5 Bizzare Gaming Controller’s That No One Asked For



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All you need to play video games on PC is just a sturdy keyboard and a comfortable mouse. On the consoles, the requirements are even less as all you need is a controller. However, video games and the gaming industry at large are a saturated field. One cannot set oneself apart by making a comfortable controller with ample buttons. No. That's too mainstream.

What you need to sell your consoles like hot dogs on a cold winter day is a bizarre controller (or an accessory) that's uncomfortable to hold, has limited use but looks cool as heck. These seven controllers are just that. However, if you're looking for real, usable and comfortable gaming controllers, keyboards, mice and much more, take a read through our website.


1) Gamecube Donkey Kong Bongos

Gamecube Donkey Kong Bongos this was a set of bongos that were used for just a couple of music games and an adventure game. In reality, the Donkey Kong Bongos were conceptually not that different from the instruments from the immensely successful Guitar Hero and RockBand games. You hit the drums to match the beat of the music, or you could clap your hands to the beat, and it would be picked up by the controller's microphone. Perhaps they were too early for their time, or maybe it was just their weird shape that made them so bizarre.

2) NES R.O.B

The NES R.O.B or should I instead say Robotic Operating Buddy was released way back with the original NES. It wasn't marketed as a controller or a console, but rather as a literal buddy. It scanned infrared signals with his eyes and then pressed physical buttons to play along with you (who needs friends anyway?). It was tragic that R.O.B could play only two games, Gyromite and Stack-Up, and wasn't as successful as Nintendo thought it would be. But that wasn't the end of R.O.B; he appeared in later Nintendo games including Mario Kart DS and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

3) Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller

The Sega Dreamcast Fishing Controller was released by Sega back when Sega wanted to bring the Arcade experience to your home, but it was built for a really niche audience. It was explicitly created for fishing games, but just the first party ones and in the end worked with only 6 games. However, it worked well and made those 6 fishing games fun to play. For some reason, it also worked with Virtua Tennis and Soul Calibur, don't remember them to be fishing games.

4) Konami LaserScope

The Konami Laserscope, licenced by NES for Laser Invasion, was a bizarre set of headphones that fired when you yelled 'FIRE', or at least that was what they claimed. In reality, the microphone was of such a bad quality that it could not hear you say 'FIRE', or anything for that matter and it did not work at all. You could have even used it as headphones for your walkman if you were brave enough to look fabulous.

5) Xbox Kinect

Xbox Kinect was one of those bizarre controllers that came out recently, and there is a high chance that a millennial would recognize them. The Kinect was a promising and fun way to play, and it topped sales at 35 million units. Various factors such as lack of games could be characterised for its lack of success, but the truth was that the gamers were quite lazy to get their butts off the couches. When Microsoft bundled a new Kinect with the Xbox One, it held back the sales of the new consoles and thus they were forced to remove it. Now, Kinect is no more. Microsoft doesn't make it anymore. The new Xbox One consoles don't even have a port for it.