If you ask yourself if you can play Steam games on Xbox, the quick answer will be a yes and a no. You cannot console games from Steam, but console games are on Steam. Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games developed by Valve, which owns Steam. Steam also distributes games not owned or developed by Valve, such as Bioshock. Games like Bioshock, which Valve does not develop, are available on Xbox. However, if you want to transfer your progress on a game that you played via Steam to your Xbox, you are out of luck. There is no crossing over your progress from Steam games to Xbox.

Is Steam On Xbox?

Steam games are not currently available on Xbox, even as a dedicated app. However, other options can allow you to access steam games on your console. For example, you can use the wireless display app that works by mirroring your PC to your Xbox and allowing you to use your Xbox controller to play steam games.

Microsoft Edge browser does not support steam box as an app on Xbox since it does not make financial sense to allow players to buy and play steam games from a third party. However, we shall discuss ways to use your Xbox to access some of the games in your Steam library. You will be delighted to know that Geforce now gives you access to Steam and play other epic games. We hope that this update is made public to widen the options of playing games.

As much as the wireless display app does not allow you to cast your PC to your console and play games that way, it is an imperfect solution that is better than nothing.

Microsoft announced its plans to launch cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for PC and iOS devices in the spring of 2021. Currently, Xbox game pass, ultimate lovers, in twenty-two countries can access and play over 100 games on android devices through the cloud streaming platform and an Xbox controller. Also, out of these 100 games, 20 of them support touch controls.

What If You Have a Steam Library?

Even if you have a robust Steam library, it's going to have to stay on your PC. Games that run on PC are incompatible with the software that operates an Xbox (or PS4 for that case). Your PC is likely to run on Microsoft Windows, but even so, your PC games will not be able to work on a Microsoft Xbox.

Since Microsoft Edge browser runs on Xbox consoles, it allows Nvidia's Geforce to Stream steam games when you log into your PC store databases to play the games you already own. You can also use the edge browser to access the Geforce streaming service online, anytime. After accessing the Geforce streaming service, go ahead and stream your steam games through Geforce and your edge browser on your Xbox series; it could be either an X/S or Xbox One.

This method can sound hectic to some individuals but trust me, it works! There are a couple of interfaces that you should stream the game too, and you should also expect an amount of lag and latency involved with this process.

However, this streaming method may fail to work on turn-based RPGs and other games that don't require quick reflex-based actions. In addition, since the Microsoft Edge browser does not currently support using a mouse to stream on Xbox series, PC players may not enjoy streaming games that require a mouse and a keyboard, such as Quake 2RTX is not compatible with the Microsoft browser.

Although Microsoft Edge's services may differ from other services such as google stadia, it allows its players to stream PC games to their existing Stam and epic game store libraries even on their laptops and phones.

If you want to stream games on your PC, you can use the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox console and play games online. Once you are on Nvidia's Geforce site, you can log in and select the game you want to try out. You can either play games using the Xbox controller, keyboard or mouse when using this method. According to PC World, this is not a verified method of playing Steam on Xbox or Nvidia highlight, but rather a discovery that is not foreseen to be revealed by Xbox or Nvidia as a way of playing games.

We still hope the two will work together to create an app that you can use in streaming steam games on Xbox consoles. But before they develop that app, you will stick to using the edge browser as your doorway to play steam games on Xbox.

The Xbox App for Windows 10

If you wanted to play your Xbox One games as PC games, you could use the Xbox App for Windows 10. The app can stream Xbox games on your PC. You need to purchase the games as Xbox One games first, however. The Xbox series X players are currently boasting of the upgrade they got that they only enjoy if they are part of the Xbox insiders program. The upgrade makes it possible for them to stream through the Steam library through the Geforce. This trick is available for the Xbox series X/S, and users can enjoy a standard Xbox One.

Youtuber Joe Chip discovered the trick of playing Steam on Xbox using windows 10. He found out that Xbox players in the Xbox insiders program and specifically the Alpha Skip Ahead Tier of the preview program had access to the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser. So by having windows 10 on their browser, Xbox players could access this latest update and play Geforce on their browser.

What Games Can You Play on Steam but Not Xbox

Valve, the owner of Steam, has developed the following games, which you cannot play on consoles.:

  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike
  • Global Offensive
  • League of Legends
  • Half-Life 1&2
  • Team Fortress
  • Counter-Strike Go
  • Gary's Mod

As you noticed, some of these games are very popular esports games. Unfortunately, if you don't own a gaming PC, you likely will never be able to play these titles. Valve has expressed a desire to make their games Xbox compatible (like some with PS4). However, efforts to bring Steamworks to Xbox have been stymied by restrictions Xbox Live has regarding patches and content updates. How content is distributed on Xbox Live would limit the usefulness of Steam, endeavoring not worthy of the effort.

According to Joe Chip, some games on his Pc library could play easily on the Xbox series while others were hectic. You should note that only games that support the controller will work on your console. He tried playing the Quake II RTX running, only to find out that you cannot play it without keyboard or mouse support. Funnily enough, the edge browser not only allows keyboard use at the moment but also mouse functionality. So, playing Quake II RTX on your browser will be impossible.

Chip also found out that some game consoles had a hectic process to follow. For example, some games that lacked controller support would work but sometimes fail. If they failed, Chip had to restart the Edge browser again and retry. For example, there was an instance when Chip tried to get Wreckfest to run, only for his Microsoft edge browser to crash. But when he tried again, the site worked with full controller functionality.

Geforce now streams games over the internet; if you want to have an easy time playing these games, you can have your consoles connected via ethernet. However, for games already available on Xbox, it is best if played there rather than streaming them over the internet.

Geforce On Microsoft Edge

Most PC games require hardware to play those games. However, if your hardware includes a recent Xbox console, you can play Steam on it. Nvidia Geforce is a streaming platform that uses remote hardware in streaming Pc games to phones, tablets and TVs. The good news is that it now works on the Edge browser too. To top it up, since Xbox one and Xbox series also run Microsoft edge, it works on them also.

The Geforce has become impressive due to the various options for high-end game steaming it offers, and it is also easily accessible. So long as you have a gaming console that supports it, you can stream hundreds of popular games on several tiers and even get to play free ones. Geforce is better since it allows you to log into existing game stores through a verification email and access your already purchased games.

You will be glad to know that you can now play over 1000 PC games on your Microsoft Edge browser using Nvidia's Geforce on Xbox. The dream of playing PC games on Xbox consoles is now vivid since you can now stream PC games on an Xbox. In addition, the base of the Geforce service is also free so that you can stream your favorite games such as the Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of legends at 1080p for an hour session.

In the past, PC players could stream using Parsec, a remote desktop app that allows you to stream what's on your Pc to a browser. Geforce is thebest option currently as it doesn't rely on you having a PC capable of running these games. All you need to do is connect to the service through the Microsoft Edge browser and start launching games.

What makes it even better is that the Microsoft Edge browser on the Xbox consoles supports the mouse and keyboard input. This feature lets you play certain games that don't require gamepad support. In addition, the Geforce gives you a unique visual understanding since you can play it on a cloud-based RTX 3080 graphics card at resolutions up to 1440p and 120Hz.

It gives you an amazing experience while playing as the virtual keyboard appears when you click. However, this method is not great for multiplayer games. Although Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has recently committed to bringing full PC games to the Xbox using its Xbox Cloud Gaming service, it is still not certain when it will arrive. That is why Geforce remains the only alternative that will work.

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