What Microphone Does Markiplier Use? Number 1 2019 Guide


In this post you will find out the two main Microphone he uses to create his videos. Finding out what Microphone Markiplier uses in videos has definitely required more digging around than usual as he sure does like to keep that thing hidden! It’s not been easy. We never gave up and have succeeded! Based on…

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What Microphone Does Jackepticeye Use? He uses the 2019


Everyones favorite green haired Irish lad JacksepticEye real name Sean William McLoughlin registered his Youtube channel in 2007. He only started uploading regularly in 2013 and back then he was using a fairly cheap Audio Technica Microphone. Since growing his channel to over 14 million subscribers he has upgraded microphones! Keep reading to learn more……

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What Microphone Does PyroCynical Use? Number 1 2019 Guide


Niall Comas born 1997 is more commonly known as PyroCynical to his million of viewers and subscribers. He was born in England and started his YouTuber career by uploading MLG parody videos in July 2013 which he since has stopped doing. He now regularly uploads satire commentary videos and controversially has been accused of copying Leafy’s…

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