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Sometimes, we experience an uncomfortable feeling while we're online. We remember that our activity is being monitored, that our data is being sold, and that, at a very basic level, or privacy is being invaded. Some say that this is the price you pay for the freedom to access the wealth of information, resources, and utilities that the internet offers. Perhaps this is true, but with a great VPN provider, you do not have to pay much more to have all of this discomfort washed away.

These days, there is hardly not an excuse not to get yourself a VPN, or a "Virtual Private Network." A VPN can keep you from being subjected to the horrors and inconveniences of a cyber attack. A VPN can keep you in control of your fate in a system that is quickly, rapidly, and aggressively finding new ways to utilize the information that most of us would prefer to remain private. Years ago, this kind of talk may have sounded like some kind of conspiracy-- suddenly, not too long later, it is the reality that we have all simply come to accept.

How does a VPN work? It's actually pretty simple. Basically, it creates an encrypted system that allows you to privately access new freedoms while simultaneously connecting you and protecting you. Australia has a higher degree of online freedom than some countries, but there are still some ways in which the common Australian can benefit from a VPN; best to know, actually, that there are many ways that your online life can be protected, liberated, and secured for a reasonable cost per month. So, we have decided to take a look and figure out what the best VPN for Australia is. To do so, we looked at everything from the streaming services and streaming sites they allow you to access, the IP addresses, the cost per month, the server locations, and other things like the types of servers (000 servers, etc.) to determine what is the best. Further, we read through the privacy policy choices for each of these top choices to make sure that they were comprehensively secured VPN service options. In the end, we came up with a list of some amazing VPN providers, that offer you a VPN connection that is hardly rivalled.

In the article, not only will we elaborate on the benefits of using a VPN and help you determine which suits your needs best, but we will use criteria based on all of these benefits to determine what we think provides the most value, quality, and security for all people looking for a great VPN for Australia.

When trying to choose a "Best" on a list of VPNs, we have to admit that this is a really tough thing to define. Not that there are not marks of quality between different VPN service providers, because there definitely are, but I might use a VPN for different reasons than you do, and these subjective differences are always going to inform our preferences. Nonetheless, there are certain values and goals that all optimal VPN providers will strive not only to meet, but to exceed.

Our First step was testing.


Our VPN Evaluative Criteria

When choosing VPN for Australia, you obviously have some basic factors that each needs to meet. A strong VPN connection means that it is both fast and secure. Without speed and / or security, the entire purpose of having a VPN is defeated. Not to mention, many VPN providers do not actually have server locations in Australia, which is basically a dealbreaker if we are being honest.

To break it down simply, here is our list of evaluative criteria:

  • Where? Not only server location, but also company HQ
  • Information treatment. Is your data stored, deleted, or shared? Policies around logging reflect this
  • Speed. It's pretty simple, if a VPN is impacting your online experience by slowing you down, it's really not worth it. Choose an upgrade, instead
  • P2P. Does it allow torrenting?
  • Netflix. you want a VPN that unblocks Netflix, we're pretty sure
  • Simultaneous connections. Some VPN provider companies offer close to 10, while others offer only 1
  • Australian focus. Are there servers in Australia? Where is the nearest server to you? Some focus heavily on the continent, while others are based primarily in Europe and America

Yes, it is based broadly on these categories that we ranked the various VPN services and providers, and we specifically focused on how each provides VPN service for people in Australia.

Here's Our Top 6 VPN Australia

1. NordVPN

If you have done any research or have any familiarity with how to use a VPN, it should come as no surprise that NordVPN takes our number one spot. They are famously international, amazingly reliable, and they have put in some very impressive security measures to protect you and your data over the years that basically remain unrivalled. There 5000+ servers include a solid representation for Australia, which is obviously a huge bonus in solidifying NordVPN as not only one of the best VPNs in the game, but the very best option for anybody in Australia.

