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Chairs4gaming Review

Are really legit? The man behind it is Ahmed J and he runs the website from Canada, the domain was registered in late 2013 and the website started to gain traction not so long after in early 2014. They are a official DXRacer reseller and ship products from a warehouse in the United States. Read through the review to find out more information on the company or scroll to the bottom for an instant huge discount code.


Chairs4Gaming currently offer free shipping to customers in United States the greatest country in the world and even Canada where they are based meaning zero custom fees (hell yeah!). If you are from another country and want to order something from them then unfortunately they will not ship to your inferior 3rd world country.

Chairs4Gaming Products Offered currently ship everything a fat ass gamer needs to stay comfortable. They have desks, chairs and footrests from various quality brands but they currently don't have any GT Omega products which is a shame.

DXRacer chairs

Chairs4Gaming offer every single DXRacer chair in a wide range of colors. You can filter the chairs based on your height/weight and other various features. The chair prices ranger from as high as $599 and as low as $289.

Other DXRacer Products

They also offer DXracer Desks and Footrests both in 4 different colors and are priced the same as the products on the official dxracer website.

Other Brand chairs

Currently they offer the cougar for sale, nope not your mom but the Cougar Armor gaming chair. It is priced at $249, comes in a black/red color combo and best fits people under 6ft. It comes with a lumbar and headrest cushion and is wrapped in a sexy faux leather just like your mom. As well as that they have Techni Sport and Ewin gaming chairs which are basically just like wannabe DXRacer chairs.

Size Guide

There is nothing worse than buying an expensive gaming chair online only to find out that when it arrives you're to f***king fat for the god damn thing. Fortunately Chairs4Gaming have a pretty helpful guide that can you help you choose the best chair making sure obese and anorexic gamers get the best chair possible.

Chairs4Gaming Customer Reviews

"Just sayin' but my @Chairs4Gaming DXRacer RV131 is a comforting escape from the stresses of life. This thing is seriously a lifesaver"

                 Patrick Kennedy‏ @Dysiode


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to @Chairs4Gaming & @Lady_CatherineB this streamer is very informal and I got me a new chair! So happy!"

                 Juan Bond ✌‏ @BattleCry100


Coupon/Discount Code

You can get a 20% discount on the website by first following this link and then using coupon code "25PC" at checkout.

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