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Building your own custom PC involves researching which components to get and whether they will suffice to deliver the gaming experience you want. In addition, like a jigsaw puzzle, you need to figure out whether the pieces will fit together well, which could take a lot of time.

Luckily, the best custom PC builder websites offer a wealth of knowledge on different setups to take a load of research off your shoulders. If you are looking for reliable internet resources to help simplify the PC building process, we have compiled a list of the most trusted ones.

Whether you are looking for the right components or tips for putting together gaming desktops, our recommendations have you covered. Let us dive into the advantages you can accrue from each, the services to look forward to, and how to pick the best PC builder website for your needs.


Best Websites for Building Custom Computers

1. BLD by NZXT

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If you hang around gaming circles, you may have heard of NZXT. The company is well known for manufacturing hardware and peripherals for gaming desktops. Although their subsidiary, BLD, has not been around for long, their professionally backed design approach offers users a simple way of achieving complex customization setups. The custom PC builder website serves Oceania, North American and European regions.

The website offers reliable solutions for custom desktops for streaming, content creation, mini versions and custom workstations. Additionally, the prices are competitive and straightforward as you can look at the cost of the computer components. Hence you can build affordable custom gaming PCs minus the hassle and expense of ordering individual parts separately.

The recommendation engine is pretty precise and compiles the different games and expected performance based on the component selection. Afterward, experts use the user-filled request to set up your rig with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Plus, the warranty envelopes the hard work in building and the parts within the quality custom PC.

Finally, you can cut the build time significantly with a prebuilt PC from various selections they have on hand. However, if you take the time to fill out the custom PC builder tool, they will ship it out in two days. Admittedly, the building and quick shipping come at a cost.

2. Xidax

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Reliability is an essential component in PC building, whether for gaming, streaming or managing content. Xidax is a famous custom PC building company, and its commitment to client satisfaction sets them apart. In addition, the lifetime labor and various core components warranties give you peace of mind that the staff is available for your emerging needs.

Still, some exceptions exist in some of the parts in the custom setups, so read up on what they cover before you buy. The custom-built PCs from Xidax are assembled by hand to ensure each unit's precision and attention to detail.

Afterward, the expert builders test the hardware rigorously to guarantee users reliable stability at the highest performance. Thus, hardcore gamers can get desktop systems ready to use out-of-the-box.

Furthermore, the lifetime tech support from the professional staff helps you get through any hitches you may experience as you use your custom-built PC. Also, the prices for the rigs are affordable without a drop in the quality you receive.

Plus, you can choose between popular prebuilt PCs that use the best components if you do not want the hassle of choosing specific parts. Unlike other custom PC builders, this website serves an international market base.

You can choose your country for shipping on the site before you start perusing the extensive catalog. Finally, the financing options available for the custom PCs, like installments and leasing, make the custom-built computers even more affordable.

3. Origin PC

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Origin PC is another established entity in the realm of the best custom PC builder websites. After all, the company has over a decade of experience and numerous accolades to back up its impressive traction in the industry.

Plus, they have their hands in numerous cookie jars, including gaming desktops, corporate and government-focused workstations, a periphery catalog, VR-ready rigs, gaming laptops, and prebuilt PCs.

Moreover, Origin PC is one of the few custom PC builder websites offering financing options. The play now and pay later model gives buyers up to 3 years of installments with digestible rates. However, you need to go through the simple approval process to qualify for the program to get access to custom PC builds when you cannot foot the entire amount in a single go.

The company has the best custom PC builders in their Miami, Florida HQ, ready to assemble your order. Before the skilled staff puts together your dream machine, you can go through pre-configured builds and make alterations based on your needs.

Alternatively, you can buy the numerous prebuilt PCs available. Regardless of your choice, the custom-built gaming rigs come in the quality Origin PC cases that provide professional cable management, your choice of RGB lighting or an option for liquid cooling components.

4. Build My PC

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One of the standout features of Build My PC is its free component compatibility checker. The reliable tool allows you to craft custom desktops through careful part selection in different categories to minimize the cost of PC building by helping you combine affordable components.

After all, it is crucial to figure out whether the parts you need will seamlessly work together before you purchase the hardware. Furthermore, the website features an Amazon Price Tracking feature to let you take advantage of more affordable components.

For instance, if you find a GPU that exceeds your budget, you can enable the feature and receive notifications when the cost falls within your affordability range. Therefore, you can save big on the PC building process and get a gaming computer that suits your needs without straining your finances.

