What Microphone Does Jackepticeye Use? He uses the 2019


Everyones favorite green haired Irish lad JacksepticEye real name Sean William McLoughlin registered his Youtube channel in 2007. He only started uploading regularly in 2013 and back then he was using a fairly cheap Audio Technica Microphone. Since growing his channel to over 14 million subscribers he has upgraded microphones! Keep reading to learn more……

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What Gaming Chair Does JackSepticEye Use? The Best 2019 Guide

JackSepticEye is a let’s play YouTuber in a new breed of gaming super stars boasting over 14 million YouTube Subscribers and over 6.5 million combined video views while still  growing rapidly. This is all thanks to his funny crazy Irish humor in his consistent uploads to his YouTube channel with reaction videos, VR let’s plays…

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