How to Cancel PlayStation Now Subscription Successfully



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how to cancel playstation now

Having PlayStation Now is one of the most exciting PlayStation subscriptions you can have. However, just like all subscriptions, you might consider taking a break from PlayStation Now for a short while before you resume stronger and with more fun to have. Tracing the steps to cancelling a subscription is sometimes one of the most frustrating things you can go through if you are not very sure. We will show you how to cancel PlayStation now subscription with easy steps to follow.


How to Cancel PlayStation Now

There are many ways to go about the cancelation of the cloud gaming subscription service. You may want to do it via the PlayStation app or use the website to unsubscribe from the service. If you have an auto-renewal date, then you might need to know how to go about the cancelation. You can cancel PlayStation Now on PS4 and PS3 or do it online. Let us look at the methods you can use to cancel PlayStation subscriptions.

a) How to Cancel PlayStation Now on PS4

While this method is fairly straightforward, you may need to do it right if you are going to cancel the subscription. Use the following steps to cancel PlayStation subscriptions on PS4

  1. Select the settings menu on the
  2. Select account management page
  3. Before you go to the next page, you will be asked to sign in to your account
  4. Once you are signed in, select account information
  5. Click on the PlayStation subscription tab
  6. Once you are in, click on the PlayStation now subscription tab
  7. Select cancel PlayStation automatic renewal tab

Once you have followed these steps keenly, your account management system should not auto-renew your subscription when the auto-renewal date comes. The account management page has other features to help you navigate the system. However, we are only interested in canceling billing when the subscription period ends.

b) How to Cancel PS Now Subscription on PS3

If you want to cancel active subscriptions, the way to go about it is to turn off auto-renew in your subscription management, and you will be good to go. This is not at all any different when it comes to PS 3. You can use the following steps to cancel your PSN account on PS3:

  1. Select PlayStation network
  2. Next, select account management page
  3. Select transaction management
  4. Select services list
  5. Select the PlayStation now subscription tab
  6. Cancel automatic renewal

Turning off auto-renew is a simple process that can be confusing at times. When you turn off auto-renew on your monthly or yearly subscription, the game's billing will no longer be deducted from your linked account.

c) How to Cancel PlayStation Now Subscription Online

If you can not access your PlayStation to turn off auto-renew, worry not because you can do it all online. Cancelling PS on PS5, for instance, still requires you to log into the PlayStation network, which is still online anyway. Here are the ways to cancel your PlayStation paid subscription online when you are far from your console:

  1. Click on this link to take you to the PlayStation site
  2. Sign in to your PlayStation account
  3. Select PlayStation subscriptions
  4. You may be asked to go to a new browser. If that happens, click continue
  5. A new tab will open on your browser, and you will see your subscription management
  6. Select PlayStation now subscription with your mouse
  7. Turn off auto-renew to cancel PS now subscription
  8. Select confirm to ensure your changes are saved
  9. You have successfully cancelled the subscription service

All the methods are somewhat similar. All you should do is access the PlayStation Store and tap the subscription management tab. The PS network is for you to explore the different features you might need when exploring the PlayStation account management page.

Frequently Asked Questions About PS Now

i) Do I Need a PlayStation Now Subscription to Play PS Games?

You do not need a subscription service to play a game. Instead, users are allowed a one-week trial period to try out the games without having to pay anything. Console gaming has online packages like the PlayStation Plus, which offers early access to free games and more. However, you must sample a package before using it, hence the free trial period.

ii) What Happens When I Cancel my PS Now Subscription?

When you cancel the PS Now subscription, you lose access to some games. When you click onto the account tab to cancel a subscription, you will be locked out of features like early access to new games, online games or full access to the PlayStation games you added at no cost. PS Plus monthly games will be available. Before you select turn off auto-renew, know the things you will not be able to access.

iii) Can I Play PlayStation Now Games Until My Subscription Ends?

When you cancel your PlayStation Now subscription, you can still play the games until the subscription officially ends. The subscription period ends a month after the day you renewed your subscription. Some accounts are on an annual subscription. The case is similar to that of a monthly subscription.

iv) Where Can I find PS Now on PS4?

When you want to access your PS Now account on PS4, you might be a bit confused when you do not find it on the main menu on the home screen. You might hope to find it in the top right corner, where most features are. However, you can find the feature on the Applications tab of your library. If you are using a pc, you will need to download the PS Now app to get the service.

Final Take

PS Now is a great subscription to its counterpart, the PS Plus, which offers fewer games. However, you may have reasons for unsubscribing, and it is better to do it correctly in a case where you have to. So before you click turn off auto-renew, ensure you have followed the steps keenly. Then, you can use the PlayStation web page or the app to go about the cancelation. You can download the PS app from Google Play or the App Store into your phone. If you have trouble canceling the service, you can visit the PlayStation support page to get help. Otherwise, all you have to do is tap subscription management tab, and you are good to go.