If you do some relevant research around the web, you will surely find that NordVPN is at the top of many lists, or at least near the top. Whether in Australia or somewhere else around the world, those who decide to use a VPN generally find their preferred product in NordVPN.

  • Extremely reliable. A high quantity of top-of-the-line servers
  • Maximum security. Zero-logging policy, AES-256 encryption, high-end Hellman Key. They say it's up to the standards of the secret service agencies and we can't help but agree
  • Great value. It's not the cheapest, but the dollar value is still exceptional

With simply epic levels of privacy, we have never read or heard a complaint about this VPN supplier and we don't expect to any time soon. If you are interested in the specifics, take a look at this VPNs data encryption and the extents to which this company goes to ensure your privacy and safety. It is admirable and impressive. Beyond this, NordVPN actually features 'double-encryption' which means that very strict and authoritarian online-monitoring countries, like China and North Korea, can be superseded by the user, who can then access the free web and have peace of mind in ensuring that their data is protected. All of this, with some of the best DNS Leak Protection on the market (featuring an automatic kill switch which, in all practical terms, is basically the kill switch to epitomize all kill switches), and some of the basic features such as NordPass, make NordVPN the best VPN connection money can buy.

Meanwhile, despite 'secret service level' protection, the VPN is still easy to use and easy to understand. If, for whatever reason, you disagree within 30 days of purchase, you can also capitalize on your 30-day money-back guarantee -- but we have it on good authority that very few people take NordVPN up on this generous offer. People in Australia and many other countries around the world soon realize that this VPN service is basically insurmountable, unless you are looking for very specific features to be maximized for specific projects and needs-- even then, it is hard to imagine NordVPN being anywhere outside a top 2 or 3 option, considering how comprehensively great it is in every meaningful way.

Last but not least, their customer service and support is exceptional. If their servers ever go down or you are have trouble connecting to a server, they will always provide accurate, important, and helpful guidance in a polite and respectful tone. Not only do they manage your data meticulously, protect your digital life from outside threats, and offer the best VPN server range in the game, but they manage to give the best VPNs for Australia while supplementing this by doing all of the little things right.

To conclude:

  • Over 5,000 servers on 6 continents, including great representation in Australia
  • The best security money can buy
  • Unlimited data for streaming and torrenting
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Extremely high speed
  • Good dollar value per month

We ask you sincerely: what could NordVPN offer that they currently don't? Compared to other VPNs in the game, in Australia and internationally, NordVPN is an absolute superstar.

2. ExpressVPN

If you spend enough time looking around on the web and doing your research, you will notice that ExpressVPN is always in the 'Top 3' of these lists. It's fair-- as compared to other VPNs, Express VPN does most things extremely well. There is one thing, however, that Express VPN holds over all of its competitors-- as implied by the name, that property is speed. Express VPN is fast, fast, fast.

People in Australia have been singing the praises of Express VPN for over a decade now, and that's fair. The company, also based in the British Virgin Islands, consistently provides the fastest VPN connection in the world to its clients and customers in over 90 countries. These lightning quick servers are strategically spread around the world to ensure that each VPN user gets an optimal experience, and ExpressVPN exceeds their goal, we swear.

That's a lot of talk about speed, but let's take a second and break down their security and privacy policy, as well:

  • The industry's high end standard AES-256 encryption-- most of us in the public don't understand the nooks and crannies of encryption, but our team has done enough research to know with certainty that this model is as close to impenetrable as you can imagine
  • Comprehensive logging policy. If you end up coming across a stricter VPN logging policy than the one offered by ExpressVPN, you let us know. To be frank, we'd be surprised.
  • Ultimately, your data is safe with ExpressVPN

Basically, you can maintain perfect peace of mind while you watch American Netflix from Australia, or torrent your favorite new album, and you do not have to worry about being caught with this level of protection.

