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A wireless mouse and keyboard combo is a great option when you are looking for the freedom of portability, versatility, and maneuverability.

When thinking of buying a wireless keyboard and mouse, one of the first things to determine is what you’ll be using it for. There are various reasons you could be opting for one, be it for gaming, working, or even simply, you could be someone that travels a lot. Whatever the need, when selecting the best wireless keyboards and mouse combos, there are certain factors to consider, and we created a guide that will walk you through what they are. We also curated a list of 5 of the best wireless keyboards and mouse combos in the market. Whether you’re looking for a productivity keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, or a keyboard with an ergonomic design there are plenty of options to consider.


The Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

1. Logitech MK345 - Best Overall

Logitech Mk345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)
3,715 Reviews
Logitech Mk345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black)
  • Type on a full-size layout with 12 enhanced F-keys for media control
  • Skip a song, pause a video or mute audio instantly
  • Enjoy an awesome 3-year keyboard and 18-month mouse battery life, provided by...
  • The generous palm rest, the contoured right-handed mouse and the adjustable...

Logitech MK345 is a wireless keyboard and mouse that helps make your workflow more seamless. The full-size keyboard has the capacity to provide you with exceptional performance. It also contains a palm rest, which helps ensure that you avoid getting any hand or wrist strain while working.

The Logitech MK345 has two buttons to turn on and off both the keyboard and mouse. It comes with one USB receiver that can be used to connect the keyboard and mouse to a laptop or desktop. You can use the keyboard to experience typing on a full-size layout with 12 function keys for media control.

Logitech MK345 delivers an impeccable experience that uses 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. The mouse is contoured and is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits into your palm. The only downside is that it is designed for right-handed users. This Logitech combo is ideal for those who spend most of their time typing their work.  

  • Pros
  • It has a spill-resistant design.Keyboard has a convenient layout.
  • Quality printing on keyboard keycaps.
  • Provides extra media key for volume, play pause.
  • Provides an LED indicator for the cap lock button.
  • Good tactile feedback while typing
  • Great keyboard ergonomics
  • Batteries last almost a year with heavy use.
  • Keyboard has a wrist-rest extension.
  • The shape of the mouse comfortably fits in the palm.
  • Cons
  • Mouse not designed for left-handed users.Noisy keystrokesMouse scroll-wheel can be tight for some
  • Noisy keystrokes
  • Mouse scroll-wheel can be tight for some

2. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 - Black. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo....
1,846 Reviews
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 - Black. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo....
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-Bit Encryption
  • Full-size mouse provides comfortable, precise navigation
  • Quiet-touch keys provide comfortable, responsive typing
  • Ambidextrous design is great for use in either hand

The Microsoft Desktop 900 wireless keyboard and mouse suits every kind of user as it has an ambidextrous design. It has a high-grade 128-bit AES encryption making it not only universal but also safe hence you don’t have to worry about the security and privacy of your data material.

The keyboard comes with a sleek and minimalistic design. One of its best features is its keys. They are quiet when you press on them hence you won’t get irritated by the constant clicking sound made when typing. There are also easy access hotkeys making them more convenient for you to use. The keyboard also includes some customizable buttons to access the most frequently used Windows features.

The wireless combo has a full-sized mouse which is comfortable to use for users with different hand types and sizes. The battery life of the keyboard and mouse is two years. Additionally, the setup process is pretty simple and delivers a reliable connection within 30 feet.

  • Pros
  • Set up process is easy and fast.
  • Modern and minimalistic  design.
  • Fully-sized ambidextrous mouse.
  • Quiet keystrokes.
  • Long battery life for both keyboard and mouse.
  • Easy-access hotkeys
  • Cons
  • No LED indicators

3. Logitech MX900

Logitech MX900 Performance Premium Backlit Keyboard and MX Master Mouse Combo ,...
1,473 Reviews
Logitech MX900 Performance Premium Backlit Keyboard and MX Master Mouse Combo ,...
  • Advanced backlit typing: large, concave, laser Etched keys with illumination and...
  • The dark field laser sensor tracks flawlessly where standard mice fail. Works...
  • Award-winning precision MX mouse experience featuring smart speed-adaptive...
  • Connect the mouse to multiple computers with easy-switch technology. Cable...

