January 1, 2021

If you are a gamer, you already know the importance of a high-quality headset. Not only can this headset give you the competitive edge that you need over the competition, but they can also provide you with all-day comfort. You have probably found throughout your search for the perfect headset that there are literally tons of manufacturers and models available. With that being said, you will not find anything as affordable and advanced as the Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset. While this headset is affordable to the average gamer, it does come equipped with some of the most advanced features that you will find available on the open market.

Provides Outstanding Wireless Performance

If you have tried wireless headsets in the past, you already know that the distance, battery life, and performance always seem to be a major problem. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Corsair Void Pro RGB Gaming Headset. Thanks to the improved low latency 2.4GHZ wireless audio, this headset can literally provide users with 40 feet of crystal clear freedom. In addition to this, thanks to the advanced battery performance and life, the battery is capable of lasting up to 16 hours, which is pretty impressive for a headset.

Get The Edge With Precision Audio Performance

In today’s games, the slightest sounds can give you the competitive edge that you need to beat down your opponents. Maybe, it has the ability to hear footsteps as someone is sneaking up on you, or maybe it is the ability to hear a bullet coming right before it passes through your body. Whatever the situation is, with the 7.1 drivers that are installed in this headset, you will be right in the middle of the action at all times. Along with this, the speakers also come equipped with 50mm neodymium speaker drivers that actually bring the sound to life.

Designed For Comfort And Long Hours Of Use

As a gamer, you already know that some gaming sessions can get pretty intense. Before you know it, you will have been gaming for hours. Sometimes you even end up working up quite the sweat, which can be a problem with most materials. However, thanks to the breathable micromesh fabric covering the ear cups, you never have to worry about moisture or heat buildup. The ear cups also come equipped with memory foam material to provide all the extra comfort that you need during long hours of intense gaming. When you remove the headset and put it back on the ear cups will already be formed perfectly to match your ears.

When you combine all of this with the legendary design and construction of the Corsair Void Pro Headset, you truly are left with a durable headset that will stand up to the test of time.

Air Ventilated Headband

Gaming long hours can be gruelling, but avid gamers are willing to take risks just to succeed. With this said, you do not want to experience any discomfort throughout your playtime. If you truly want to ensure your comfort, while eliminating any risk of head pain, you will definitely want to consider investing in the Corsair Void Headset. The padded headband will provide comfort for many hours, even if you do work up a sweat. To eliminate excessive sweating, the padding is overlaid with a mesh material that is embedded with small holes for adequate airflow.

This design will ensure your comfort, as well as keep your head from overheating. The headset is also adjustable so you can create the perfect fit for your head. It will provide the perfect fit for all gamers, regardless of the size of your head.

High-Quality Microphone

There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a muffled voice when trying to communicate with other players. If the other members of your team cannot understand what you are saying, it is highly likely that they will leave you behind. Well, that will never be an issue with the Corsair Void Headset, as it is embedded with the highest-quality microphone on the market. The microphone offers unidirectional noise cancelling, so ambient and external noises will not interfere with your play. This design ensures gamers that they receive the highest enhanced voice quality possible.

To top this off, Corsair has taken the time to test and retest the microphone to make sure that it works above par, before shipping to the consumer. There is no doubt that when you put on the Corsair Pro RGB Headset that you will be able to communicate with your team members without interference.


· Memory foam padded ear cuffs and headband

· Embedded with 50mm neodymium speaker drivers

· Wireless design for more flexibility

· Equipped with a unidirectional microphone

· LED mute indicator for full control of ambient noise

· Available in red, white and carbon colors


· May be too large for small children and petite adults

· Does not support Mac operating system

My Final Thoughts

As an avid gamer who is destined to come out on top, it is crucial to have the highest-quality equipment on hand at all times. With the Corsair Void Pro RGB Gaming Headset, you will be one step ahead of your competitors. Not only will you be able to communicate with others without interference, but also you will be able to hear them and the sounds inside the game. The RGB lighting control feature will give you full control and customization capabilities. The backlighting adds uniqueness and beauty, so you will be the envy of the gaming world. I have actually put the Corsair at number 3 in my best gaming headset under $100 guide.


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