Where ExpressVPN loses some points compared to something like SurfShark, however, is in terms of the price. It is not 'out of this world' expensive or anything, but paying $7 per month on a long-term plan is definitely on the higher side. What you are paying for, of course, is a system of the faster servers in the world, amazing service and security, and a comprehensive VPN that offers everything you might want... But still, you might be able to find some better value for your dollar.

One thing we will note about ExpressVPN, however, is that their customer service is so good that we could not review the VPN without mentioning this. You can have the fastest servers in the world, but if the person on the chat or the phone who you interact with about your server problem is rude, apathetic, or generally uncaring, it may not feel worth the investment. With ExpressVPN, we can assure you that the person on the other end of the line cares a lot about your privacy, your data, and your experience. If you are going to use a VPN, we do think ExpressVPN is among the best options for VPNs in Australia.

3. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost knows that Australia is taking its web security seriously these days. It's no surprise, really.

That is why CyberGhost contends to have among the best plan for cyber security, to keep you safe from hackers and keep your activity protected from the authorities.

For people in Australia, you will know that Netflix is severely blocked, keeping you from all sorts of amazing programming available in other countries. CyberGhost guarantees to work through this in a way many VPNs can't:

  • Almost 6000 VPN servers spread through 90 countries
  • Amazing AES 256-bit encryption that is seriously impermeable
  • Built-in adware, malware, blockers
  • The kind of strict no-logging policy you love to see
  • Automatic kill switch
  • Unblocks Netflix and so many other streaming services (US, UK, Denmark, Japan, and many other Netflix versions are unblocked)
  • Up to 7 simultaneous connections
  • Different servers for different services; whether streaming, torrenting, and depending on WHAT you are streaming, a proper and appropriate server will be designated for the task
  • Extremely fast
  • 45-day money back guarantee

All in all, in terms of VPNs for Australia, there are very few that are better than CyberGhost. When using a local server, the speeds are so impressive that, at times, using CyberGhost actually made my internet activity faster-- however, when I had to connect to servers in the USA for example, it was a bit slower. Still, speed is no issue for CyberGhost.

Based in Romania, CyberGhost has high speeds, unlimited bandwidth, top of the line encryption, steady DNS and IP leak protection, and pretty great customer service. With an automatic kill switch and nearly 6000 servers online, CyberGhost has made its way into the conversation with NordVPN and ExpressVPN for the best in the game. The 45-day money-back guarantee is longer than the industry standard-- use it, and if you don't like it, then try to use something else and see if it is in some way better. We assure you that the VPN server network, privacy and data protection, and amount of simultaneous connections, paired with this speed, is a real bargain at this price.

4. IPVanish

Honestly, there is a lot going for IPVanish, and they are coming at the market from the outside, but they have some momentum. Speed, ability to customize, excellent servers, professional grade privacy, being extremely easy to use, and some very cool bonus features are some of what allow IPVanish to separate from the pack and end up in on top

  • Tons of interesting and unique features
  • Easy to Use
  • Almost 50,000 IPs with server location spread out around 75 locations
  • Netflix and other streaming services are unblocked
  • Great automatic kill switch by Windows
  • 250 web storage

What works against IPVanish, however, are that the features are vast but some of the apps are not super user friendly or smooth- they are still easy to use, but not as organic as you might want them to be. Strangely, iPlayer is not unblocked, which some users found frustrating and strange (even though things like Netflix are). Also, there are a lot of features, but the Apps tend to get a bit old, and should probably be updated a little bit more.

Nonetheless, they still sport impressive infrastructure, with a server network consisting of almost 50,000 IP addresses. In terms of privacy, IPVanish also engages the AES-256 encryption system and also uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 for a solid lineup of privacy protocols. The VPN and its automatic killswitch are self-regulating, turning themselves off and on, and guaranteeing data protection, security, and privacy.

IPVanish is easy to use though not as impressive as the higher 3 VPN options on the list. Still, their local servers are reliable, if not the very fastest in the world, and the whole package is quite reasonably priced. As an Australian, it is unfortunate that there is no server in the country, but the network is still strong and dependable!