The Logitech MX900 is a great and super convenient wireless keyboard mouse combo for a professional work desk. The keys on the keyboard are concave and the letters and numbers are laser etched and designed to last long.  The keyboard is comfortable, simple but stylish. You can work on the keyboard all day without getting tired.

The battery life on both the Logitech MX900 mouse and keyboard is great. They can last a week before you would need to recharge them and that’s when you are using them for a whole’s day work. If you noticed earlier, we said that you needed to recharge them so that’s another great feature. You actually don’t need batteries. You can recharge them through a micro USB cable.

This Logitech mouse has quite a number of buttons that you can program using the convenient Logitech software for easy shortcuts. This makes it a particularly great product for designers who use mice to do their design as the thumbwheel allows for you to work flawlessly and the design allows your palm to fully rest over it.  The tracking on the laser mouse is precise to the point that it can work on surfaces such as glass.

The Logitech keyboard does not have mechanical switches but it does outperform those that do.  This is ideal for non-competitive gaming. The keyboard has a backlit light so you can use it in the dark without any issues.

  • Pros
  • Simple and stylish design
  • Does not use batteries
  • Tracker on laser mouse is precise
  • Can work for non-competitive gaming
  • Cons
  • Wireless dongle connectivity
  • Not a mechanical keyboard

4. Razer Turret - Best Gaming

Razer Turret – Living Room Gaming Mouse & Lapboard (RZ84-01330100-B3U1)
214 Reviews
Razer Turret – Living Room Gaming Mouse & Lapboard (RZ84-01330100-B3U1)
  • Designed with the single focus of bringing the PC gaming experience right to the...
  • The Razer Turret comes with dual wireless connectivity, so whether you’re...
  • The Razer Turret’s ergonomic and ultra-slim form factor has been made to...
  • The foldable hinge ensures that the lapboard is unobtrusive and dockable to be...

Razor Turret gaming keyboard is ideal for gaming enthusiasts who want portability from their computer desk. The gaming keyboard comes with a 3500 DPI sensor mouse that is ambidextrous.

Another great feature is that instead of relying on just the radio frequency or Bluetooth, Razer Turret has included both. This is quite rare compared to the other models. The keyboard combo comes with rechargeable batteries and if used for a couple of hours a day, the keyboard will last about three weeks.

In order to assist demanding video game plays, the Razer Turret deploys high-end anti-ghosting technology so that up to 10 key presses can be tracked. The gamepad attached with the keypad is magnetic which means that your mouse won’t fall even if the lapboard is on your lap.

There is a hinge between the gaming keyboard and mouse pad which is designed to keep portability in mind. You are able to fold the combo below the keyboard when not in use and in this position you can dock it for charging when needed or just keep it stored so it never runs out of charge unexpectedly.

The keyboard is simplistic in design hence it doesn’t have a large number of programmable hotkeys. It also doesn’t have the number pad on the right as they needed space for the mouse’s gamepad.

  • Pros
  • Simplistic Design
  • Portable
  • Ambidextrous Mouse Design
  • Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Cons
  • The keyboard might be too small for some

5. WISFOX Wireless Combo- Best Budget Wireless

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, WisFox 2.4G Full-Size Slim Thin Wireless...
4,537 Reviews
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, WisFox 2.4G Full-Size Slim Thin Wireless...
  • [2.4G STABLE WIRELESS CONNECTION RECEIVER] : The micro receiver can be connected...
  • [19 FUNCTION HOT KEYS HUMANIZED DESIGN] : Quiet buttons let you enjoy comfort,...
  • [FASHION ULTRA-THIN KEYBOARD] : Wisfox wireless keyboard with 0.8 inch...
  • [ADJUSTABLE DPI AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN] : 3 DPI levels (800/1200/1600 DPI) allows...