The line of options on the Build My PC website includes gaming PCs, budget models and general-purpose custom PCs within their prebuilt options. If you want a custom system, you can add individual components to their compatibility checking tool and determine if the pieces will gel. Afterward, the website uses Amazon as a merchant to have the different parts shipped to you.

5. iBuyPower

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iBuyPower is a custom PC builder website that caters to hardcore gamers who know their way around PC components and essential PC hardware. Although novice individuals set on crafting custom PCs for the first time can use it, the level of detail present can be overwhelming for them.

After all, the site does not hold your hand as intently as other custom-building websites. Nevertheless, the website features a tool to help you select the parts and check their performance in specific settings.

So, if you want a gaming PC, you can look at the overclocking capabilities, liquid cooling, cable management features and other critical performance-affecting areas. Plus, you can even get custom engraving done to match the style you are going for.

Moreover, the PC builder lets you start from the CPU and craft your ideal gaming computer. So whether you are team blue (Intel) or red (AMD), you can select from numerous prebuilt PCs and customize them to fit your budget and system requirements. In addition, the preinstalled operating system allows you to save more on certain costs, and you can get monthly payment options that sweeten the deal.

Choosing Between Custom Builder Websites: Top Considerations

Crafting a custom PC build from a helper website can get confusing if you do not know where to start. Some people rely on big-name brands to get them through since an established company is often reliable. Still, if you neglect the following considerations, the process could get overwhelming.

a). Pricing

One of the most troubling pain points of building gaming PCs is the cost of shipping individual components. Of course, if you are not in a hurry, you can buy a single part every time you get the money for it.

Unfortunately, the eventual cost of your build will exceed getting all the computer components at once. However, buying one at a time is excellent if you slowly upgrade your gaming setup.

Websites that offer prebuilt options can help you bypass the individual purchasing of parts and still deliver the kind of performance you need. In addition, sites allow you to customize setups and tune them to your desired budget and performance.

Plus, a range of pricing, from budget to high-end, helps keep the PC pocket-friendly. Finally, our comparison on prebuilt v s custom PCs can assist you in deciding the option that works for you.

Websites with different financing options can offer a reprieve from paying the full amount immediately. For instance, you can stretch above a 1080p gaming experience to 4k while spreading out the expenses over two to three years. Consequently, you can get a high-quality built system with the best components at a manageable payment structure.

b). Customizing Features

Building a PC involves picking components and determining whether they will work together well to deliver the required performance. The covered websites offer a range of customizable prebuilt units that you can tweak to fit your specific needs.

So whether you want a custom paint job, engraving or power suited for your favorite games, the sites have you covered. Moreover, if you are a stickler for nuance and details, it helps to find options that let you select components from scratch.

Hence, you can have more control over what goes into your custom gaming rig. Plus, having the PC built by experts takes the load of fixing the different parts together off your shoulders.

c). Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is essential when buying electrical components, whether a novice or a veteran user. Some of the websites we have covered offer labor and technical support to users where you can send your PC back to them for fixing if something is a miss.

For example, suppose you are not interested in reading an article on how to build a gaming PC yourself; having experts on call to help you can be a life saver.

d). Warranties

When dealing with electrical devices, it is best to prepare for anything. A solid warranty can help cushion you from having to replace defective components yourself. Still, it is best to go through the fine print and ensure the website covers the nitty-gritty.

Admittedly, some components within custom-built PCs do not have the same warranty period as others. Nevertheless, prebuilt models can have satisfactory covers that include labor and specific parts. Although you will need to pay for shipping the rig to and fro the company for this, you can save a chunk on the final cost of repair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Best Custom PC Builder Websites

1. What website has the best custom PC builder?

Each website on our list brings something novel to the table. For instance, BLD by NZXT has a recommendation tool based on popular games, while Xidax caters to an international customer base. On the other hand, Build My PC offers a smart compatibility checker, and iBuyPower serves knowledgeable customers. So when looking for the best custom PCs, let your needs guide you!

2. Is it cheaper to build or buy a PC?

A prebuilt PC will often cost less than building the same computer with identical components from scratch. However, depending on where you buy the parts, their MSRP, and individual components' shipping, the process can be overwhelmingly pricey. Websites that offer prebuilt models can source the parts cheaply as they buy in bulk, and they often extend the advantage to their customers.

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