This cherry MX blue keyboard is impressive and perfect for any gamer. It is very durable and will last a long length of time even at such a low price. The keys feel great to type on that is my favorite feature, but unfortunately, they are just so very loud when clicking. All in all thought this is a great budget keyboard that is built with high-quality materials and a lot of great little features that other gaming keyboards forget to include. It doesn't have any fancy backlighting features, but it does a great job at being a solid gaming keyboard.


This cooler master CM storm keyboard is no doubt one of the most durable keyboards out there for gaming. The keyboard its self is very heavy and built like a tank, you could use it to clobber someone over the head and knock them out (don't try that), and you most likely see no damage to the actual keyboard. As well as that the USB cable is braided to prevent any snapping and even it does get destroyed somehow then have no fear because it's removable.

Made for gamers
This isn't built for you to write your blog posts with and the "quickfire" name should suggest that. It has cool features like "anti-ghosting" and the removable of the number pad so that you have more space to use the more important keys. It also features a windows key lock and a little bit of red backlight on the caps lock.

MX Blue Switch
The MX blue switches took me a while to get used too but oh man, when after I while I fell in love with them. When pressing the keys, you will feel a little bit of resistance but nothing too strong, this gives it a nice feel and bounce when shooting rapidly for example. For typing, on the other hand, I would say the resistance would get a bit annoying after a while in my opinion, but that's probably now why you are reading this.

High Quality
For the price this keyboard has used some excellent materials, and It feels expensive. Also if you ever feel the keycaps getting dirty or starting to wear which is something that will most likely happen, instead of buying a new keyboard you can remove the Cool Master keycaps and either clean them or replace them.


The sound
This god damn thing sounds like a typewriter, seriously your this has to be the loudest keyboard I have ever used. It's fine if you live alone but for others around you, I am certain the sound will be so overpowering and annoying.

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