WISFOX wireless keyboard and mouse offers a plug and plays functionality. It is durable and offers quiet operations. The mouse comes with 1600 DPI sensitivity, while the keyboard is fitted with 19 hotkeys for multimedia control. The build quality is good and the combo is available in multiple colors. The mouse is contoured and ergonomically designed. The WISFOX combo is an ideal choice if looking for a wireless mouse and keyboard combo as an affordable option.

  • Pros
  • Compact design.
  • Has a decent build quality.
  • Durable.
  • Quiet Operations.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Reasonably Priced.
  • Slim Design
  • Cons
  • Mouse buttons are hard to navigate
  • Mouse wheel not smooth
  • Not fully compatible with Mac operating system

How To Choose The Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

a) Mouse Type

The best wireless mouse will have a rubberized or texturized grip with a contoured, ambidextrous design hence allowing you to easily and comfortably use it for long periods of time. There are other types of mice that might only be suitable for right-handed users so be sure to look out for mouse design. It is also important to take time to consider the size of the mouse in relation to the size of your hand. Having a mouse that’s too big or too small can have a big impact on your gaming and comfort. So it’s important to pick a mouse that fits you and your gaming or working style.

b) Battery Life

A large majority of keyboards and wireless mice are powered by AA or AAA batteries. There are a few that may be rechargeable and there are even some solar-powered options that only need light to operate hence you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries at all. The best wireless keyboards can usually run between 15 months and 3 years with one set of batteries.

The best wireless mouse options usually range between 8 months and 2 years. However, this is all dependent on how well you take care of your mouse and how much you use it. If you plan on using your wireless mouse frequently for gaming, make sure to select those with the longest battery life while also considering overall reliability.

c) Keyboard Shape and Design

Wireless keyboards come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, weights, and designs. If you are prone to wrist fatigue or you use your computer a lot, you should consider a wireless keyboard with a textured wrist rest and an ergonomic design. If an ergonomic keyboard is too expensive, you can always look for an adjustable keyboard. The aim is to ensure not to get repetitive strain injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that often requires surgery to fix.

For those that enjoy and prefer to keep their workspaces neat and as tidy as possible, there are plenty of options for simple, clean and slim keyboards. For those looking for the best gaming keyboard that will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your hours of gaming, you should be on the search for a powerfully constructed keyboard with integrated wrist rests.  

d) Key Switches

Keyboard switches have a significant impact on the life, performance as well as personality of the keyboard. There are three types of keyboard switches. Dome, Scissor, and Mechanical.

Rubber dome switches place rubbery silicone below the keys hence to get softer buttons, you have to press all the way. They are less durable due to the wear and tear of the rubber. Scissor switches are the dwarf ones that you get on keyboards. They last longer than dome switches and work faster. Mechanical switches are what is most relevant for gamers. They are clicky, tactile ones that work at the slightest touch. They last the longest, can be easily replaced, and have the fastest performance. They are however the noisiest. The downside is that there are hardly any wireless keyboards and mouse combos that pack mechanical switches.

e) RF and Bluetooth Mouse

Though both transmit signals over 2.4GHz frequency, the RF mouse will make use of a USB connection in order to transfer the radio frequency signals instead of Bluetooth. A Bluetooth mouse, however, requires that you have working Bluetooth connectivity on your device. A USB-based mouse is compatible with any computer that has a USB port.

f) Key Features

A lot of keyboards come with a range of programmable hotkeys that allow you to assign certain buttons to open frequently used apps in a matter of seconds. There are some keyboards that also come with easy to access multimedia keys that allow you to adjust the volume, screen brightness and so much more without causing any disruption to what you are doing on the screen.

g) Price

When it comes to electronics, it all comes down to your budget. A keyboard and mouse is considered to be a consumable item. The aim is to work within your budget and find what works for you.