a hindrance while playing the game itself.

The first and the major problem you'll be presented at 100% CPU utilization is lag or frame drops in the game itself. This may affect your overall experience with the game. There is a high probability that the game, and even the PC itself in rare cases, might shut down. You would not be able to run any apps or software in the background in addition to the game since the CPU is functioning at its 100% capacity. This especially sucks if you were looking forward to recording or stream your gameplay while Far Cry 5 on PC.

So, why does Far Cry 5 push the CPU to its limit?

Ubisoft, the publisher of the Far Cry series, uses Denuvo and a few other layers of copyright protection in their latest titles. The Denuvo protection first introduced along with Assassin's Creed Origins in order to prevent the piracy of the game and it turned out to be pretty successful. The game was not cracked for about three months which is a significant achievement on the publisher's part. Even those hackers who did crack the game agreed to the fact that it was not an easy job.

Ubisoft was hooked with the Denuvo and decided to use it in all its upcoming titles, first of which was Far Cry 5. However, a problem that the publisher did not address was the fact that Denuvo pushed a system's CPU to its limits and often at its full capacities. The same problem, which was first presented in Assassin's Creed Origins, carried down to Ubisoft's next game- Far Cry 5.

How so fix CPU overuse in Far Cry 5?

The best way to prevent CPU overuse in Far Cry 5 is to have a better Gaming PC and CPU in the first place. A CPU with 4 or more physical cores and a higher frequency should not present any significant problems. The older CPUs will have more problems running the game as compared to the newer ones.

If you're stuck with your old system, there are a few things you can tweak to alter the performance here and there. First of all, limit the frame rate to 30 FPS, even if your system is capable of 60+ FPS. This will prevent the game stuttering and frame rate drops. Next, you should turn on the vsync to ease the load off your CPU.