5. PureVPN

PureVPN is one of those classic projects that seems to have all the pieces in place, to an enviable degree, but it just does not totally come together as well as it should. There are so many interesting features, the speed is very fast (well above average), the price point is comparably lower than other high-end VPN options, and, of course, it unblocks Netflix. Unfortunately, among its wealth of apps, many do not run quite as smoothly as they should and seem to have some bugs. And, should you call them or try to chat with them, PureVPN has earned a bit of a reputation for being... well, not the best when it comes to customer support. To be fair, it is not the fault of the workers, but the support site itself is not ideal. Finally, the encryption is not quite as rock solid as some of the other options on this list-- obviously, this is a slight privacy concern.

Still, we found a lot to like about PureVPN:

  • Impressive list of features
  • High speeds
  • Easy to use
  • Netflix and other streaming services unblocked
  • Torrenting available

At almost $6 a month, this is not a bargain. It is a decent deal for a good VPN service that could be great if it sorted a few things out. 

6. PrivateVPN

Our last pick is also a bit of an outlier. Again, this is a less known VPN, but the servers are good (while limited), the service is fast, and the price is almost unbeatable.

We recognize that many people looking for VPNs in Australia are not looking for all the bells and whistles like NordVPN offers. Most of us want the simplest delivery of the essential features of a VPN. As long as the servers are fast, the data are safe, and the service is solid, all the fancy 'behind the scenes' extras do not mean as much to some of us. If that's you, you may as well go right to VyprVPN:

  • Actually UNLIMITED bandwidth. Test it, we dare you
  • Security is impeccable: all PrivateVPN servers are physically in company control and maintained through their own service; this means minimal opportunity for data to be hacked or mismanaged
  • Netflix and other streaming platforms work well
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If there is one negative about PureVPN, however, it is that they do not necessarily make life easier for people who are using the service for torrenting. Unlike other VPNs, the service does not seem to be customized or optimized in any way to make torrenting easier or more convenient. Now, that is not to say that torrenting is impossible on PureVPN, but there certainly isn't an infrastructure of VPN server P2P systems and specific servers made for torrenting, like some other recommended VPNs for Australia and its people. Nonetheless, if torrenting is not your top priority, we highly recommend PureVPN. But even if it is your second-to-top priority and your main reason for looking for a VPN is to stream and torrent while saving money and ensuring safety, the value of PureVPN should not be overlooked by any means. The value is simply excellent.


Okay, many people will (including us) will rightfully put ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and others above SurfShark in terms of quality. That's fair. But what Surfshark does perfectly is offer an extremely good level of security for an absolutely amazing price. Like, the value per dollar (per month) is so much better than so many competitors that we boosted SurfShark up to the number 2 spot.

Surfshark is a more recent, newer addition to the VPN scene and we have to say, compared to many super well-established VPNs, SurfShark's offer is mighty impressive. Their VPN services are not unparalleled in general, but they certainly are unrivaled for the price per month. SurfShark sports under 1000 servers, but its operations in Australia are never negatively impacted by this comparably smaller quantity.

One of the reasons why SurfShark can offer such a good deal is because they are headquartered in the British Virgin Isles, an area that has become reputable for offering great value due to a huge amount of freedom when it comes to online activity. The result? Well, if you sign up for the long-term plan, you get this amazing VPN for under $2 per month-- this price, as compared to other comparably good VPN services on the market, seems literally unfathomable, does it not?

Let's take a look at their security and privacy policy:

  • 256-bit AES / OpenVPN encryption. Basically, this is on the very high end of industry standard (some say it is the best)
  • IPsec ad IKEv2 protocols that create the possibility for you to have on IP address for one transaction, and another IP address for another-- basically, a countless supply of IP address resources

When you partner this with the price, and the fact that SurfShark covers all the basics with ease (it is fast, safe, secure, and non-invasive), how can we not give it the number 2 spot when it is literally coming in at under $2 per month?

FAQ: Your common queries and questions, answered

What is the best free VPN for Australia?

Now, we are always going to preface any comments about the "best" VPN by stating that, although we take these things very seriously, there are a range of factors here, and some will apply different and be of different importance to different people. Not to mention, not only is what Australia needs is not necessarily the same as what others in other countries need in terms of Geoblocking and regional censorship, as well as privacy matters, but the needs of each individual within Australia are going to change dramatically. Some are looking primarily to torrent, while others would never dream of torrenting and only want to watch shows on American ESPN or British Netflix. Some are concerned primarily about extra security and the tightest possible encryption, while others are fine to sacrifice this for higher speeds and a more medium degree of security. Nonetheless, we think our ranked list is fairly distributed and we put a lot of thought into this evaluative process. In many lists of the best VPNs, Australia and other places around the world, NordVPN is at the top of the list for its commitment to make premium content from highly protected streaming sites and streaming services available, for its money-back guarantee, for its excellent customer support, its many server locations, and many other security features and usage advantages. Therefore, if you do not have time to read the whole article and you need a VPN, there are likely no objectively better VPNs in the game. Nevertheless, we always get people saying that they prefer ExpressVPN and CyberGhost for all sorts of reasons-- ExpressVPN manages to squeeze out the best speeds, no matter your internet service, and CyberGhost is amazing for new users who are maybe just learning to use a VPN. And yet, when looking at VPNs for Australia and Australians, it is worth noting that we must keep in mind how many regional servers these mega-VPN outlets actually have on the ground in the country.

Is VPN legal in Australia?

Yes, this is a common misconception. Although certain behaviours that a VPN protects remain illegal when using VPN, VPN use itself remains legal. There are a lot of reasons for this. The wide majority of people who are using VPNs are merely concerned about security and privacy, and maybe they want to circumvent the system and watch a sitcom that is only available on the Netflix of another country. Even though such things may not seem "Legal" they are certainly harmless. We would be foolish not to mention that others do use the excess privacy and security to achieve foul ends, and we by no means condone the usage of VPNs for anything that is (in any manner) harmful or damaging, or illegal in this sense. Something like torrenting is generally illegal in most countries, and yet many of the best VPNs will allow you to torrent, even offering specific P2P servers to optimize the process.

What is the best VPN 2020?

Although there are many amazing strongholds that generally hold the title of "best" in the VPN game, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost, 2020 has seen many new contenders join the race and offer some pretty tempting deals to those who need a VPN. Some focus on creating stronger privacy policy, some offer more intensive DNS leak protection, some allow you to customize your IP address, and they are finding ways to offer these amazing services at a reasonable amount per month, with many also going over and above industry standards such as merely a 30-day money-back guarantee. Some are offering more data, greater server quantity, faster servers, specialized servers, multiplying previous levels of simultaneous connections capacity, and more. Still, none of these topple the other VPN services and unsettle the kingpins for the title of the "best VPN service" even though a few are getting pretty close.

What is the very best VPN?

We would be remiss not to say NordVPN, just as we have for many years. Still, the boat is rocking and they are constantly losing ground on all of the other amazing VPN providers currently on the market today. Still, their handling of multiple IP addresses, their DNS leak protection and otherwise solid privacy and security features, and more, as combined with their reasonable cost per month, makes NordVPN the easiest option to recommend for anybody who does not have highly specific needs or reasons for using a VPN. NordVPN is simple, impressive, and easy to use. Even though they have gotten huge, their customer support is still top of the line and they make using a VPN so easy that it becomes effortless. With an established VPN service like NordVPN, you can always rest assured that your access to streaming services, streaming sites, and torrenting resources will remain uncompromised. Is it "objectively" the best? In our opinion, yes!